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June 6, 2005
vol 16, no. 157

Heresy vs. 911 Salvation

Part Fourteen of

    The crux of the Catholic Identity Crisis in the USA is due to the conciliar church that has abandoned the true message Christ intended for all time. Yet those who have bought into the lies that were condemned by the infallible, dogmatic Council of Trent are just beginning to realize how they've been deceived and what the real intent of the church formed since Vatican II is. Maybe that is why it is known to so many as the conciLIAR church. Untruth is derived from the devil whereas Truth comes from God and cannot be compromised or altered!

      "In order for us to carry out our mission of spreading this fire of saving truth, we must first approach that truth, understand it, try our best to live it ourselves, obediently and conscientiously dip our lamps in its flame, transfer that flame to our lamps, and diligently carry our lamps to those lost in darkness of ignorance, confusion, and doubt. This is our mission as disciples of Christ. To the extent that anything or anyone disrupts, distorts, or denies this mission, that thing or person is serving the demonic over the divine, sin over salvation, and perdition over paradise! It is the goal of the devil to lure us into the kind of moral hypnosis, paralysis, and passivity that will prevent us from buying the oil that we will need to keep our lamps ready for both the mission and the return of The Master."

    While we may leave the celebrations of The Resurrection, The Ascension, and Pentecost behind us on the calendar as we plunge deeper into the summer time, we cannot and must not ever do so in our hearts, minds, and souls. If Calvary represents the purpose of Our Lord's mission and His ultimate sacrifice for salvation, then the three events above represent His charge to us to become His agents, soldiers, and messengers of salvation upon His return to Heaven. Having enabled our salvation through His love, sacrifice, sweat, blood, and driven purpose, Christ then asks us to likewise promote that salvation through our own love, sacrifice, sweat, blood, and driven purpose as well!

    Two recent comments by apostate clergymen, however, point out just how demonic, deceptive, and distorted the New Order Church has become. On one hand it fails to remove dissident cancer allowing it to spread like a vile virus of perdition throughout the Church. On the other hand it itself promotes despicable heresy under the guise of friendly solidarity. In allowing and promoting this heinous blasphemy, the present Church mocks the Risen Christ, distorts His glorious commission upon His Ascension, and ignores the call to action represented in the real birth of missionary zeal and fervor at Pentecost.

The Fire and The Lamps

    Christ told us many times and in many ways that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Light. In many ways, Our Lord is the Fire that burns the Word of God and its application in our minds, hearts, and souls. He is the Fire that lights our way to salvation and shows us how to save others as well. He is the Fire that warms us in times so cold to God's love, mercy, and message. He is the Fire that ignites our desire to follow our Divine Mentor and Messiah in as many ways as our wretched, imperfect, and pitiful human weakness allows us.

    If Christ be that Fire, then The Resurrection, The Ascension, and Pentecost together represent the passing of the torch, so to speak, from His Fire to our lamps. These three beautiful events are the process by which we approach Christ, take His mission, and carry it to others in search of their salvation. It was the apostles who took the baskets of food multiplied by Our Lord and carried them to those hungry for physical nourishment so that they could continue to seek Christ's eternal and divine nourishment. Likewise, we as the modern apostles of Our Lord are asked to carry the baskets of truth multiplied by Our Lord and carry these to those hungry for saving truth so that they can continue to seek the Heavenly nourishment of salvation offered by the Most Divine and Merciful of Chefs.

    In order for us to carry out our mission of spreading this fire of saving truth, we must first approach that truth, understand it, try our best to live it ourselves, obediently and conscientiously dip our lamps in its flame, transfer that flame to our lamps, and diligently carry our lamps to those lost in darkness of ignorance, confusion, and doubt. This is our mission as disciples of Christ. To the extent that anything or anyone disrupts, distorts, or denies this mission, that thing or person is serving the demonic over the divine, sin over salvation, and perdition over paradise! It is the goal of the devil to lure us into the kind of moral hypnosis, paralysis, and passivity that will prevent us from buying the oil that we will need to keep our lamps ready for both the mission and the return of The Master.

    How can we convert souls if we do not possess the missionary zeal, fervor, and dedication of people like St. Francis Xavier, St. Isaac Jogues and St. Maximilian Kolbe who were willing to sacrifice it all for their mission, the same mission we all have? How can we have such a zeal if we accept that our efforts to convert, to save, souls, do not matter one way or another? How can we not accept that conversion is meaningless, even misguided, if we accept the rubbish that all are saved regardless of their faith and that all faiths are equal and must be respected? How can we possibly spread that faith and imprint its tenets in others if we reject and twist those tenets ourselves? If we are to fulfill, to achieve, to pick up our crosses and carry worthily our true Catholic purpose cards, then we must categorically reject, denounce, and banish the trash of "inter-religious expressions of solidarity" and any dissident, deviant, distorted personal interpretations by ignorant, arrogant, and despicable clerics who would save more souls by remaining silent than they ever will by spewing their blasphemy on innocent, confused, and clueless ears!

Teaching Truth and Trent

    There is no proximity to God without obedience and acceptance of His Word, Will, and Way, and Christ is that Way, that Truth, that Light. Any fool who rejects or distorts any part of that Truth is teaching sin and perdition. Included in this truth is the fact that Christ physically rose from the death and that there is no salvation outside the true Catholic Faith. The former is a product of God's promise, Word, and Will expressed in Scripture and the latter is found in the clear teaching of Trent in merely upholding the twice defined dogma of Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus. Simply put, Christ physically rose from the dead, physically ascended to Heaven, and the Holy Ghost came down to ignite the fuel set by Christ through His life, word, teachings, and ultimate sacrifice. That fuel, grounded in Christ's own words as He rose to Heaven, was that we should "go therefore, teach ye all nations; baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and behold I am with you even to the consummation of the world" (Matthew 28: 19-20). Before the majesty and authority of these truths and this commandment from Christ, all dissident, disobedient, distorted, arrogant, and presumptuous declarations must be outright rejected as trivial trash from trivial minds and mouths!

    The crisis of Catholic identity has arisen because those who should have been loyal to their vows and to what Christ commanded have not rejected the lies, but compromised them to afford their own agendas. It is what I will cover below.

The 911 Mission

    Before the terrible days of 2001, 911 sparked thoughts of emergency, of crisis, of a need for passionate, dedicated, and immediate response. Certainly nothing that happened on 9/11 contradicted that previous mental image of 911. If we look at the lives and example of the martyrs and great saints like Xavier and Jogues, then it becomes clear that our mission is one of emergency, passionate, urgent, and dedicated conversion. Its standard is no different than that set when one seeks to save someone from a burning building, a raging river, a bloody wound, the attack of a violent beast or murderous criminal, or a heart attack.

    Christ called on us to dedicate ourselves, through word and action, to save not only our souls but the souls of as many people as possible. While modernists, liberals, feminists, sodomites, and others try to depict this effort as elitist, unfair, exclusionary, intolerant, biased, pompous, foolish, and fanatical, it is none of these in truth, for it seeks to save all people regardless of where they come from and who they are. We have neither the right nor the authority to interpret, modify, or apply Christ's direction to fit and suit our selfish, arrogant, personal, biased, human, and pathetically secular needs. Anyone who does so speaks not for God or Christ but for themselves, and their rejection of the clear message and mission set forth at The Ascension is clear and convincing evidence of their alignment with the devil!

    Just as we would do our best, work feverishly, and strive to assist the fire, drowning, injured, ill, or otherwise imperiled victim, so too we must likewise act to convert those mired in ignorance, paganism, confusion, deception, and superstition in obedience to Christ's call. This is the 911 Mission of conversion and salvation that Our Lord entrusted to us and this mission sets the standard of conduct, belief, and reasoning that we must apply to discern the validity and truth of whatever floats down the current river of accepted and promoted belief and thought.

Dangerous Dissident and Embarrassing Ecumaniac

    The infamous Richard McBrien and Michael Fitzgerald have recently spewed the kind of trash that firmly reminds us that what spills from their mouths is usually poisonous paths to perdition dripping from minds, hearts, and souls empty of Christ's true path to salvation. Speaking at a recent ABC program pretending to discuss Christ's Resurrection, the demonic McBrien who once said that abortion was not murder told viewers that Christ did not physically rise from the dead by commenting that a photo of Christ, the apostles, and Mary Magdalene would have not shown Christ. McBrien thus implied that either Christ only rose spiritually from the dead or that His Resurrection was only in the minds of His followers. It is bad enough for anyone to utter such trash, even more vile that this someone should pretend to be a priest, but the fact that this fool is not excommunicated immediately is enough to make one weep and twist in frustration.

    Fitzgerald, the President of the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue, likewise turned the stomach of any true Catholic by his comments in saluting Buddhists on the occasion of Vesakh, one of their most important feasts. In a letter sent to Buddhist leaders, Fitzgerald called Nostra Aetate the "Magna Carta" and quoted its message that the Catholic Church would not reject any truthful holiness found in other faiths and respects whatever "ray of truth" they have to enlighten all men. This man, who spoke so heretically regarding the proposed Pan-religious shrine at Fatima, has continually spoken the heresy of seeing the saving and truthful value of other beliefs and generally equating those beliefs with the Catholic Faith. The vile rubbish spewed by these two would render Christ a liar, His followers delusional, and every martyr who ever spilled blood for the faith and/or sought conversions an idiot. Faced with the truth of Christ and the courage of His followers and martyrs as compared to the mindless, pompous, and imbecilic dribble that usually spills from the mouths of these two fools, I will choose my Lord and His faithful followers every time!

    We have all heard the saying that the levels of deception are a liar, a great liar, and a statistician. I propose that an extension be made to this famous saying in order to reflect the reality of The New Order - the ConciLIAR church. The new saying, adding that extension would read: the levels of deception are a liar, a great liar, a statistician, and a New Order liberal. If the argument reads that numbers can tell any story that biased manipulators wish to weave, then that argument reaches its highest, or should we say, lowest, point at the hands of liberals out to push their spin on sin and rendition of perdition. McBrien has been the Liberals' favorite spinster on "Catholicism" for well over two decades and you can imagine how confused Catholics are listening to him, thinking what he is saying is Catholic. In no way is it Catholic. Yet the tricks of the liberals somehow, someway baffle those who don't really know their Faith.

When Minorities Become Majorities

    The first trick that these liberal spin doctors spew forth is to pretend that isolated minorities represent clear majorities. If you believe people like Katie Couric and the leaders of the sodomite, feminist, pro-death, pro-hell forces, America is 80% full of blue people trapped in 10% of the states appropriately termed blue states. Meanwhile, the other 20% of the American population is, according to our liberal pundits of perdition, ignorant, backward, superstitious, intolerant, uneducated, and peeling potatoes. Likewise, America according to our liberal friends is violently in favor of abortion, sodomite marriage, stem cell research, female Catholic priests, sodomite priests, separation of church and everything, one religion, no religion, the entire Democratic Party platform including the podium, and the election of Al Franken as the next Pope. If a liberal spits, a flood is formed, but if a conservative, Christian, or Catholic floods, it is just spit. We may not be aware of this, but the entire country is secretly in favor of making Sodom and Gomorrah look like a preschool training video, at least according to our liberal statistician friends. Every poll that spews out of their mouths and sources merely confirms that the two positions of the universe are the liberal side and the stupid side. The recent presidential election was the result of mass stupidity that spread across the land for a few hours causing massive ignorance while the only enlightened lords of wisdom were liberals bound and gagged inside vans by radical religious terrorists.

Where Two or More Liberals are Gathered...

    If Christ reminded us that where two or more are gathered in His Name, He would be present, then it is important to remember that where two or more liberals are gathered the following "facts" will preside:

  • Christ will either be completely absent or present as some distorted barefoot hippie just back from Woodstock who loves and embraces everybody no matter what they have done to His Father's Word, Will, or innocent unborn.

  • This liberal group, no matter its size, will be reported as being 1,000 larger than its actual size, reminding us that the guy who invented the side mirrors on cars was a likely a liberal. I saw an ad in New York City showing between 100,000 and 200,000 people at the "March for Women's Lives" in favor of abortion last spring that proudly and boldly proclaimed that America was Pro-Choice. So much for the representative system of sin. If that number represents the majority of America, then there must be a lot of mirrors between the coasts!

  • Within 10 minutes of the start of this gathering of two or more liberals, every value of faith and family and tradition will be bashed, mocked, and discarded as ignorant ranting, most likely by some celebrity, political, or media imbecile waving a fist full of jewelry while crying out for protection of the poor.

  • Ever such gathering will be reported by the media and presented as the core issue of national debate and profound thought. The transcript of three liberals playing cards will be shown as having a much more profound impact on national history than the emotional speeches of ten well-known conservatives.

  • No matter the age of said liberals, their words will resonate from Mount Media as if The Lord Himself was repeating The Ten Commandments for confirmation. It need not be said, of course, that these Commandments themselves will not be allowed anywhere said gathering lest they deeply offend someone. Every "you know" and "cuz" coming from every liberally brain-washed adolescent will be reported by weeping liberal voice boxes like Barbara Walters or Katie Couric while any teen even attempting to mention Christ will be cut off for a word from our sponsors.

If a Catholic Spoke Truth in The Forest...

    If a Catholic spoke truth in the forest, few would hear it and less would care. If a tree fell in that same forest, however, a thousand liberals would rush up to make environmental speeches and weeping openly for the fallen tree as "an inspiration to us all". Expect all liberal polls to close down for the summer because the 5 liberals always cited in the "Four out of Five People Think God Should Stay out of This" are on vacation. Most liberals ignore the facts and numbers that contradict their agendas and attacks on faith and harp endlessly about the lies and contortions of reality that they sell as truth and fact. Numbers do not lie, they say. However, numbers lie when they are twisted to feed fraud, stylize sin, and peddle perdition. Again, that is only too evident when comparing the truths and logic of the pre-Vatican II Church vs. the post-Vatican II church: the ConciLIAR church.

911 Applied to Ecumaniac Efforts

    Suppose you saw someone trapped in a burning building, a flood, or a car ready to explode. Suppose you saw someone drowning, bleeding from a serious wound, or unconscious from a heart attack. Suppose you saw someone faced with a dangerous animal or murderous criminal heading toward them with the intent to kill them. Would you seek "dialogue", "mutual interaction", or "fair debate and discussion" or take a poll? Would you remind the victim and others of the need to consider and respect the fire, the water, the danger, the wound, the heart attack, the deadly animal, or the vile criminal's position and respect that position? Would you call upon a conference to be held to debate and discuss the situation? Certainly not! While we cannot and should not force others to accept our faith, we have a duty to seek their conversion and make every effort to do so. While we must never insult or mock another's faith, we must likewise never pretend to equate that faith with our own nor deny the preeminence of our faith as the true means to salvation as expressed in Trent.

    Those holding other beliefs are spiritual equivalents of the victims described above. They are faced with the danger of the flames of hell, the raging rivers of secular modernism, the bleeding morality of a society whose ethics have been mortally wounded, the crisis of a world whose moral heart as ceased to function correctly, and the murderous intent of demonic beasts hell-bent on promoting and enforcing an agenda from the devil. We can neither sit idly by content in our own beliefs or wax poetically about brotherhood and mutual respect with forces and beliefs drawn from the depths of perdition or confusion!


    We are faced with a raging fire of immorality, a gushing river of secular modernism, a bloody battle for souls, a dangerous moral coma worsening by the minute, and a murderous threat from demonic ghouls. The Christ of Easter rose physically from the dead despite the imbecilic trash of a McBrien. He ascended to Heaven repeating the preeminence of the true faith and sending us on a mission of conversion despite the misguided and fawning dribble of a Fitzgerald. Let fools like these have their own dialogue, debate, and discussion respecting every blasphemy and sacrilege that is floated down the river. Despite Fitzgerald's adoration of ecumania, it is the Sacred Deposit of Faith encompassing Public Revelation - the Bible and the sacred traditions handed down that is the true Magna Carta of our faith. While McBrien might believe that Christ would not have appeared on a photo taken at the Resurrection, it is fools like he and Fitzgerald that ultimately may not appear on the photo of paradise.

    On Judgment Day, it will be easy to identify the liberals, the false Catholics, and the true Catholics. The true Catholics will be kneeling in humble prayer to their God, the liberals will be conducting a poll amongst themselves asking if this whole Judgment thing is fair and the false Catholics will be rushing to be included in that poll like unpopular kids at a gym basketball pickup game. God Almighty, on the other hand, uses His own brand of statistics. He is perfect 100% of the time and those who offend Him and do not repent will feel the heat 100% of the time.

    Therefore, let us throw our talents and efforts into the mission that Our Lord gave us at Olivet. If Catholics do that they'll be less confused as to their own identity. They'll be amazed how the crisis can dissolve when they get with the Catholic picture and act like true Catholics. It is a 911 mission to face the present emergency threatening the souls of so many. There is only one truth and only one true Faith. Anything or anyone who says otherwise is the disease and not the doctor, the menace and not the medicine, and the lie and not the light.

Gabriel Garnica

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Editor's Note: Heaven is once again under attack by those who would seek to ignore and overthrow God's majesty and authority. Gabriel Garnica, educator and attorney, submits regular insights and commentaries to remind and help guide readers toward a deeper and more assertive faith. Touching on topics and issues ranging from personal faith, doctrine, education, scripture, the media, family life, morality, and values, Gabriel's notes are music to traditional ears but unpleasant tones to those who have bought into the misguided notions so prevalent and spreading in today's Catholic world.

    Gabriel's Clarion
    June 6, 2005
    Volume 16, no. 157