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WEDNESDAY      March 2, 2005      Volume 16, no. 61
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Examination of Conscience Guide
The Church Law of Fast and Abstinence for the US

(Adopted by the hierarchy of the United States, November 1958)

On Abstinence:

  Everyone over 7 years of age is bound to observe the law of abstinence. Complete abstinence is to be observed on Fridays, Ash Wednesday, Holy Saturday and the Vigils of the Immaculate Conception and Christmas. On days of complete abstinence, meat and soup or gravy made from meat may not be used at all. Partial abstinence is to be observed on Ember Wednesdays and Saturdays and the vigil of Pentecost. On days of partial abstinence meat and soup or gravy made from meat may be taken only once a day at the principal meal.

On Fast:

   Everyone over 21 and 59 years of age is bound to observe the law of fast. The days of fast are all the days in Lent, except Sundays. On days of fast only one full meal is allowed. Two other meatless meals, sufficient to maintain strength may be taken according to each one's need, but together they should not equal another full meal. Meat may be taken at the principal meal on a day of fast except on days of complete abstinence. Eating between meals is not permitted but liquids, including milk and fruit juices are allowed. When health or ability to work would be seriously affected, the law does not oblige. In doubt concerning fast or abstinence, a parish priest or confessor should be consulted.


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Gabriel's Clarion
Gabriel Garnica begins today a multi-part series on "The Selling of Sodomy" that has turned souls inside out. Through an insidious, salacious and purely satanical agenda and campaign, the homosexual lobby and manipulators have permeated every facet of society and especially the modern church where sadly, too often priest and pedophile are considered synonymous by many. Thanks to the drastic revolution of Vatican II, the New Order church let down its guard (many ask if this wasn't intended by the infiltrators within) and began preaching tolerance and diversity. And one wonders how this vile sin that cries out to Heaven for vengeance has actually gained "respectability" in many circles today including chanceries? As the Church goes, so goes the world and her enemies knew this is plotting and carrying out the devastation of morals. Today Gabriel shows the four steps on that slippery slope into the eternal abyss. Gabriel reveals the decline in his column I Told You So!
Making Sense of Sensus Catholicus
Father James F. Wathen, the pioneering traditional author of The Great Sacrilege, presents a treatise on the Gospel of St. Luke, chapter 16 on the Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus and what Our Lord truly meant in certifying that the Old Covenant had passed and the New Covenant would take effect once He "descended into hell" - the very "bosom of Abraham" to free the souls languishing there since Adam and Eve. Following that He would rise from the dead, but in this passage, as Father points out, if they will not even believe that, how will they believe other signs. Father points out that this is the case today where nonbelievers and their ideas are given credence at the expense of the truths of the Messias. Jesus shows clearly in this parable that hell is so very final and those who choose to go there have no relief or sympathy. Father explains in his brief commentary sent by Maria Hughes. The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus
Fiat Voluntas Dei
Timothy Duff has taught Traditional Catholicism for decades. The author of the work The Church is not above Christ, Tim has chosen Fiat Voluntas Dei - "The Will of God be done" as the title for his columns which will now become a regular rotating staple in The Daily Catholic. He is also a consummate expert on Venerable Mary Agreda's masterful work Mystical City of God and ties that in so beautifully with the healing effect of sincere tears, shed by Jesus and His Blessed Mother for us and for the way we have prompted those tears through our sins. To illustrate how powerful tears can be, who can ever forget the magnificent and poignant scene in Mel Gibson's The Passion of The Christ when, at the moment of Christ's death on the cross, we see as through a fish-eye lens the surreal scene from above and only then realize as the watery lens plunges downward that we are inside the tear of the Heavenly Father as it projects closer to earth, splashing upon the ground at the foot of the cross and from Calvary the tsunami effect causes the earth to shake and the temple floor in Jerusalem to be torn in two, symbolizing the end of the Jewish religion and the Old Covenant and the beginning of the New Covenant as God's chosen means for salvation. Yes, tears are powerful as Tim details in his column Holy Tears
Gabriel's Clarion
Gabriel Garnica responds to the blatant idol worship of man personified in the Academy Awards and points out that it really was a blessing that Mel Gibson and his masterpiece The Passion of The Christ were not nominated for his reward will be great in Heaven.He doesn't need accolades from man, especially those who rail against Christ and His True Church. Gabriel explains how in Sunday's Gospel Our Lord's words "He that is not with Me is against Me" applies to today's society who have done all in their power to reject Him and His sound teachings. Gabriel also highlights how to include Mel's movie would be to expose the rest of the fare as mediocre. Now is that fair?Gabriel illustrates how two other movies are praised for the very things they come up short in and how The Passion puts them both to shame. He shows how Titanic, the only other blockbuster that made a killing at the box office, and a cult film for the bloodthirsty Kill Bill have been linked to The Passion of The Christ and in every way those other two films as well as all the nominees for this year's Oscars can't hold a candle to Mel and his 'little movie' that no one would touch with a ten foot trunk of wood. Gabriel manifests quite clearly the clear purpose Mel conveyed and how those who object are the very same who objected to accepting Christ and His truths. He explains in his column Passing on The Passion is 'their' loss
Echoes of True Catholicism
Dr. Marian Therese Horvat shares concerns about the secretivity surrounding the death of the last Fatima visionary Sister Lucia de Jesus dos Santos. Just as we asked on these pages last week, what are they hiding? so also Marian asks some pertinent questions and suspects with good evidence that Sister Lucia was getting 'bad information' as in false information, as in lies about the state of the church and the world. Marian also offers the conjecture that Sr. Lucia might very well have been silenced and suppressed in light of what her cousin Jacinta had told her before the latter died over 80 years ago: "When the time comes, speak, do not hide yourself." But hiding herself was the very thing she did or rather what the modernists did in hiding her away in a Carmelite convent in Coimbra, Portugal. Since 1970 she had been heavily censored and protected more than a Novus Ordo bishop hiding from the media or Traditional Catholics. What is on Sr. Lucy's computer, what words are in her diary that the modern Vatican institution is so afraid of revealing? What of the continuing corruption of the world and the nonconversion of Russia? Marian points out that the proof is in the pudding. Gone is the intercessor to stay the hand of the Father from spilling forth the Cup of Chastisement that runneth over. Now it's the time when deceit will be revealed, and God's hand will wash clean the decay that has permeated His Church effecting the entire world. Here on earth only those who survive the coming chastisements will know the answers. Marian explains in her column at Tradition In Action Forebodings about the Death of Sister Lucy
"Qui legit, intelligat"
In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the Third Sunday of Lent, he packs a wallop in identifying the very problem those who have stayed with the Novus Ordo face today. They are bishopless and priestless for they have condoned the ransacking of traditional forms, especially in the Sacraments of Holy Orders. Father reminds us of the chicanery of the modernists who have done all they can to expunge Pius XII's Apostolic Constitution Sacramentum Ordinis to cover their tracks. Father Louis points out that it is not available anywhere on the web and we are going to do all in our power to procure this Acta Apostolicae Sedis from November 30, 1947 so that all will know the fullness of truth spoken of by Father in his no-nonsense sermon today. These men who have accepted modernism may look like bishops, they may sound like bishops (even though they don't ACT like bishops), but they are NOT bishops for, as Father reveals, their consecrations are not valid. Think about this as talk heats up of the impending Conclave in John Paul II's waning days and realize most all of those entering the Sistine Chapel are not even true cardinals, let alone priests or bishops. What does that portend for the next man who will claim to be pope? The apostasy is so great that it has laid waste to practically the entire conciliar church. Look around you at the ruins. There is scant left to choose from. Had these men been ordained according to the truly Catholic Rite, then, even were they to be the most vile of heretics, they would still be priests, albeit bad ones, but authentic ones. For some that is the case, but for those ordained according to Paul VI's changes, it wouldn't matter if they were in heresy or were the most holiest of men, they still are not properly ordained priests in Christ's One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. As Our Lord states in today's Gospel, "He who is not with Me is against Me." When the laity realize this truth by fleeing from the Novus Ordo Lodges and their Grand Masters in droves, then they will pray all the more earnestly for true bishops. That plea will be heard in Heaven only when NOM presbyters are re-ordained in accordance to the form and matter set in stone by Pius XII and begin to celebrate on a daily basis universally the Mass of All Ages and live the Faith as it has always meant to be lived. Father lays it out in his sermon based on Our Lord's words in Luke 11: 17. A Kingdom Brought to Desolation
Gabriel's Clarion
Gabriel Garnica sounds the clarion of truth that the manipulators have twisted things so much that in order to garner protection and be among the privileged 'victims' one must be a terrorist or murderer because - well it's their right! How is it their right, especially when most of these terrorists have no idea what democracy or justice are? Because the bleeding heart liberals have empowered them. Gabriel offers a twist on this twisted thinking: label the innocent unborns as 'terrorists' and they'll receive sympathy; the same with Terri Schiavo. Rather than 'victim' call her something else and maybe the leftist progressives will rally for her cause the way they do for whales or some almost extinct least tern in the habitat which only increases costs for real estate and development, all passed on to the consumer. Gabriel points out that the price of honesty is too steep for these hypocrites in the legal, media, political, religious and social echelons who have set policy and culture. They are the ones who have been leading the exodus away from God, away from basic family values and there will be a price to pay. In this survival of the fittest world, sometimes the only way to play the game is turning the tables by trading labels for, as he shows, that just might be, short of divine help, The Secret to Protection
Fiat Voluntas Dei
With this issue we introduce to The Daily Catholic readers Timothy Duff, who has taught Traditional Catholicism for decades. Tim is the author of the work The Church is not above Christ; thus we have selected the title Fiat Voluntas Dei - "To do the Will of God" as the title for his column. He debuts today with something we should all realize. While he specifically identifies Fr. Paul Kramer, author of The Devil's Final Battle, for acknowledging the titles of heretics, it is a bad habit that many, many traditional writers have fallen into. This editor is guilty as well for it is admittedly one of those habits that are hard to kick, especially after so many years of being programmed to be blindly beholden to the Novus Ordinarian Lodges. The facts are as Christ points out in this coming Sunday's Gospel, "He who is not with Me, is against Me. And he that gathereth not with Me scattereth." If one is true to Christ, then they will not change one iota of the Sacred Deposit of the Faith. We can see that has been done wholesale. Ergo, those changers are not with Christ, but against Him. They may be Freemasons, they may be clowns, they are definitely Modernists, but they are not Catholic. Tim points out simply where we must stand and what we must state in following the infallible, perennial Living Magisterium of the Church guided by the holy wisdom of St. Robert Cardinal Bellarmine who addressed this very subject. How can we give recognition to anyone who has not entered by the door of grace, but another way - as in through "the smoke of satan"? Tim urges all to recognize the enemy and do not encourage him for he is a wolf who seeks to scatter the sheep as Tim explains in his column Heretics are not Catholics
Gabriel's Clarion
Gabriel Garnica reminds us that it was one year ago today when every Traditional Catholic anticipated the debut of Mel Gibson's masterpiece The Passion of The Christ. He points out appropriately that those same enthusiasts are greatly disappointed that Mel has been shut out of major awards this year, but that why should we worry or Mel about such trivial things? Christ has already promised a cornucopia of spiritual awards and that is really all that counts as evidenced from the message of the film. The true travesty is that those who try to ignore Gibson's classic are ignoring both the messenger and the message. Gabriel shows the parallels and how that simple, beautiful, loving message is timeless for no one has ever depicted more realistically or visually and so simply why Christ died for each and every person. They have forgotten that touching scene when a bloodied, weakened Jesus looks into His Mother's eyes along the Via Dolorosa and encourages her, "Mother, I make all things new." Despite the broken promises of Hollywood and the industry governed by satan, Gabriel shows how His Promise Holds
Catholic PewPOINT
Editor Michael Cain poses some thought-provoking questions about the death of Sister Lucia for it has created many more questions than answers as the modern Vaticanistas go into defensive mode. Events over the past week have revealed a few things already, but there are still many, many pieces of the puzzle missing. We know, as always is the fate of those who fabricate, that eventually they'll trip over their own tongues for they have left a long trail of lies and cover-ups. Is that really the visionary Sister Lucia in the coffin, or was that an imposter? Considering the subterfuge over the past 40 years, you can't put it past them. Now the question arises: what are they hiding? Short of CSI, Cain suggests more of the faithful demand answers, make noise, and expose the charlatans before they totally bury the purpose of Fatima and spin it into their own ecumaniacal agenda to establish the One World Order and the advent of the Antichrist. Fatima has always held the answer. The problem lies with those who know and keep it hidden. What are they hiding? Souls have a right to know, have a need to know for the sake of the Faith, for the sake of salvation. Cain pulls no punches in his editorial Only Heaven Knows!
Hope on the Horizon
Robert J. SpitzerBing Crosby monument
Dr. Mike Adams exposes what we have long known not only about Gonzaga University but every other so-called 'Catholic' institution of higher learning in America. THEY ARE NO LONGER CATHOLIC. Adams proceeds to reveal the underbelly of tolerance for everything but providing "separate water fountains for traditional Catholics." What Mike doesn't realize is that there is a fountain of traditional Catholics in Gonzaga's back yard, yeah, in William Skylstad's own back yard. You know him, he's the new Czar of the USCCB. While "sly Sky's" diocese is going down the drain, more traditional Catholics are gravitating to Spokane where Traditionalism is growing as that gurgling sound is the Novus Ordo establishments swirling in their own sewage. Adam's letter to Jesuit president Rev. Robert J. Spitzer nails it at this university made famous - well before the recent hardwood fame - by a certain crooner who's best known as Fr. O'Malley of Going My Way. One thing for sure, they're no longer going God's way. Der Bingle, call in the cavalry and Calvary, Hope is missing because they're on the Road to Perdition. Adams lays it out in his letter God and Man at Gonzaga

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