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Wednesday     October 12, 2005      Volume 16, no. 255
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    Just as Pope St. Pius V urged the faithful to pray the Holy Rosary for Our Lady's protection and intercession, pray Mary's Psalter for those who were not only afflicted by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, but now the devastating earthquake in Pakistan. Also, with so much riding on assuring there will be another pro-life Supreme Court nominee, pray that America will turn from the road to perdition and uphold the moral sanctity of life in all aspects. Give thanks for blessings received and we urge prayers for the conversion to the True Faith of the apostate bishops in Rome and throughout the world who cling to the heresies of Vatican II and the pagan-Masonic synthetic Novus Ordo rite. Also pray Our Lady's Most Holy Rosary to help you discern the most critical question below which is a source of dividing the Traditional movement. Pray that True Catholics can resolve this by what the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church has declared and be united as one solid Church Militant in fending off the disciples of the devil. Most Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

   That is a question in which a bevy of writers engage as we continue with the topic of Sedevacantism, caused by the necessity to publish both sides. Several writers are weighing in on whether or not the conciliar popes are Catholic throughout this week with verification as to their position. As we have stated all along, The Daily Catholic is here to provide a forum for both the prosecution and the defense and let the reader discern where the truth lies - for the key is to "Know the Faith in order to Keep the Faith!" Though there may be more articles to follow, below is a tentative schedule of articles slated thus far that will be presented on this topic and more:

  • MONDAY - Defending the Papacy - Opposing the Sedevacantist Enterprise by Christopher Ferrara
                      - Defend YOUR Salvation by Father Nicholas Gruner
  • TUESDAY - Sedevacantism and Mr. Ferrara's Cardboard Pope by Father Anthony Cekada
  • WEDNESDAY - God's Eternal Enterprise by Griff Ruby
  • THURSDAY - Opposition to the Anti-Sedevacantists by Joseph C. Maurer
  • FRIDAY - The Blind Leading the Blind by Mario Derksen
  • SATURDAY - Legitimate Reasons Why There Are Doubts About the Conciliar Popes by John Gregory
                          - Is Sedevacantism Catholic? by Richard Cure
  • SUNDAY - "Let no one deceive you in any way" by Bishop Mark A. Pivarunas, CMRI
  • MONDAY - A Brief for Sedevacantism by Dr. Rama P. Coomaraswamy
  • TUESDAY - It's Not Good to Make Mother Mary Mad by Cyndi Cain
  • TODAY - Tolle! Lege! by Father Martin Stepanich, OFM STD
  • THURSDAY - Who Are the Sedevacantists? by Father Kevin Vaillancourt

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  • Tolle! Lege! by Father Martin Stepanich, O.F.M. S.T.D.

  • It's Not Good to Make Mother Mary Mad by Cyndi Cain

  • A Brief on Sedevacantism by Dr. Rama P. Coomeraswamy

  • "To resist in the evil day" by Father Louis Campbell

  • "Let no one deceive you in any way" by Bishop Mark A. Pivarunas, CMRI

  • Legitimate Reasons Why There Are Doubts About the Conciliar Popes by John Gregory

  • Is Sedevacantism Catholic? by Richard Cure

  • The Blind Leading the Blind by Mario Derksen

  • Not Yours To Give by Edward Sylvester Ellis

  • Opposition to the Anti-Sedevacantists by Joseph C. Maurer

  • God's Eternal Enterprise by Griff Ruby

  • Sedevacantism and Mr. Ferrara's Cardboard Pope by Father Anthony Cekada

  • Papal Preacher to Pope (Saint Peter) and Council (of Florence): You're Wrong: Do Not Seek to Convert the Jews by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey

  • Defending the Papacy - Opposing the Sedevacantist Enterprise by Christopher Ferrara

  • Defend YOUR Salvation by Father Nicholas Gruner

  • The Struggle for the Catholic Church by Father Louis Campbell

  • The Business of Salvation by Gabriel Garnica

  • Denying Christ by Omission and Commission by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey

  • "MANE, THECEL, PHARES" by Father Louis Campbell

  • What are the prospects for the Church...? by Bishop Bernard Fellay

  • "The Decline and Fall of Practically Everything" by Father Louis Campbell

  • "The Power at Work in Us" by Father Louis Campbell

  • Vale of Tears by Cyndi Cain

  • The Value of Traditional Priests by Father James Wathen

  • Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink! by Michael Cain

  • Down the Yellow Brick Road to Apostasy: The Lumen Gentium Syndrome by Griff Ruby

  • "The Better Part" by Gabriel Garnica

  • Pope Saint Pius X - Pope of the Blessed Sacrament

  • Litany of September Saints during the Month of the Sorrowful Mother

  • Seven Sorrows of the Immaculate Heart by Michael Cain

  • St. Jerome - Father of the Mother Tongue

  • The Infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church
  • Recent Features from past months
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    "By their fruits you shall know them"
    Father Martin Stepanich, a retired Franciscan seminary professor with a Doctorate in Sacred Theology, responds to Fr. Gruner's article that first appeared in The Fatima Crusader and which ran on these pages on October 3rd. In his response titled in which he emphasizes the Latin words "Take and Read!", he keys on the point that it's time to dismiss dead arguments already refuted by the Living Magisterium because, the last he checked, persistent public pronouncements and scandals without correction or repentance definitely manifest public, formal or material heresy and the greater the office, the greater the scandal and offense. What else would one call it when one persists in deviating from the Catholic Faith but heresy? - Manifest Heresy! It doesn't matter the nuances or the "heart of the suspect" - it is a public act, not a private one and public acts call for a public reparation. The bottom line is to keep the faith, even if there remain only a remnant. Past saints and Doctors have attested to this as Father cuts through the chaff with the wheat of Tolle! Lege!

    Symphony of Suffering
    On this Feast of the Divine Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, what so many fail to realize in the midst of these discussions on whether the conciliar popes are Catholic, what the Mother of God has imparted over the centuries, not to mention Divine Revelation about these times. When quotes and brickbats are being thrown around so liberally in such subjective tones, Cyndi Cain reminds all that Mary's Divine Son foretold of these times and He sent His Blessed Mother not only to Fatima, but before that to Quito in Ecuador in the 16th Century and then La Salette to mention just a few in expressing her great sorrow as the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart. God sent His Mother to remind us what Holy Scripture affirms: to stand firm and hold to tradition. Yet His adversary the devil roams around freely like a roaring lion seeking whom he wills to devour and we aid his frenzy by bickering amongst ourselves, not realizing what has occurred is exactly as Our Lady said and the Sacred Scriptures predicted. Cyndi expands on this in her letter It's Not Good to Make Mother Mary Mad
    Transition to Tradition
    In drawing toward a close in our forum on whether the conciliar popes are Catholic, we present today Dr. Rama P. Coomeraswamy's treatise in which he deflects the false barbs that sedevacantism is schism by providing proof of St. Cyprian's statement "To adhere to a false Bishop of Rome is to be out of communion with the Church." Coomeraswamy identifies the true purpose and authority of the Magisterium and how the Vatican II concept of collegiality totally skewered this. He also touches on the triregno power of the Papacy in the jurisdiction of teaching, governing and sanctifying and since the Sacraments have been gutted, he provides the obvious syllogisms that leave anti-sedevacantists scrambling for a response and left stuttering for again a Pope cannot teach error and it is a fact that the conciliar popes have done just that. It is the responsibility of every Catholic to not only realize this but do everything one can to know their Faith. He reassures Christ's promise in Matthew 16: 18 and that, despite this nearly impossible situation today afflicting the Mystical Body of Christ, She will not fail, but the conciliar church will crumble just as Our Lord affirms in Matthew 7: 18-20. He concludes that perhaps it is God's permitting will that we put our shoulders to the plow and work at our salvation. It's work, not a picnic! He explains in A Brief on Sedevacantism
    "Qui legit, intelligat"
    In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the Twenty-First Sunday After Pentecost, he focuses on today's Epistle and St. Paul's words to alert us to be on guard, to put on the armor of God, the shield of Faith, to be girded for battle because it is a war out there between good and evil and too often, as Father points out, we underestimate the power of the evil one, think that the devil is insignificant or buy into the Vatican II rubbish that it's just superstition which the "old Church" used to teach but in these modern, enlightened times man and hierarch seem to know better than God. Thus, by their lukewarm vigilance, they have paved the way for hordes of scorpion-like locusts to swarm and devastate souls because those shepherds who should have known better have failed miserably as mere mercenaries who will flee, and have fled, when truth and tradition need to be defended. Father shows how the devil so cleverly seduces man into thinking there's no rush to convert, no hurry to do God's holy will and once man relaxes, he has let down his guard and betrayed Christ. And Bingo! Like a pack of voracious locusts with scorpion tails - specifically the ones of the Apocalypse - the devil has accomplished more than imagined because of his willing or unwitting accomplices in the conciliar church who have helped enable this Apocalyptic plague visited upon immortal souls everywhere by not admonishing the faithful to gird themselves with the shield of Faith. Father explains in his sermon. "To resist in the evil day"
    Living in Tradition
    His Excellency Bishop Mark A. Pivarunas has expressed, in the most charitable of terms, the exact course true Catholics must take if they are to remain authentic Roman Catholics. We have taken four of his essays and compiled them into one to bring you the arguments for the Congregatio Mariae Reginae Immaculatae (CMRI). The point comes down to whether one believes in all the truths which the Holy Catholic Church teaches because Jesus Christ has revealed them and it is a fact of dogma that Our Lord cannot deceive nor be deceived as we state daily in the Act of Faith. Since the conciliar church does not possess all of the necessary four indelible Marks of the Church, as the Bishop illustrates, this conciliar entity along with its popes - cannot in any way be considered truly Catholic. If one thinks otherwise, then one would have to conclude that all that went before - from Peter through Pius XII - was in vain. That is, as we know, impossible for Christ's Mystical Body is indefectible. His Excellency explains in "Let no one deceive you in any way"
    Mass Confusion
    John Gregory is an Arlington, Virginia resident who, as so many Traditional Catholics in their journey to truth began with EWTN and then the Indult and then realized the True Mass and Truths of the Faith were only to be found in those chapels and areas where Vatican II indoctrination was not taught and the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church upheld, preserved and practiced. A member of St. Athanasius independent chapel in Vienna, John has looked at both sides of the arguments for and against the chair being empty and replies in an 'everyman' way that many Traditional Catholics will be able to relate to and understand. We present his sincere and simple way of deciphering this problem and his plea to not condemn one another when we should be working together for the greater honor and glory of God. He only asks for the Novus Ordinarians to be less ignorant in realizing what has happened and the anti-sedevacantists to be more logical and less timid and more consistent in their thinking so that it will correspond more with their actions and beliefs - the beliefs of the True Church as opposed to those of the new church founded upon Vatican II. He explains in Legitimate Reasons Why There Are Doubts About the Conciliar Popes
    Exspectans exspectavimus...
    In an effort to provide balance we have found an article that represents, evidently since it is on their site, the Society of St. Pius X's position as laid out by a layman Richard Cure who wrote his article in 1998. In it he traces the Great Western Schism, Gallicanism and Antipopes in Church history and various councils and comes to the conclusion that a visible head would be necessary for the Church to continue, thus negating - no matter how manifest the heresies of the Vatican II popes - any possibility that the chair could remain empty for an extended period of time that the faithful would know of. Cure believes the conciliar popes cannot be heretics and therein he builds his arguments which, to our knowledge have already been refuted, but we will leave that for another day. For now, in order to balance the responses for sedevacantism over the last several days we have endeavored to find an article against sedevacantism even though he concludes his article with the state of Epikea and the fact that St. Athanasius, Father of Tradition, "simply practiced his faith as it was given to him by the teachings of his apostolic predecessors, the upholders of tradition." Is this not exactly what almost every true Catholic - sedevacantist and non-sedevacantist - strives to do as well? You see the differences aren't as wide as some may think. Following is Richard Cure's four-part piece titled Is Sedevacantism Catholic?
    Traditional Insights
    Mario Derksen weighs in on the attacks against sedevacantists by documenting the very words used by Christopher Ferrara, Fr. Gruner and Fr. Kramer to reveal the fact that the tone used prior to the election of Joseph Ratzinger was no-holds barred in taking the head of the CDF to task for his heresies, but once he became Benedict XVI it is hands off. Mario wants to know if he missed something; if, upon being elected, the liberal Ratzinger repented and recanted of his heresies and subterfuge including the authorship of Lumen Gentium, his signing off on the Jews not needing to be converted, and the flat-out lie that the Fatima Third Secret had totally been revealed in 2000 and fulfilled. To Mario's knowledge and to everyone else's, such a retraction never took place meaning Ratzinger as Benedict is still in the state of deviation from the Faith. Yet mum is now the word from the franchise as well as The Remnant. Why have they given this man a pass and declared hands-off? Mario tackles this conundrum in his column in pointing out that from their own words, if they take off their blindfolds they'll find they are no different than those sedevacantists they have castigated. Mario explains in his column The Blind Leading the Blind
    Hope on the Horizon
    In these times when Congress is freewheeling and spending money like there is no tomorrow and putting on hypocritical airs as if they are being so generous one realizes why: Because they are spending the people's money, not theirs. Thanks to Maria Hughes we see what the Constitution really intended and what a true statesman, the likes of which have not passed this way since, admits in an excerpt by Edward Sylvester Ellis in his book The Life of Colonel David Crockett. For it is the words of none other than the legendary Davy Crockett who, as one can see in this piece, is more than the coonskin image Disney made him out to be. In truth, he was a man who sought to be as Christ-like as possible in representing the people before God. You can see the comparisons of his colleagues then and the entire congress today and the charade that is the pork-bellied hand-outs for Katrina in which everyone is dipping their hands into a resevoir of treasure that is not theirs - legally and morally. You'll understand when reading Not Yours To Give
    Reality Check
    Weighing in with an air-tight intelligent and brilliant rebuttal to Ferrara's piece is guest editorialist Joseph C. Maurer who uses Ferrara's own words to prove it is all a smoke-screen and that the franchise's arguments against sedevacantism in these times evaporate in the sands of contradiction as he illustrates in citing not only the Scriptures, holy Popes and Doctors of the Church, but Ferrara himself as well as Fr. Gruner, Fr. Paul Kramer, and CFN Editor John Vennari. Joe provides the facts that the basis for today's Sede Vacante position is based on the rock-solid foundation of Christ's teachings and His Apostles as Joe reminds all of St. James' clear words in his epistle 2:10 "and whosoever shall keep the whole law but offend on one point, is guilty of all" and cites several passages of Sacred Scripture that illustrate only too clearly the manifest heresies of the conciliar popes and bishops. To work within is to be without the True Faith. Joe refutes Ferrara's commentary in his piece which was sent to Catholic Family News as a Letter to the Editor. In case it is not published, it is too important not to publish it here for the evidence is overwhelming: if anathema sit, you cannot acquit. Thus we present Joe's commentary Opposition to the Anti-Sedevacantists
    The Straight Stuff
    In deference to the prophet David in the Psalms, it is time to fire back. Griff Ruby wants to know why Chris Ferrara has switched his focus from exposing the 'neo-Catholic' fallacies to getting downright personal in his vicious attack on those who have strived to be Catholic in every way and obedient to God rather than man; especially when man is speaking anathema. Though Griff had not intended on addressing the issue, the vindictiveness with which the franchise went on the attack begs a response and, in the vein of Psalm 17: 15 - "And He sent forth His arrows, and He scattered them: He multiplied lightnings, and troubled them" - Griff perceives that many have been troubled by Chris' assault on Tradition and Ferrara's attempt to scatter the faithful. Thus Griff pulls out his quiver and hits a bullseye in pinpointing why Ferrara and company have bitten off more than they can chew; in fact, he wonders why the franchise would bite the hand that feeds them by alienating an ever growing number of devout and concerned Catholics. Our Lord has asserted that the truth shall set us free and it is by considering all the evidence, and the obvious facts that the only 'Free Enterprise' rests in Christ Who is The Source of Truth and Tradition of Eternal Rome, and by the very fact that this is sorely and blatantly missing in action in modern Rome in these times that Griff suggests Ferrara should re-examine his brief against the 'Enterprise'for Chris will realize he is very much a part of that very 'Enterprise' whether he wants to admit it or not. Griff explains in his column God's Eternal Enterprise
    In the same manner we have provided the anti-sedevacantist viewpoints above, so also we provide Father Anthony Cekada's rebuttal to Ferrara's comment which was published at shortly after the CFN article was printed. We have reproduced it here so the reader can gain the full scope of the situation and make an objective discernment of this situation. Fr. Cekada has long been the most eloquent of spokesmen for the sedevacantist cause in which he refutes, point by point, Ferrara's points and documents them in a fail-safe fashion that leaves those who previously had dismissed the sedevacantist position as schismatic or heretical as reconsidering what constitutes the true Catholic position. Father points out that, considering the anathemas pronounced and the fact that Pope Paul IV's Papal Bull Cum ex Apostolatus officio has never been abrogated and therefore is still very much in effect, the logical conclusions are not for us to judge for Holy Mother Church has already pronounced sentence on John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II and Benedict XVI. The duration of interregnum has never been established and though these times are indeed unprecedented, the position that the chair has been empty has nothing to do with Christ's promise that "the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." Fr. Cekada shows how the visual evidence that the aforementioned men who posed as Roman Pontiffs in the 'spirit of Vatican II' deviated from the Catholic Faith and therefore lost all authority in the eyes of Eternal Rome is unmistakable. Those men propped up as 'popes' are for display purposes only as Fr. Cekada points out in his rebuttal piece Sedevacantism and Mr. Ferrara's Cardboard Pope
    Christ or chaos
    Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey cites the truths of Sacred Scripture in exposing the heresy of Father Raniero Cantalamessa, the Papal Preacher of modern Rome for the past 25 years, who has, along with most in the Vatican, totally rejected the teachings of Holy Mother Church and denies the infallible decrees of the Council of Florence. Tom points out that if Cantalamessa is right, then Christ was wrong, St. Paul was wrong, St. Stephen and all the martyrs over the past 2000 years died in vain. We all know that is impossible. Tom points to why Our Lady bestowed her Miraculous Medal on her children and why Fr. Alphonse Ratisbonne converted miraculously from Judaism to Catholicism and converted so many both in his family and others to the True Faith through the graces of the Holy Ghost and Our Lady's intercession. Tom then asks why did Benedict XVI patronize the Jews in Germany rather than speaking boldly as St. Paul and St. Stephen did, or for that matter past faithful Pontiffs before Vatican II? Compromise is the devil's doings when denying any article of Faith and it is obvious this has been the politically correct modus operandi of the Vaticantwoarians as Tom documents the Word of God in asking many questions in his article from the Feast of St. Therese of the Child Jesus at with Papal Preacher to Pope (Saint Peter) and Council (of Florence): You're Wrong: Do Not Seek to Convert the Jews
    The Agony of Aggiornamento
    In order to provide the pros and cons, in order to provide the case of the prosecution vs. the defense, and to assure you read the very words expressed, we have formatted Christopher Ferrara's attack on the Sedevacantist "Enterprise" published recently in both The Fatima Crusader and Catholic Family News. For some reason Chris has chosen to launch out at a small segment that seems to be growing much larger as more have syllogized the sedevacantist viewpoint thanks to the anathematical abuses manifesting themselves daily in the conciLiar church and its leaders. We are reaping the agony of aggiornamento and yet, in this time when a united front would serve the purpose of Traditional Catholicism much more in exposing the facts that the church of Vatican II is not Catholic, this high profile author and reporter has chosen to turn on the ranks. We provide his piece here in our effort to provide balance for both positions. You be the judge in reading Defending the Papacy - Opposing the Sedevacantist Enterprise
    Hot Issues
    We've placed this article under our "Hot Issues" feature because it was the respected Fatima priest Fr. Nicholas Gruner who uncharacteristically 'Pearl-Harbored' the Traditional faithful by launching the first volley against those who believe the Vatican II popes from John XXIII through Benedict XVI cannot be recognized as true Popes because they are not Catholic. In order to provide the pros and cons, in order to provide the case of the prosecution vs. the defense, and to assure you read the very words expressed, we have formatted Fr. Gruner's words along with the original source which was The Fatima Crusader Summer Issue, no. 80. Editorially speaking, we have sensed a certain desperateness in his words for if it can be proven the Popes are not Catholic and it can be, just as it can be proven the Novus Ordo Bishops are not Catholic, then no wonder his constant request for the "Pope and his bishops" to consecrate Russia has fallen upon deaf ears over all these years. That would explain the new strategy of attacking sedevacantists with unfounded logic. You be the judge in reading Defend YOUR Salvation
    "Qui legit, intelligat"
    In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the Twentieth Sunday After Pentecost, he pinpoints some of the cracks in the apostate wall where the serpent slithered through as he highlights the Apostle Paul's Epistle in today's Mass to the Ephesians in which he warns the faithful to walk carefully and wisely for the days are evil and one must live in honesty and grace, giving all to Our Lord Jesus Christ in order to survive these evil times. And indeed, as Father reveals the subterfuge that created the monster Nostra Aetate, the Zionist conspiracy has only grown stronger over the fated 40 years it has been allowed to fester its heretical tenets where today Jesus Christ is downplayed by the conciliarists in order to placate man. The heck with the Redeemer and Messiah of the world. We can't offend the Jews! In the midst of all the hypocritical, hollow celebrating of the 40th anniversary of the dastardly Vatican II document Nostra Aetate, which senselessly submitted to a wretched miniscule minority of stubborn perfidious Zionists who continue to reject Christ as the only way to Heaven, those very shepherds who should be Catholic, and wise, and who should be Successors of the Apostles, are not! For they have betrayed not only Christ but their flocks and will be held in account and be treaded upon for they have betrayed the Triune Divinity. Father explains in his sermon. The Struggle for the Catholic Church
    Gabriel's Clarion
    Gabriel Garnica applies the principles of business acumen in deciphering why Christ said in Matthew 10: 14, "whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words: going forth out of that house, or city, shake off the dust from your feet." The bottom line is that you cannot save everyone. There are those who are more malleable to God's will and those are the ones to influence as an ally, even working to persuade an adversary for those two categories are conditional and can be swayed through solid orthodoxy, penance, and prayer. As for unconditional antagonism, Gabriel identifies very clearly the roots of this evil - coming from the devil himself - and to dance with the devil can be dangerous. That is why striving to lead holy lives is the best policy for getting ahead in life - eternal life and, just as a vehicle needs fuel to run, so also we need grace to click on all cylinders as Gabriel explains in his column The Business of Salvation
    Christ or chaos
    Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey, in the midst of a mid-west odyssey that would rival the travails of Job, took time to comment on the blatant syncretism and manifest heresy of the very visible Archbishop of Washington D.C. Theodore McCarrick who praised Allah in patronizing the King of Jordan. Tom points out just which King McCarrick and all the other hierarchs should praise and that is Jesus Christ and Him alone for there is no other by which men are saved as St. Paul affirms.Tom exposes the grave offenses committed by the leaders of the conciliar church against the First Commandment. Dr. Droleksy hammers home the point that Christ asserted in Matthew 10: 32-33, "Whosoever therefore shall confess Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father, Who is in Heaven. But whosoever shall deny Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father, Who is in Heaven." If that is not a wake-up call for Modern Rome, nothing is for these mercenary shepherds from the popes on down over the last 40 years have gone out of their way by omission and commission not to offend man, but greatly offending the only One Who counts. Woe be to them at their Particular Judgement. Tom reinforces the need to speak out uncompromisingly for the Social Reign of Jesus Christ and the First Dogma of the Church - Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus at in his column Denying Christ by Omission and Commission

    "Qui legit, intelligat"
    In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the Eighteenth Sunday After Pentecost, he points out that, thanks to the sin of Adam and Eve, we are all sinful paralytics like the one lowered down in today's Gospel. As such we cannot walk on our own without God's help. In order to walk upright in grace, we need to follow the infallible prescriptions set down by the Divine Physician. But too many spurn these graces, preferring to crawl and grovel in the dregs of the seven deadly sins, assuming they don't have to work at their own salvation. Holy Scripture is very clear on this in illustrating God's Justice and Mercy. He will not be mocked, He will not stand for disobedience. He allows such deadly disasters as Hurricane Katrina to bring man back to his senses just as He used the prophet Daniel to reveal to the wicked Baltassar of his fate if he did not amend his ways. There is a pattern throughout the history of mankind - a checks and balance that when man veers from God, He extends His mercy for only so long, then the Almighty lowers the boom in order to re-establish the balance of nature and the supernatural. It is the latter that so few take seriously and that without sanctifying grace we are not only immobile in this life, but dead to the next. Father explains in his sermon that shows in this day and age God's handwriting on the wall: "MANE, THECEL, PHARES"

    Exspectans exspectavimus...
    We present here the conference talk given by the Superior General of the Society of Saint Pius X Bishop Bernard Fellay on the Feast of St. Anthony of Padua in Brussels, Belgium and posted by DICI and Christendom. It is interesting what His Excellency says and, in retrospect to his mere 35 minute meeting with Benedict XVI on August 29, one would have to ask what was discussed because the following contains fascinating insight as to the mindtrap of Ratzinger himself, not to mention an insider's confidential on the exact strategy and numbers of the most recent conclave that provides an interesting scenario as to whether Fellay will bite at the bait or follow Bishop Richard Williamson's advice to be very, very leery for nasty or nice, Benedict is still Ratzinger and Ratzinger has always been a liberal. Read what Fellay says in his talk What are the prospects for the Church with the advent of a new pope?
    "Qui legit, intelligat"
    In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the Seventeenth Sunday After Pentecost, he reasserts Catholic teaching, something that has been sorely and sadly lacking over the past 40 plus years. He relates God's promises of the Old Covenant and the fulfillment of those promises, and the establishment of all the Old foretold with the New Covenant of the Son of David in Jesus Christ, Lord, Savior and Messiah for all people - Jew and Gentile. Yet the Synagogue of Satan has managed to dupe the hirelings who have usurped Holy Mother Church into buying their rot that the 'Jews' are exempt from all that Christ commanded. Father cites the syncretistic remarks of Ratzinger to show how far away from Catholic Dogma the conciliar church has drifted and therein is their sin for those who have abandoned the absolutes of conversion to the True Faith will be held responsible for the souls they did not attempt to convert when they had the opportunity. For Modern Rome to continue the insanity of accommodating unbelievers is akin to suicide of the soul. As we commemorate the 4th Anniversary of 9-11 and the terrible aftermath of the Katrina disaster, are we still so dense to think God is happy and will welcome all into Heaven no matter the state of their soul? Not on your life as Father explains in his sermon The Decline and Fall of Practically Everything.
    "Qui legit, intelligat"
    In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the Sixteenth Sunday After Pentecost, he strives to balance the mantra of the Evangelicals and conciliar church that 'alleluia, everybody is saved and we're all going to Heaven,' theoretically quoting the satirical character of Mad Magazine fame, Alfred E. Newman - "What, me worry?" - with the other extreme which is the rhetoric of some who have become so narrow-minded that they are even condemning fellow Traditional Catholics and consigning to hell anyone who does not agree with them. Father points out that we must take the Scriptures literally and abide by what Holy Mother Church has decreed through her Traditions and decrees of dogmatic councils such as Trent, holy saints such as St. Alphonsus Liguori, a Doctor of the Church no less, and the last Traditional Pope His Holiness Pius XII. Father documents what the Church truly teaches which is not the narrow letter of the law, but what Christ preached from His merciful Heart for those who do not believe and are not baptized will be condemned, but that is still for God to determine, not man. Father explains in his sermon "The Power at Work in Us."
    Symphony of Suffering
    AS we head into our annual Summer Hiatus Issue, Cyndi Cain shares her heart with readers everywhere. To many this is a rare treat since she has written very little, choosing as God's will to remain in the background most of the time and being the powerful prayer warrior who is the "Mary" rather than "Martha". She has led a very contemplative lifestyle, offering up numerous Holy Rosaries throughout the day and communing with Our Lord and His Blessed Mother in her deep meditative prayer life where she offers her redemptive suffering in expiation for the sins of her family, in the Universal Church and throughout the world. It is not an easy life, but she has forged on as a noble soul who asks for so little and gives so much. She has come out of her self-imposed exile from the public eye for this issue to do what is so difficult for her, for us, and that is to inform our readers of her dire straits medical-wise. When plan A and plan B don't work, we must turn to plan C and that is what she shares in her inspiring words in this month when we take special notice of why Our Lady weeps so. Cyndi pours out her heart and soul in Vale of Tears
    Making Sense of Sensus Catholicus
    From Father James F. Wathen, the pioneering traditional author of The Great Sacrilege, we present a short but edifying work that captures the essence of the priesthood - the dedication and the power from the most humble of God's creatures for the responsibilities are so heavy that the priest carries with him as custodian of the most precious commodity there is - souls, that he must be in tune with God's will and carry out his duties in loving obedience without ever casting any hint of scandal or placing worldly things before Heavenly things in every word, deed and thought of God's precious few priests that remain today. There is a mighty big difference between the Traditional priests and those who profess the new rite. The former follows what God has deigned, the latter most often what man desires. That is why we place such a premium on good priests as Father points out The Value of Traditional Priests
    Catholic PewPOINT
    Editor Michael Cain weighs in on the recent horrific accounts of the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and how it correlates with the state of the Faith today, especially in the United States. He relates the comparison of so many wandering aimlessly on the streets of New Orleans having no place to go with the same dead-end that is inevitable in the church of the "New Springtime" for Novus Ordinarians have been wandering and wondering for well over 40 years, getting nowhere. Cain matches metaphors with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the situation today where one nourishes and endlessly refreshes, the other leaves one parched and thirsting for the truth, for the way, and for the life. It can only be found in Christ Jesus as Cain points out in his commentary Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink!
    The Straight Stuff
    Because of its vital importance and because you have a month to digest what Griff Ruby has presented that to so many is one of the greatest arguments to expose the very point of how, when, what, where, who and especially why modern Rome broke away from Eternal Rome. We have compiled his six-part installments into one compendium for September so you can see all the components and nuances and undeniable facts that prove Griff's point. Thus, we have taken his series earlier this year entitled "What's your picture?" and altered the title to better describe the subterfuge as Griff takes us past the spin right through the skin to the bare bones and then fleshes out what really happened in 1964. Griff lays it all out in his series we've entitled for this issue Down the Yellow Brick Road to Apostasy: The Lumen Gentium Syndrome
    Gabriel's Clarion
    Gabriel Garnica takes a break from his weekly multi-part series "Incorrigible Dirigibles" which have been running in August to present an interesting equation that to the modernists does not add up, but to those who believe it is very simple. Christ said it so clearly that whatever we do we must keep God first and foremost and everything else will fall in place through grace. If we veer from that path then we deserve the worse part which is not what God wants for us. Hint, He wants us to to love Him, know Him and serve Him in this life so that we will be happy with Him in the next. That is basic Baltimore Catechesis, but to the arrogant ones they are blind to these simple truths. Pity them as Gabriel shows the distinctions in his column, "The Better Part"
    Traditional Thoughts
    In honor of the holy Pontiff Pope St. Pius X whose Double Feast we celebrate on September 3rd - First Saturday this year - we highlight the only true Pope to be canonized since Pope Saint Pius V. We provide a detailed essay on his life and accomplishments for during his reign all was right within Holy Mother Church. It is true that outside the gates of Rome, the Modernists, Masons and Communists were plotting, but due to his strong pontificate they didn't dare show their heads, remaining in the shadows. One would have thought his strong decrees including the Oath Against Modernism and his encyclical on the dangers of Modernism Pascendi Dominici Gregis would have been enough to stave off what he referred to Modernism as the "Mother of all heresies," but then who would have thought Quo Primum would ever be tinkered with either. Nearly a century later we must remember the wisdom of this holy Pope and do all we can to restore all things in Christ - Instaurare in omnia Christo. That begins with each one of us doing our small part. His life helps inspire us as you'll see in The Pope of the Blessed Sacrament
    The Sanity of Sanctity
    We have been remiss over the past several months in bringing you the Litany of the Saints for that particular month. Thus, we resurrect this practice with all the saints honored in the Liturgy during this Month of the Mother of Sorrows. We encourage all to add this extra devotional prayer to your daily Rosary, helping you to remember all of the saints whose feast days are celebrated this month. Many of these saints are little-known and often are not, for that reason, invoked in our prayers. Litany of the September Saints
    Living in Tradition
    The ides of September bring us the Feast of the Seven Sorrows or Dolors of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Editor Michael Cain shares a reflection on those seven sorrows and how they apply in this most sorrowful month of September when we remember tragedies of the recent past such as the terrible events of 9-11-01 and present day in the aftermath of the horrific Hurricane Katrina. When it seems there is no hope, we can learn much from the Mother of God if we turn in confidence to Our Lady, Mother of Sorrows for she is the Comfort of the Afflicted, Consolatrix afflictorum. Cain points this out as he enumerates each of the seven sorrows in his reflection, Seven Sorrows of the Immaculate Heart

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    The Domino Effect has begun as one after another of the ConciLiar hierarchs in the US will topple over. Clay feet and yellow spines all; many with blackened hearts!

        History will record that the collapse of the conciLiar church in America experienced its complete fall during the leadership of William Skylstad whose very own diocese of Spokane was rendered devastated by a court decision handed down on August 26 by Bankruptcy Judge Patricia Williams that bishops cannot claim parish assets are not the diocese' s property. In a ruling that will have tsunami-like repercussions on every diocese in the land and rumble through modern Rome, leaving even Vatican assets at the mercy of the greed of barrister buzzards smelling the scent of bloodstained money earmarked to pay off sex scandals, it could cause parish revolts. In order to protect themselves, look for the laity to rise up and bolt from the diocesan structure of the New Order in order to protect their own assets and keep the doors open. There will be many casualties in body, mind and soul, but hopefully enough will recognize the total demonic bent of newchurch and do all in their power to preserve the Faith by returning to the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church and throwing out the rascals who have introduced the pagan masonic and protestant synthetic rite that has squeezed the life out of so many, leaving them limp in their Faith and lacking all strength to fend off the heresies being spread by the American apostates posing as bishops from the top - Skylstad on down. We provide two links here that give all the proof necessary to see the beginning of the end. We can only pray that the conciLiar church will go the way of Atlantis, for both upheld pagan rites.

    Never in the history of the Church have so many apostate foxes been put in charge of the conciliar hen houses!

       That gurgling sound is the last gasping of the conciLIARS who are finding their past sins coming back to haunt them such as William Levada whom Benedict XVI unwisely chose to succeed him in an office that used to be one of the Holiest of Offices that it was called the Holy Office. No longer. As one put it, the fox is now guarding the hen house. Levada is not only enmeshed in the swamp of cover-up from his woeful days in Portland, Oregon but a deposition has revealed that he had advocated artificial birth control to one of his priest's concubines to avoid scandal. With this kind of moral character how could Benedict ever appoint such a sordid rascal who should not even be a bishop, let alone a priest, let alone a Catholic in good standing?!? A true pope would never make so many errors as the conciliar ones in charge over the last 40 years have done. Think about that as you read the latest documentation of scandal and total silence from the top in modern Rome. Morals? What Morals? More proof of the collapse of the conciLIAR church. When will the vast majority wake up and realize the fulfillment of what Our Lady foretold at LaSalette? But then, if they won't even heed the Word of God, or Church Doctrine, why should we expect them to pay attention to approved messages from the Mother of God? Look what they have done to Fatima and the Third Secret. It's obvious, oh, so obvious! We provide some comments below.

    Last one out of Canada, turn off the lights and be sure to shut the door! A mass exodus is possible if radical liberals get their way with Sodomite Bill!
    It looks more and more like the fictional account of George Orwell's Animal Farm is fast becoming reality as Canada grows redder by the minute - both in communist leanings and out of embarassment for their people who are being herded toward hell faster than a Canadian Mountie can say "Sergeant Preston." That is why Gary Morella states that Canada is "in the grip of insantity - a Brave new world order" toward "State control of religion, ESPECIALLY Catholicism called for by Canadian Public Radio." Will the U.S. be far behind? Considering the communist laws being passed and the freedoms being suppressed, we can expect such mainly because the bishops both in Canada and the U.S. are mere "hirelings" who are not true shepherds and because they have veered and the people have not adhered to both God's Laws and infrangible Catholic dogmas, God is allowing this chastisement. These are the fruits of allowing satan into the sanctuary. Now he is plundering homes and hard hearts. Hell, it would seem, is indeed empty and more and more it looks right now that the devil's forwarding address is going to be Canada! To all Canucks, take a page from the martyrs and be prepared. To all Americans, a word to the wise should be sufficient. Stop the madness before the progressives gain full control in the U.S. as well. Hopefully the nomination of Judge John G. Roberts, who claims to be Catholic, will help, but prayer is the key to stave off the hand of God which is so overdue for America because of the heinous sins of abortion, sodomy, adultery, porn, and greed to name but a few. What we are seeing is the fulfillment of Our Lady of Good Success' prophecies to Mother Marian de Jesus Torres at Quito, Ecuador in the 17th Century. Strap in, gang, it's going to be a wild one!

    It's Official! Benedict XVI signs off on New Vatican's fast lane to "sainthood" to enable the promotion of a known heretic!
    Tuesday, June 28th, the day BeneRatz made it official, Fox News had a Fr. Jonathan Morris of the Legionaires of Christ on as a guest commentator who was also introduced as a "Fox News correspondent." For someone who should have been relatively journalistic in demeanor, he was simply giddy about John Paul II being made a saint. What is the overwhelming reason he gave for waiving the rules of the canonization process? Because of the people and placards at his funeral calling for his sainthood! Did anyone tell this poor misinformed and blind presbyter that it was a planned PR blitz by Chiara Lubich and her Focalare brigades who distributed the signs and frenzied up the crowds? Another indication of how the 'saint factory' works as man moves the gears, not the Holy Ghost. The floodgates for diminishing sanctity have been opened wide with the elimination of the long-standing necessary Devil's Advocate. Remember, satan can effect miracles. That is why holy discernment is mandatory. But now, it's anything for a buck with all kinds of propaganda and several religious items being peddled to capitalize on the phenomenon just as JPII encouraged when he was alive. Even rosaries are being pushed on dumbed-down Novus Ordinarians with JPII's graven image instead of Our Lady's and the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the "Salve Regina" / Hail Holy Queen" medal of the Rosary. We know Our Lady and the saints before Vatican II are all in Heaven; but there is grave doubt Karol Wojtyla even made Purgatory considering how he violated what he had promised to uphold and protect. Did Our Lord not say in Luke 12: 48, "And unto whomsoever much is given, of him much shall be required: and to whom they have committed much, of him they will demand the more"? Yet the man-made push to make Wojtyla a 'god' continues with the runaway papolotry. Now books are being published that only verify the veering away from the Catholic Faith with a book already titled "John Paul the Great" with the subhead, "Maker of the post-conciliar church" [sic]. Even the new order writers (25 of them) have no respect for the new church by lowercasing it and have admitted that John Paul II is the "Maker of a new church." As we posted last month, if Novus Ordinarians can't see the unraveling through the obvious facts that modern Rome is in no way connected with Eternal Rome and the Church Christ founded, then at least Traditional Catholics had better. Let's face it. A heretic can never be a saint, especially a manifest public heretic that Karol Wojtyla was well before he was elected by the usurping hierarchy as pope. The fact he did nothing to refute those heresies or repent of his errors, unlike Peter had done, proves he could not have been a valid pope. Does that mean Traditional Catholics will go along with even the idea of sainting a man many consider, in taking his teachings into account, an anti-pope? One wonders as the time quickly approaches to make the line in the sand and admit the obvious. Shortly after Benedict was elected, Michael Matt and Chris Ferrara implored him to do the right thing. Canonizing a man responsible for the damnation of countless souls and who fostered the destruction of Catholicism sure isn't the right thing!!! It is truly amazing that in this day and age there is such a fabricated array of "saints" for this is the very same era which Our Lord and Our Lady indicated to Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres in the 1600's that, "The times will come when doctrine will be commonly known among the learned and ignorant. ...Many religious books will be written. But the practice of the virtues and these doctrines will be found in only a few souls; for this reason, saints will become rare" (page 63 of Our Lady of Good Success: Prophecies for Our Times, Tradition In Action). That last line from Christ Himself shows that John Paul II says something else by the 477 men and women he 'canonized' - more than all 260 Popes combined prior to Vatican II. Who is right Jesus or John Paul II? If you have to think about that then you have been thoroughly lobotomized by the VaticanTwoArians. Watch for an editorial soon on how un-Catholic this all is. It more readily represents the hype of American Idol than the august, sacrosanct process it should be reserved for in considering only those candidates who possessed and exhibited in all things totally Catholic heroic virtue and impeccable moral standards where there can be no room for controversy and no room for doubt...and definitely no room for scandal! Yet his 'pontificate' was peppered with scandal and heresy. The fact that much evidence bears out that he really died on April Fools Day but that the Vatican covered that up too makes it what it really is: a great big joke except God is not laughing. Below are some previous articles on these and similar subjects.

    Benedict explores digging in deeper in efforts to sleep with the enemy!
    Also, as we reported last month, the great compromise with China continues to plow forward as more Catholic truths are abandoned to placate man. Never mind the persecution of Christians by the Chinese Communists,and the radical Muslims, now Benedict XVI not only going to dialog to death - literally perhaps - those very enemies of the Church who have openly defied the Traditions of 2000 years and sought to persecute Christ and His followers, but is approving lax bishops as the Red Chinese dictate. Calling for diplomatic ties this modernist church will reach out to all of mammon but hold those most faithful to the faith as lepers. Go figure! It's easy to figure because the Vatican II church is the enemy of Jesus Christ and His True Church. The evidence is overwhelming for those who have eyes to see.

    Miami Vice 2005-style - Exposing the Flavor and Favor of South Beach's clerics should put Favalora on the hot seat, Finally!    
    Odds are that it won't be much longer that this apostate archbishop of Miami John C. Favalora will continue to smile since the rot is finally catching up to him. That is because a Polish priest, who isn't even a Traditional priest, was summarily dismissed and persecuted because he dared to complain of sodomite presbyters in every parish where he was assigned. Favalora's hatchet men tried to silence and intimidate him, but Father Andrew Dowgiert was not to be intimidated and has retaliated with a full-fledged suit in which he is ready to open Pandora's Box in requesting a jury trial. Great for public relations of newchurch whose credibility is totally nil, right!?! What makes it all the worse is that the rector of the seminary in Miami Irish monsignor John Noonan - long a fixture on the Florida coast - was just named an auxiliary bishop of Miami by Benedict XVI which only compounds the very problem that modern Rome is complicit in the cover-up of homosexual presbyters for Noonan has long known of the perversion among his fellow clerics and aided and abetted the sinners, and has also covered for his own rotten prelate. His reward? In worldly terms the bishopric. What price will it cost him and Favalora in the long run? Christ answers that in Sacred Scripture very clearly. And now the scandal is about to spill out into public view. As we wrote two years ago, Boston was just the tip of the iceberg of the fetid frozen fruits of the conciliar church - the false church.

    The Passion and Plight of Susan Torres and the plea for prayer and help    
    A case that reminds one of Terri Schiavo and her family is playing out right now with Susan M. Torres, but her situation is even more devastating and yet so encouraging for the sanctity of life. It is the story of the on-going Passion of Mrs. Rollins-Torres, a Catholic wife and mother of a two-year old son in Virginia. Susan's plight also parallels the fiat of the holy Italian doctor and mother Gianna Beretta Molla, for both women have offered their lives for their children. In the case of Susan, we just learned of her terrible predicament on Father's Day, but it was on the day before Mother's Day that Susan, pregnant with the family's second child, collapsed into a brain-dead four stage melanoma. Her husband, rather than pulling the plug as Michael Schiavo so eagerly wanted to do, is doing all he can to keep her alive in order that life within her will continue for she is presently in the 19th or 20th week of her pregnancy and the family hopes and prays that a caesarean will produce Susan's offspring. No greater love can one express than to give one's life for another. Needless to say, medical expenses are obscene and donations are encouraged to help defray costs for hers and the baby's care. We encourage you to go to the special website set up for the family's cause and give what you can.

       There are several sources we strongly encourage you to follow so that one can get a true picture of what the traditions should be during this time of transition and questions. One is the regular news wire we carry below from a fairly closely related Traditional Catholic perspective from In the face of so much fawning and false information from the secular media and especially the Novus Ordo media, Fr. Moderator's daily commentaries are a must to understand what is really going on. We encourage you to go to for he is usually on top of whatever event has come down the pike and calls them pretty much as we see them here at The Daily Catholic in striving to uphold and preserve the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church as part of the Resistance to the Revolution of Vatican II, especially during this time when so much misinformation is flooding into homes as fact and the Novus Ordo mentality and novelties will be ingrained in so many.


       Like Fox News, The Daily Catholic seeks to provide a fair and balanced perspective on modern Rome always from a Traditional point of view. There are traditional Catholics who believe Ratzinger is a legitimate successor of St. Peter. Their views need to be heard. There are also traditional Catholics who believe he is not a true Pope in light of the heresies of Vatican II and his own complicity in the conciliar church, and have documented such. Their views also definitely need to be heard. Therefore, The Daily Catholic from this point on will provide both views for the discernment of readers for these are very, very critical times - indeed, a time of epikea - the likes of which have never afflicted the Church as it is today. We are all fighting a common enemy and need to be united as Traditional Catholics. We are the Church Militant and in all charity, need to speak out when wrong is being done. The Church is not above Christ. The greatest criteria for our own salvation is being fully Catholic in every way. That means not veering one iota from what Holy Mother Church has always taught. Not one iota! We must cling to the Faith handed down by the Apostles in Divine Revelation and Divine Tradition, reinforced and codified, often with the power of perpetuity by popes, many holy ones, down through the ages. When those infrangible truths are tampered with, we will not stand still and let the marauders have their way. The Church is not a democracy, does not sway with political correctness, polls, public opinion or the times. True authentic Catholics will always confront the barbarians both at the gate and inside the gate, having as their allies our Lord Jesus Christ, His most Blessed Mother, the Primacy of Peter, and all His angels and His saints.

      Why the Anglicans have abandoned Christ and common sense!
      The wacky Archbishop of Canterbury has just gotten more dangerous, much more! No longer is looney Rowan Williams that eccentric nut-case, now he is an apostate from his own man-made church and has totally lost all sense of decency and moral fiber. That was made manifestly clear Sunday in the London Sunday Times when it was announced that - are you sitting down, folks? - that it will be okay for anglican "priests" to marry their live-in boyfriends...they just can't touch them! Yeah, right, and the Vatican II church will never allow communion in the hand or altar girls! Memo to Benedict XVI: Do you really intend to continue to dialogue with the devil? This man whom your predecessor schmoozed with and gave improper privilege to in ecumenical services is no Christian. He has succumbed to mammon by caving to the sodomites. Will you also do the same? From your appointment of William Levada to head up the Doctrine of the Faith it sure looks like you'll eventually follow the same course as your Anglican bud. Such is the path of ecumenism that leads to the fruits of sodomy and every other sin. Henry VIII was bad, but even he would have been outraged! Where is your outrage, Benedict?

      Why are these people smiling? Do they know the dam is breaking in Spokane?
      The picture above left is taken from the Diocese of Spokane's website which pictures the bishop of Spokane William Skylstad with some of his closest friends. We have no idea why they are all smiling considering the sorry situation he has left the See of Spokane in. Lord knows he needs friends at a time like this when his Diocese and City are falling apart. Not only has his diocese of Spokane declared bankruptcy, but the City itself is enmeshed in a lurid scandal with charges against the mayor Jim West for the very same reason Skylstad and his fellow Novus Ordo bishops covered for homosexual behavior among men who did not have a vocation to the priesthood but rather were deviants who should never have made it through the first year, let alone month of their seminary training. Spokanians are up in arms calling for West's removal. If only Catholics had that kind of fervent perseverance and conviction to demand the same of the modern apostate bishops. We present for your perusal two stories, one which reports that Skylstad is pushing for the courts to accept the fact that the Diocese does not own the parishes. If the courts agree with that, it could work very much in the favor of Traditional Catholicism as Fr. Moderator so astutely points out. One point he doesn't approach however is that it would be left to the parishes to decide and sadly, there are few Novus Ordo parishes where the parishioners are not totally dumbed down to even realize they could have a Traditional Latin Mass in place of the aberration they now have. It takes education and a willingness to accept the truth; something ex-Novus Ordo Spokanians have discovered by increasing the ranks of Tradition, spearheaded by the mushrooming fruits cultivated by the CMRI priests, sisters and brothers on the campus of the magnificent, edifying Mt. St. Michael's above the very city where everything else is going to pot-hole hell. Traditional Catholics have come to realize Our Lord's words that one does not cast pearls to the swine.

      Why 2 million marching for Christ is disheartening news to Catholics
      On the glorious feast of Corpus Christi two million Brazilians massed and marched in Sao Paolo. One would think that would brighten the heart and soul of every Catholic, thinking oh, how wonderful that the Blessed Sacrament would be processed through the streets. But it wasn't like that because there was nothing Catholic about it. In the spirit of ecumenism the Protestants have slowly but surely been taking over South America and this is evidence of it since the event, not called Corpus Christi but simply "Jesus Day" was organized by evangelicals that have been doing it since 1987. Ah, the fruits of ecumenism. This once great Catholic country is going to the dogs of Protestantism and the modern Church can do nothing but congratulate them just as they congratulate the Hindus, Jews, Muslims and every other New Age innovation while spurning and persecuting those who cling to the True Faith. Truly Our Lord's words ring true, "Not all who say Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of Heaven."

      Legionaries playing the spin game in trying to save Maciel's hide
      Despite the Boston Globe's account on Monday that all charges against the Legionaries of Christ founder Fr. Marcial Maciel have been dropped by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and that there will be no further investigation, we have on good assurance that it is the Legionaries that launched that fabrication and that the investigation is very much still on as was reported previously in the story below. In typical non-committal fashion the modern Vatican institution continues to dodge and weave just as the ambiguous ones have been doing over the past 40 years. Anyone remember the "It is as it was" fiasco where they changed their mind several times? Can you say credibility gap? Here is another one and though the Boston Globe article would be more advantageous for those out to canonize JP2 and try to justify the unjustifiable - Vatican II - Benedict XVI is caught in a Catch-22. If he closes the case, it will be obvious there's a cover-up; if he authorizes full-speed ahead with the trial, it will open many cans of worms that will further taint his predecessor's reputation. Ah, what a tangled web the modernists weave.

      Legionaries' Maciel might be in trouble without John Paul Two to protect him
      Sandro Magister of is on top of a story that could have impacting consequences on the Legion of Christ founder Fr. Marcial Maciel who has long been suspected of improprieties including sexual abuse. For long he was protected and his accusers denigrated, but more and more it looks like there may be truth to some accusations; so much so that Joseph Ratzinger, before handing over the reins of the CDF, ordered all cases to be resurrected, thus dashing the hopes of Legionaries that Maciel would go scott-free. As evidence mounts, the trial is inevitable.

      Many questions surface as to who Levada really is
      Two articles have revealed the fears that many Roman Catholics have expressed over placing William Levada as the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. One priest tells horror stories about his experience with Levada when he was bishop of Portland. One thing is for sure, Levada is no friend to Traditional Catholics and no friend of the True Latin Mass. That in and of itself is enough to be very, very leery and doubtful any progress toward returning to orthodoxy will happen. Also read Gabriel Garnica's piece Left Their Souls in San Francisco. There is another article on Levada that comes from a homosexual-oriented publication which we only link because it tells volumes about Levada's political correctness. See the news article directly below this to understand what PC really means. The best advice regarding Levada is be very aware and astute in what he does or says. As Gary Morella commented on this article, "Are these qualifications for Prefect for the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith? Not if the Church is still Catholic!"

      The Red Casting of Political Correctness
      What we have warned of for quite a few years has been verified in a special study conducted by and that is that the dreaded PC is communism masked. That is the finding as stated, “Political Correctness is Marxism, with all that implies: loss of freedom of expression, thought control, inversion of the traditional social order and, ultimately, a totalitarian state.” Have we not seen this in our own society and government where the state has taken over through the media to dictate how people should act, think and react. Tolerance and diversity are all part of the manifesto to eliminate not only freedom, but God. Political Correctness is dangerous and must be exposed and that is what a series of expert writers have done with the links available through or More and more we can see Holy Writ being fulfilled in these times foretold by Our Lord in Matthew 24 and what Our Lady warned at La Salette and Fatima. Truly Russia's errors have spread, so much so that few recognize it for what it really is today: inside our psyches and rotting souls by the second.

      Horrors of horrors! Benedict turns over CDF to the wolves!!!
      Friday 13th turned out to bring to fruition any and every Traditional Catholic's worst nightmare! Any hopes they had of Benedict XVI cleaning house and being any different than John Paul II can forget it. That was evident by two announcements out of the Modernist new Vatican on the 88th Anniversary of the First Apparition at Fatima and the universal Feast of the holy Doctor St. Robert Bellarmine, who would have rather given his life in martyrdom than turning over the guardianship of the Sacred Deposit of the Faith to one who caused grave scandal and empowered the sodomites because he didn't have the guts to stand up to the political pressure. We're talking about William Levada, a sorry and spineless excuse for a bishop - even a Novus Ordinarian pretender. He said nothing to deter supposedly 'Catholic' mayor Gavin Newsom who single-handedly solidified San Francisco as Sodom by the Bay. It was just announced that Levada's own See is to be the headquarters for human stem cell research using aborted fetuses. This proves this God-forsaken area has added yet another sin to the many sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance.

      Christopher FerraraMichael MattThe Remnant's Christopher Ferrara and Michael Matt Implore Benedict XVI to Do the Right Thing
      In the aftermath of their personal coverage in Rome during the conclave, Remnant editor Michael Matt and columnist Christopher Ferrara weigh in with an Open Letter imploring Joseph Ratzinger, now Benedict XVI to alter the course of history and turn away from the destructive path of Vatican II and return to the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church. They express how many times they had hoped previous conciliar popes were going to do the same only to disappoint greatly. Can Benedict XVI make a difference? Time will tell, but they respectfully lay out the problems and the solutions, magnificently researched, and use the very words Ratzinger as a cardinal expressed in pleading with him to back up what he has said. Will it work? Time will tell, but they have presented an excellent argument that puts the ball squarely in Benedict's court. If he does not respond, does not exhibit the sensitivity he himself expressed, we will know it is all smoke and mirrors. Though lengthy, it is an excellent argument for Tradition in persuading him to abandon the novelties of the Novus Ordo, Ecumenism and Dialogue. They detail it all in their

    Let Benedict XVI know what he must do to return to the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church at

      In a show of "openness," Benedict XVI is encouraging Catholics to e-mail him and this is your chance to remind him of the Catholic truths that have been abandoned by the church of Vatican II and also the fact that the Immemorial Mass of All Ages - the Traditional Latin Mass said from Peter through Pius XII is at the heart of reform in rebuilding Christ's Church. He can be another St. Benedict in uncompromisingly converting souls to the Faith or he can be a Benedict Arnold in betraying Christ and the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith. Here's your chance to speak directly with the new pope. Pounce on it by e-mailing him at

      One way to contact him directly is to either send a copy of the Open Letter from Michael Matt and Christopher Ferrara below or reinforce certain points they have brought up. Either way, if you remain silent, you have no one to blame but yourself when God asks "What did you do to rebuild My Church?" Again, we can't reiterate strongly enough: Countless souls are at stake!

      When it comes to all these ungodly laws being passed by liberal judges because of the lobbying and intimidation of a small minority out to do away with the natural and supernatural order, it is wise to keep in mind the following:
    "Unjust laws are, properly speaking, NO LAWS!"
    His Eminence Saint Robert Cardinal Bellarmine, Doctor of the Church

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      In this month dedicated to the Most Holy Rosary, let us continue to pray daily the Leonine Prayer said at the end of every Latin Low Mass:

      Let us pray. O God, our refuge and our strength, look down in mercy on Thy people who cry to Thee; and by the intercession of the glorious and immaculate Virgin Mary Mother of God, of St. Joseph her spouse, of Thy blessed apostles Peter and Paul, and of all the saints, in mercy and goodness hear our prayers for the conversion of sinners, and for the freedom and exaltation of our Holy Mother Church. Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

      For those who truly want to delve deeper into what the Faith teaches and what past Sovereign Pontiffs have decreed, we recommend for your vital reading to better KNOW THE FAITH in order to KEEP THE FAITH, pertinent Papal decrees which put to the lie what is being promulgated today by the Vatican II church. We strongly encourage you to read these to understand how today the modern church is in Apostasy when compared to what had always been taught by Holy Mother Church and enforced and warned as most grievous by previous Pontiffs as you'll see in CREDO & CULTURE


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    When it comes to all these ungodly laws being passed by liberal judges because of the lobbying and intimidation of a small minority out to do away with the natural and supernatural order, it is wise to keep in mind the following:

    "Unjust laws are, properly speaking, NO LAWS!"
    His Eminence Saint Robert Cardinal Bellarmine, Doctor of the Church

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