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May 22, 2002
volume 13, no. 94

Why does the Conciliar Hierarchy continuously hide except when its their own hide?

      Editor's Note: On this feast of the holy cardinal St. Charles Borromeo - a true successor of the Apostles, we wanted to show how that ideal has been ravaged by the modern barbarians wearing magenta and scarlet. To illustrate how the more things supposedly change, the more they stay the same, the rot of the bad tree of Vatican II is still there. There is great evidence of this in the aftermath of the synod of conciliar bishops in Rome. We can clearly see nothing has changed as all, from Benedict on down, dig in to defend ever more insanely and desperately the reprehensible Vatican II reforms that have caused the very problems society is still struggling with as satan clasps an even firmer grip on souls. Case in point: Roe v. Wade? Thank you, conciliar bishops. Thus, we bring you an article written by Dr. Frank Joseph three and a half years ago on May 22, 2002 as part of our "Gems from the Past" feature in which he asked then - and it still applies to these apostates today - as the answer to what so many have been wondering, why is it today's bishops won't respond unless their reputation or jobs are on the line? And then, why do they lie so blatantly? He rightly asserts that had they been vigilant and truly the successors of the Apostles, they would have clearly seen by the grace of the Holy Ghost the infiltration of those intent on violating the Fifth and Sixth Commandments. Because they did not, because they refused to pull their heads out of the sands of acceptance by the world we have today the terrible holocaust of abortion and the widening scandal of sex abuse. Truly they have been negligent as Dr. Frank illustrates in his column below. The fact is his words are even more pertinent today.

    For well over 30 years the Cardinals and Bishops of the Church, especially in America, have had the opportunity to overturn Roe vs. Wade simply by speaking out strongly for the Fifth Commandment. Unfortunately, the sins of the flesh against the Sixth and Ninth Commandments now so sadly overshadow the unborns' terrible plight and, if current trends continue as to the sincerity of the American prelates, it doesn't hold much hope for God's innocent ones.

      "The Catholic hierarchy is so afraid of losing their tax status that they would sooner have pro-abort politicians win and as a consequence more unborn children will be killed. They have forgotten or just ignored Christ's words, “what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but suffers the loss of his own soul.”"

   Excuses, excuses, the Catholic Church is facing the worst scandal to rock its foundation in centuries -- maybe of all time. What I don't want to hear right now are excuses from the Catholic hierarchy. The bishops and cardinals are at fault -- PERIOD. I must say that I am not surprised. The handwriting has been on the wall since Vatican 2.

   It should not follow that the liberalization of Catholic Doctrine, keep up with the secular world. However, I have no doubt that satan loves liberalism and when it involves the Church of Jesus Christ, the prince of darkness is all the more ecstatic.

   As for me, the very word “liberal,” makes me want to “throw up.”

   One need not look any further than the pitiful attempts by the Catholic hierarchy in America to stop the killing of God's precious unborn children. Oh, I've heard the all too familiar refrain -- that “the Catholic Church is against abortions and they honor the sanctity of human life from the conception to the grave.”

   Big deal, all words, but the mechanism to accomplish this is lacking and yet it is so simple: You publicly excommunicate all those who play God.

   Would a Catholic doctor, who kills unborn children for a living, be excommunicated? Of course he/she would be. Would Catholic politicians, who signs the death warrants for these same children, be excommunicated? Sad to say -- NO, they even continue to receive the sacraments.

   So, since bishops see no harm in signing death warrants, is it any wonder that the message coming from the pulpits would not sway a Catholic woman/girl from having her unborn child killed.

   Is there a difference between signing the death warrants and doing the actual killing? What's the difference between the one who gives the order and the one who carries it out? Were the Nazi soldiers who carried out their orders to kill six million Jews and countless Catholics who resisted the immorality of the Third Reich more responsible than Adolph Hitler and his hench men who gave the orders? All were responsible, just as today abortion doctors who carry out their orders by those who enable them to carry on the hideous act of murder in the womb. Those who write the order through their pro-abort legislation are no different than Hitler. Had Hitler remained a Catholic he would have most definitely been excommunicated. The key is he excommunicated himself when he turned on the Church. These so-called 'Catholic' Politicians have excommunicated themselves - latae sententiae.

   What then is the difference between Hitler's act of violating God's Laws and our so-called 'Catholic' politicians today? The answer: none! Oh, they may not be as blatantly obvious as the Fuhrer, but the end never justifies the means. It's still killing whether in the womb or in the gas chamber. Hitler made killing legal in Germany during World War II. The American Supreme Court made it legal in 1973 and the S.S. Democrats carry out their orders like loyal luftwaffers.

   These so-called 'Catholic' Politicians, such as Senators Edward Kennedy, John Kerry, Chris Dodd, Richard Durbin, Tom Harkin, Barbara Mikulski, Jack Reed, Patty Murray, Susan Collins, Mary Landrieu, Tom Daschle, Pat Leahy, and Joe Biden, all believe that women should have the right to have their unborn child killed, if they so choose -- if it makes their lives easier. Hitler was masterful in convincing so many that these killings were justified, even for the good of mankind. What is the difference between his thinking and the thinking of the pro-aborts today who justify the holocaust of the womb, even make it sound good for mankind under the guise that it helps women. After all, it's their bodies and the government has no right to dictate to them what they do. But they depend on the government to give them that licence to kill. What a strange, twisted world we live in.

   Yet, these so-called 'Catholic' Dems spin their lies to give the impression a pro-abort stance is crucial for the welfare of mankind as they champion the causes of animal right activists and environmentalists. Oh, we can't harm the animals or plants, but it's open season on embryos.

   You can see for yourself that their pro-abortion views are reflected in their voting records. The first nine, even voted to kill children while they are being born -- the barbaric and excruciating painful partial-birth infanticide. Check Herod’s Heroes for their addresses and phone numbers and the same for their bishops.

   If the Catholic Church practices what it preaches -- that all human life is equal under God -- whether it's unborn, born, adolescent, or adult, then the Catholic hierarchy are all hypocrites if they don't publicly excommunicate these Senators.

   When Catholic Senators even vote NOT to ban partial-birth infanticide and they still receive the Sacraments, then you know that satan has infiltrated the Catholic Church, long before this present scandal of the homosexual/pedophile priests.

   What other excuse could there be for not going all out to end the holocaust of the womb -- the Roe Vs Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973 that legalized the killing of unborn children right up to birth.

   What excuse is there for NOT vehemently denouncing the killing of unborn children from the pulpit every Sunday? Is there something more important than the killing of 1.4 million unborn children every year? Of course not.

   What excuse is there, for the rate of Catholic women having their child killed, to be greater than the Evangelicals? What excuse is there for the rate of Catholics voting for pro-abort politicians, to be greater than the Evangelicals?

   What excuse is there for not using the word, “abortions” and instead saying, “the killing of unborn children, ” which is the truth? In our parish they seldom talk about the killing of unborn children, and the few times they do, it is so watered down that one would not think it was a serious matter -- let alone being the gravest of all sins.

   I remember about 10-15 years ago, there was a discussion on TV on this subject. Present were an evangelical minister and the head of the theology department of the University Notre Dame -- a priest - the liberal media's darling Fr. Richard McBrien. As expected, both were on the side of pro-life -- so, I thought. Then you had your usual representatives of the pro-abort crowd.

   In the audience, it appeared to be split down the middle. The loudest applause that went up from the pro-aborts was when the Catholic Priest said, “when a woman has an abortion, you cannot consider it murder.”

   The evangelical minister had a bewildered look on his face, when McBrien said this and I didn't blame him. To this day, that has always stuck with me. Why he said that is mind boggling. We know that in the secular world, legally, abortions are not murder, but a priest is supposed to save souls and not interpret the laws of the land. He was not just any priest, which would have bad enough, but the head of the theology department at the most renowned Catholic University in the USA. A man who many seculars consider the "expert" on Catholic teaching. Please. Talk about a travesty. I wonder, how many Catholic women, had their unborn child killed after hearing this, or, how many women in general.

   Even during election years, you won't hear a cry from the pulpit to vote for pro-life candidates. The Catholic hierarchy is so afraid of losing their tax status that they would sooner have pro-abort politicians win and as a consequence more unborn children will be killed. They have forgotten or just ignored Christ's words, “what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but suffers the loss of his own soul.”

   Besides, the Catholic Church will never lose its tax status, because if they did, most black churches would also and this will NEVER happen. Bill Clinton and Al Gore actually went to black churches to get their votes and their money. But then, Hillary Clinton barged right into a Catholic church and took over as the police dragged several faithful who stood up and protested such blasphemy. But the money changers in the temple won that one. Then there are power-brokers of the liberal black vote: The Reverends Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and other black ministers. They don't mince words in getting blacks to vote for Democrats - pro-abort Democrats.

   Jackson, himself at one time spoke out vehemently against abortions, but changed his tune, when he got involved in politics. It wasn't conducive to climbing the Democratic political ladder. He wanted to be president. This is what is known as selling one's soul to the devil for political gain.

   To save lives is a MORAL issue and the Catholic clergy MUST do everything in their power to stop the killing of unborn children. Many people who vote don't follow politics to the point where they know who is pro-life, or who are pro-aborts.

   It is incumbent on the clergy to tell the parishioners to vote for pro-life candidates. Actually, name the politician, whether he/she is a Democrat, or a Republican makes no difference, as long as they are pro-life. Could it be this is not being done because 90% of all politicians in the Democratic party are pro-choice to kill and 90% of Republican politicians are pro-life?

   Could it be that the reason parishioners are not told to vote for pro-life candidates, is because Republicans would sweep all elections, because as stated before, most pro-life politicians are in the Republican party? With 60 million Catholics in the United States -- 40 million of voting age, one can readily understand the power the Catholic Church has in ending the killing of God's precious children

   But that power is weakening because the bishops did not use their God-given talents, did not heed God's Will when they had the opportunity. Now, as they become the laughing stock of the late-night circuit, their influence is ebbing. Not good news for the pro-life movement. As has been stated so many times before: we need holy bishops who don't give a fig about political correctness and not offending the offenders. It's time to offend because they offend God. If they seek to please man, they're not pleasing God. If they're not pleasing God, they're no friend of God, no friend of the life He creates. They are, in fact, the enemy and must be treated as such. If the current crop of bishops persist in walking that lukewarm fence, then whatever the further fallout they deserve. And they will be held responsible before God for their failure to act when they had the chance.

   As I said, that window of opportunity is closing fast and the lies continue to spread; lies such as were found before the last election where in The Tidings, the official newspaper of the Los Angeles Archdiocese, the largest in the United Staes, it was stated that the Democratic party was more in tune with Catholic Doctrine than the Republican party. They even gave a percentage -- 60% for Democrats in tune and only 30% for Republicans. What lies!

   I called the LA archdiocese to complain. I told them the facts -- that the Democratic party platform is pro-abortion and the Republican party is pro-life. Also, that the Democratic party embraces homosexuality and the Republican party does not.

   Naturally they washed their hands by saying they didn't handle this and to call the publisher of The Tidings, which I did. I told him that what he published was not true -- that it was the Republican party which was more in tune with Catholic Doctrine and I gave him the reasons as described above, which are irrefutable. He made up excuses. I asked him to print a retraction. In spite of the fact that he never disputed my argument, he said he would not. Typical of the arrogance of the left.

   The end result in Los Angeles was that then Governor George W. Bush, whom the Catholic Church knew was pro-life, lost there and in other dioceses where pro-life platform was not stressed. Gore, who is not only a pro-abort, but would not even ban partial-birth infanticide, won California easily, in spite of the high percentage of Catholics in the state. This is just one example of the poor leadership of the Catholic hierarchy. It is a mockery of God and His Will,"Thou Shalt Not Kill."

   Am I to believe that the hierarchy of Archdiocese couldn't have had an impact in changing the vote had they told the truth? Don't tell me the hierarchy had nothing to do with this when The Tidings is the official paper of the archdiocese. Do they not read it, or are they asleep at the switch? Not when you realize Cardinal Roger Mahony knows very well what is going on. But it wouldn't be politically correct or financially beneficial for him and his ridiculous building fund to tell his flock the truth. Hundreds of millions have been raised to build that ugly monster he calls Our Lady of Angels - more like 'Angles' which is nearing completion in downtown L.A. - and there is dirty money going into that. It's a fact that many of the big wigs of the Hollywood Filth Industry have contributed heavily to keep his building fun. To keep the money pouring in, he dare not speak out as a true shepherd should. He's muzzled by the pro-abort interests. Other bishops are as well, maybe not influenced by as much money, but they're influenced by the wrong people. And therein, the problems only mount.

   Maybe there's something I don't know. Does the Catholic Church have some kind of an allegiance to the Democratic party? A party that I am certain is satan’s pride and joy. Look at the problems in Boston. It's a known fact that Boston is a Democratic stronghold. It's also a known fact that there are over two million 'Catholics' in that Archdiocese. Yet they continue to vote overwhelmingly for liberal, pro-abort candidates from Kennedy on down. Maybe Boston is getting what they deserve for turning their backs on God's little ones for so long.

   At one time the Democratic party was a great party. There was a time when that party stood strongly for the vulnerable and the voiceless. However, for some reason, by Democratic thinking, unborn children, do not fit in any of these classifications and yet, they are the most vulnerable and voiceless of all Over 42 million unborn children have been killed since Roe Vs Wade 29 years ago. (98% for convenience sake).

   The sad reality today is that the Democratic party doesn’t give a damn about these children, which is why I left this party years ago. These children cannot vote. They can't contribute money. They are expendable and the Catholic Church bends over backwards to accommodate this party. Just what is this attraction that Catholic politicians have for the Democratic party -- a party which has got to bring great joy to satan?

   How does one explain why pro-choice [to kill unborn children] priests are teaching at Catholic colleges, or for that matter, how does one explain pro-choice priests, period? How does one explain pro-abort speakers at Catholic Commencements?

   All of the above is explained because we have bishops who will not take a profound stand for “HUMAN LIFE.” And I don't mean an occasional lip service. The answer is so simple, to turn the tide and take the first giant step in ending the killing of unborn children. Here's how it can be done in six easy steps:

    1) The bishops MUST adhere to Canon Law and excommunicate all those who rebel against the Catholic Doctrine. Those who are contaminating the entire flock. Especially, those who are looked up to -- Senators and people in high places. With one fell swoop, the bishops should call a press conference and publicly excommunicate all the pro-abort Catholic Senators mentioned above. By the way 12 of these 13 pro-abort Catholic Senators are in the Democratic party.

       This would, indeed, send a message -- that the Catholic Church in America will NOT accept anyone, who does not follow Catholic Doctrine. Whether you are the one, who does the killing, or the one, who signs the death warrants.

       How many times have you heard the bishops say that CFFC (Catholics for free choice) are not really Catholic and the bishops want the world to know this condemnation of this devilish organization. All of the above Senators are also Catholics for a free choice to kill unborn children, but why don't we hear from the bishops that they also, are a pariah -- that they are really not Catholics. Where is the outrage, or do Senators have a special dispensation from the Catholic hierarchy?

       The truth of the matter is that the bishops should come down, even harder on these Senators, because as satanic as CFFC are, they don't sign the death warrants, as the Catholic Senators do.

       As mind boggling as all of the above is how in the world can these Catholic Senators receive Holy Communion with a mortal sin on their souls? Or did something happen in Vatican 2 that I am unaware of? The more I read in uncovering the deceit that has gone on and the cover-up, the pandering to false religions and political interests, I'm beginning to understand things did change at Vatican 2.

    2) NO Catholic college should have a pro-abort teaching there, nor will they have pro-abort speakers at commencements.

    3) The word abortion be stricken from the vocabulary of all priests and instead to speak the truth -- “the killing of unborn children.” Can you image the impact this would have, when spoken from the pulpit, on a regular basis, instead of the sugar coated word, “abortion”, or, even worse: "a woman's right to choose."

    4) The bishops MUST admonish the priests and pastors to have their parishioners vote for pro-life political candidates, and to have the “guts,” as do the black ministers, to actually name the candidate. This must be done at regular intervals and especially before elections. The problem is trying to find bishops and priests who honor God and not money.

    5) All the cardinals in the USA should go to the abortion mills and pray, all on the same day and do this at regular intervals. Boy, this would get the attention of the media. It is apparent that they would sooner sit in their ivory towers and not get their hands soiled.

    6) Catholic clergy MUST go on TV to condemn the terrorism of the womb. Up until this latest priest/homosexual/pedophile scandal, I had not seen a priest on TV in years (not counting Catholic stations).

       Now, we know they can do it. Priests, bishops and cardinals have been all over TV lately. If only they would make this much of a commitment to save the lives of unborn children as they do for saving their own skin, Roe Vs Wade would be overturned. Think about that. It's always the evangelical ministers on TV condemning the slaughter of the innocents.

   The killing of unborn children MUST be considered as evil as the killing of born children and adults, which up until now, it is NOT in the eyes of the bishops as evidenced by their pitiful attempts to end the killings.

   If the bishops adhere to the six conditions above, I guarantee you, the killing of unborn children in the United State would soon be history.

   To make it as simple as possible -- we will get rid of these killings when the bishops have a mind to. I urge them to begin now, while they still can.

Dr. Frank Joseph

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