March 28, 2005
vol 16, no. 87

The Atrocity Being Committed Against Terri Schindler-Schiavo

Commentary by

Gary L. Morella
Catholic member of the research faculty
The Pennsylvania State University


Abortion: pre-natal euthanasia!
Euthanasia: post-natal abortion!

Creation was not meant for cremation!

      Catholics have always believed in the sacredness of life from the womb to the tomb. The tragedy is that Terri Shindler-Schiavo is being denied a tomb for her estranged and strange 'care-taker' wants to destroy all evidence ASAP with cremation.

    I do not recall in my lifetime seeing such an egregious diabolic assault against both faith and reason, an atrocity of the highest order, a direct consequence of an unjust law saying that innocents can be killed within the womb, as what is happening to Terri Schindler-Schiavo - her court ordered death. We are talking about a disabled Catholic woman who is not even being allowed to receive Holy Communion on Easter Sunday, the most important Feast Day of the Church, as her life slips away, by her husband Michael Schiavo, who is a man in an adulterous affair with another woman with whom he has fathered two children. This is a man whose marriage vows are clearly meaningless in regard to "for better or for worse, in sickness and in health." This cruelty to Terri and her family (her blood relatives) is unconscionable! This is a man that the courts would have us incredibly believe has Terri's best interests at stake, which flies in the face of the public record, in particular, recent statements to the contrary made by health care professionals who directly know of this situation, and unequivocally deny what has been claimed by Michael Schiavo, as purported to be Terri's last wishes. Do Terri's best interests include her court-ordered death in the face of much contradictory evidence, which the state and federal courts will not even consider when directed to by the Congress with the approval of the President of the United States? This is justice in America?

    This is no longer America but Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia. And just who made the courts a replacement for God Almighty? On what authority was that done? You would think that even the most hardened secularist would see that we no longer have equal branches of government in America but rather a judiciary that is bound and determined to veto right reason at every opportunity. Has "impeachment" been removed from the Constitution as a needed correction to an out-of-control judiciary, as envisioned by the founding fathers? The initial rulings in the Schiavo case when it became obvious that only Terri's death would be the acceptable result were so without merit as to be laughable, per the comments of her brother. Her family could not believe what they were witnessing. Florida Judge Greer should have never have been allowed to proceed with the crusade on the part of Michael Schiavo and his lawyers to bury Terri as soon as possible. Where was the Florida Legislature and the Governor when this assault on faith and reason initially began? Moreover, where are they now when an innocent young woman's life hangs in the balance? Are not our leaders sworn to defend us from all enemies foreign AND domestic? Do oaths mean anything anymore?

    How dare man presume to be God without Whom man would cease to exist if forgotten but for a nanosecond! It is blasphemous when purported "Catholics" condone this crime in the name of Catholicism to the point of failing to properly articulate what the clear Catholic teaching has always been against euthanasia.

    What hath Vatican II wrought? Easy answer - confusion! Things are so bad that a priest from the Catholic Information Center on Fox News gave a watered-down view of the Church teaching against cremation, which is to be avoided traditionally for obvious reasons of the symbolism against the bodily resurrection. See Denzinger's the Sources of Catholic Dogma paragraphs 1863-1864, in particular, the ff. on pg 466 1. Leo XIII, confirming this decree to the Ordinaries, "ordered that they opportunely have the faithful of Christ instructed on the detestable abuse of cremating human bodies, and that with all their might they deter the flock entrusted to them from this (practice)."

    Which begs the obvious question, "Why is Michael Schiavo so adamant about seeing his wife die to the point of immediately cremating her?" Can it possibly be that he is afraid that "dead men also tell tales" with modern technology, which is a logical question in view of Michael Schiavo's irrational insistence on the death of his wife when her mother, father, sister, and brother would lovingly care for her?

    It was erroneously reported in the Saturday 3/26/05 Values section of the local paper that ex-priest Daniel McGuire from Marquette University is a Catholic. A Catholic assents to Church teaching on faith on morals, which clearly McGuire, by his heretical opinions regarding it being acceptable that Terri Schindler-Schiavo be euthanised by court order via starvation, something that is a crime if done to animals, clearly shows that he is not. Fr. Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, a Catholic unlike McGuire, said, “No court anywhere has the authority to authorize the starvation of a human being.”

    McGuire, a well known dissenter from Catholic teaching, fraudulently calling himself a Catholic theologian, said on Fox News that Terri Schindler-Schiavo should die to the point of absurdly claiming that this was a teaching of Pius XII, and that John Paul II had changed it in regard to the use of extraordinary means of keeping someone alive. He went to the extreme of saying that it was a travesty that this had not happened to her years ago, i.e., that she should have been killed by the state much earlier. The Church teaching here is not a personal teaching of any particular Pope but rather an invariant moral teaching rooted in Sacred Scripture.

    The Church holds that no one has the right to refuse what is considered normal palliative care, i.e., food and water. This is suicide on the part of someone making such a request for himself, and murder on the part of someone making such an order for another person, both of which are grave sins against the Fifth Commandment, "Thou shalt not kill!" In the matters of our bodies, we are the "tenants" not the "landlords". Our bodies are gifts from God, "Temples of the Holy Ghost,” with our immortal souls being their form. As such, man is called to protect what God has given him as a means to his eternal salvation.

    The state is supposed to have as its primary goal the furtherance of the common good. How is killing an innocent human being meeting that goal? Admitting to the mistake shows wisdom. We have gone beyond reasonable doubt by an order-of-magnitude akin to refusing to see that the earth is round because a court previously ordered that it was flat.

    Is this the direction that America should be taking? Is this the America that we want our children and grandchildren to grow up in, an America that dismisses out-of-hand God's Natural Law knowable from reason? Is an America where the sanctity of life is put on the backburner at the behest of judicial tyrants to the point of not even allowing a poor defenseless disabled woman the benefit of the doubt to a right to life while arguing her case, which is unarguable from the standpoint of those who would kill her, going to be an America worth living in, an America understood by the founding fathers, an America for which many gave their lives to defend?

    What we are witnessing are the inevitable consequences of the contraceptive mentality of the age where man, in his arrogance, will not allow God to be God. Abortion is pre-natal euthanasia with euthanasia being post-natal abortion. The latter immediately follows from the former. What is happening to Terri Schindler-Schiavo would not be allowed in Holland, per recent comments from the Dutch ambassador to the U.S., as reported nationally.

    If Terri is killed, can we ever be sure that if we go into hospital we will come out? Not on your life, if the state is allowed to dispose of her like so much unwanted waste!

    These things happen when God is erased from the world's vocabulary courtesy of the "father-of-lies," and his prime facilitators, organizations like the ACLU who would turn America into a totalitarian state indistinguishable from Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia with black-robed dictators replacing Adolph and Joe.

    We had better wake up to the fact that this so-called "right do die" is quickly becoming a "duty to die" - to heck with rational arguments to the contrary, which are not allowed to see the light of day by the Judge Greers of the world.

    We would do well to remember the words of Fr. Frank Pavone.

    We do not possess a "right to die." A right is a moral claim. We do not have a claim on death; rather, death has a claim on us! Some see the "right to die" as parallel to the "right to life." In fact, however, they are opposite. The "right to life" is based on the fact that life is a gift which we do not possess as a piece of property ( which we can purchase or sell or give away or destroy at will ), but rather is an inviolable right. It cannot be taken away by another or by the person him/herself. The "right to die" is based, rather, on the idea of life as a "thing we possess" and may discard when it no longer meets our satisfaction. "Right to die" thinking says there is such a thing as a "life not worth living." For a Christian, however, life is worthy in and of itself, and not because it meets certain criteria that we or others set.

    In summary, in my lifetime I do not recall seeing such an egregious diabolic offense against faith and reason, an atrocity of the highest order, a direct consequence of laws saying that innocents can be killed within the womb, as what is happening to Terri Schindler-Schiavo. God have mercy on us all for allowing our country to descend into the very pit of hell where starving to death an innocent disabled woman is looked up as "legal."

Gary L. Morella

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    March 28, 2005
    vol 16, no. 87