GABRIEL'S CLARION (dec12gab.htm)
December 12, 2005
vol 16, no. 316
The Blessed Virgin Frustrates the Devil in Colombia

      While many Americans surfacely equate Colombia with coffee and cocaine, there is a far more dangerous drug that threatens to destroy the bodies and souls of countless Colombians and only through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin can Her children fend off this vile evil that cries to Heaven for vengeance.

        "Just as Roosevelt ignored the sovereignty of Colombia over its own land and mocked its existing legislative and democratic process to impose his will and benefit what he perceived as American interests even while hypocritically calling Colombian leaders 'irresponsible bandits', so too the forces of abortion have ignored Colombian sovereignty over its own religious and ethical beliefs and mocked its existing legislative and democratic process to impose their will and benefit their arrogant, selfish, demonic and misguided agenda of death even while hypocritically pretending to be protecting the health of women and children! Ladies and gentlemen, this is nothing short of an attempted second invasion of Colombia's national sovereignty not over its own land to build a canal leading to money and power, but over that nation's spiritual, religious, and social integrity to build a canal leading to death and perdition!"

    For those of us frustrated with the stubborn advance of the devil's agenda of death at the hands of abortion forces, the recent decision by Colombia's highest court not to rule on a proposed effort to legalize abortion in that country is nothing short of a gift from The Blessed Virgin Herself! As a traditional Catholic, Colombian attorney, I am proud and thankful to see any rejection of these radical feminists' push for international abortion! And I want to share with you some background on this most significant feast of Our Lady of the Americas - the veneration of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Colombians have long realized the power of the Blessed Mother and I truly believe it is through Her intercession that the devil and his devious cohorts have been rebuffed in the beloved homeland of my birth.

The Country

    While certainly not perfect by any stretch of the imagination and a country well known for both such positives as delicious coffee, beautiful roses, and brilliant emeralds and tragic negatives such as rampant terrorist and guerilla activity plus widespread corruption and poverty, Colombia has always managed to maintain a decent connection to its once firmly Catholic roots. Like many nations, this nation has seen its traditional Catholicism challenged and slowly eroded by liberal and secular forces, but its faith is nevertheless much more traditional in many ways. For example, while recently there I observed that practically nobody receives The Eucharist in the hand as Catholics do here in the U.S and the Catholic faith is still regularly practiced, particularly by the poor.

History Almost Repeats Itself

    In 1903 Theodore Roosevelt decided that the interests of the United States were more important than the national sovereignty of Colombia so, when the government of that country decided, as was its right, not to ratify a treaty giving a foreign country, the US, control over a portion of its land, Roosevelt used his infamous "big stick" to encourage a revolt by Panama, then a part of Colombia, and then prevented Colombia from quelling that revolt in its own country. Answering criticisms of his actions, Roosevelt would later boast "I took the Canal". Anyone not outraged by this brazen act of arrogance should consider how they would feel if a foreign country encouraged Florida to revolt against the U.S. and then helped that state to achieve its purpose in order to get the right to claim Orlando as its own! Pretty Mickey-mouse and flimsy rationale wouldn't you agree?

The New Invasion

    Just as Roosevelt ignored the sovereignty of Colombia over its own land and mocked its existing legislative and democratic process to impose his will and benefit what he perceived as American interests even while hypocritically calling Colombian leaders "irresponsible bandits", so too the forces of abortion have ignored Colombian sovereignty over its own religious and ethical beliefs and mocked its existing legislative and democratic process to impose their will and benefit their arrogant, selfish, demonic and misguided agenda of death even while hypocritically pretending to be protecting the health of women and children! Ladies and gentlemen, this is nothing short of an attempted second invasion of Colombia's national sovereignty not over its own land to build a canal leading to money and power, but over that nation's spiritual, religious, and social integrity to build a canal leading to death and perdition!

The New Hypocrisy

    Just as Roosevelt stepped on the throats of Colombians to get his canal and its accompanying money and power, so too these abortion forces have slowly infected Colombian society, media, and government and gleefully now seek to step on the throat of Colombia's religious and ethical framework. Roosevelt created a revolution within another nation to justify stepping in to nobly defend freedom while, of course, co-incidentally helping American interests. These abortion and liberal forces have likewise slowly infiltrated Colombian society, media, and government seeking to create a revolution justifying their "new Panama"…abortion rights in Colombia. Just as Roosevelt pretended to be acting to defend freedom, justice, and democracy even while spitting on the freedom, justice, and democracy of Colombia, so to these abortion peddlers of death and sin pretend to be defending the rights of women and children even while promoting abortion which leads to breast cancer and many health harms in women and, obviously, rips children to pieces, and spiritual places too many souls in mortal sin from which there is no salvation unless they repent and amend their ways. That truth is being snuffed out as well, as they posit "for the welfare of women's rights." The height and despicable level of this hypocrisy cannot be fathomed anywhere but in the depths of hell itself!

The New Invaders

    International abortion rights groups, Catholics for a Free Choice, The National Coalition of American Nuns, International Planned Parenthood/Western Hemisphere Region/USA, The Alan Guttmacher Institute, and The Center for Reproductive Rights all filed briefs in support of this effort in Colombia. Why? Because they enjoy coffee or have developed a new appreciation of Latin culture? How about because they all want to spread the sin of abortion to Antarctica and the moon if possible!! The only thing worse than promoting sin is exporting that sin to every corner one can get one's hands on! What was that Our Lord said in Matthew 23: 13? Oh yes, "Wo to you Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites: because you go round about sea and land to make one proselyte: and when he is made, you make him the child of hell two-fold more than yourselves."

Clear Link to Terrorism

    I have written in the past how abortion is so much like terrorism that it is beyond me how anyone can deny the accusation. Notice how terrorists invade and infiltrate foreign nations in an attempt to impose their agenda and force those governments to adopt their way of life. Notice how these terrorists utter noble sounding claims of liberty, virtue, and higher calling while espousing death, bloodshed, and violence. Notice how these people likewise hypocritically wail in protest about injustice even as they seek to be police, judge, and jury in imposing their will on others without regard to their personal, historical, social, or traditional beliefs. Notice that terrorists are usually funded by large background groups seeking to promote their evil. Now, look at the efforts of these demonic forces in Colombia's abortion debate and tell me that they are not classic examples of terrorists!!

The Poster Girl of Perdition

    Colombian radical feminist attorney Monica Roa is a graduate of a Colombian law school with a graduate law degree from The NYU School of Law. She is director of The Gender Justice Program at Women's Link Worldwide, a radical feminist group seeking to spread abortion worldwide under the familiar guise of advocating women's rights. In the familiar strategy employed by the ghouls who used the forces of hell to conjure Roe v. Wade, Roa sought to change the social and religious environment of a society not through legislation and democratic avenues, but through radical manipulation of the courts and media while usurping the clear desires of that society's populace. Roa has repeatedly stated that her effort is a manipulation of the media and minds of Colombia to encourage popular acceptance of a practice that most Colombians are clearly against. She has put together a sophisticated team that includes scholars, attorneys, and even a media strategist designed to control press coverage and paint her as a good girl just trying to get a few rights for women. This misinformation includes having a good friend liberal lawyer publicly attack her as being too moderate so as to create the impression that she is nice and reasonable. Roa has boasted that she plans these deceptions with that friendly attacker for maximum effect! On numerous public speaking and interview sessions, Roa has revealed that her true intent is to plant the seeds leading to total, unlimited abortion on demand. She quickly adds, of course, that she cannot openly advocate such things right now or face the total rejection of those she is duping into perdition. One student recently called Roa "a one woman dis-information campaign".

    Roa has made it clear that the best strategy, the one that has worked elsewhere, is to first depict legalized abortion as a women's rights and social issue, advocate for limited uses such as rape and saving a woman's life, and then continue to work toward eventual total access. A NYU Law publication stated, "with a sly smile and a twinkle..(Roa admitted)…that's the card up my sleeve." Roa also stated that the trick is to define "women's health" ambiguously enough to allow later extension including total abortion access. At a recent event honoring her at NYU Law, Roa even joked how she had to pretend to be a good girl in front of the Colombian court in order to play her role well. "The idea is to act according to the judges' minds, so I will be consistent with the moderate position. I'm not going to wear any low cleavage, I'm going to wear pants, I'm not going to party too much these days…all for the good of the cause!" Satan would be proud of his comrade.

    One of the saddest things I read concerning this princess of perdition related how her mother proudly showed reporters a book she had written even while trying to ignore the parts defending and promoting abortion. To put it bluntly, the forces of sin and death have declared war on Colombia's anti-abortion laws, and this woman is their Joan of Sin!

Typical Media Bias

    Many sources have reported that, sadly, the Colombian media is increasingly in favor of these invaders to their nation. Moral imbeciles such as journalists Maria Jimena Duzan and Marianne Ponsfond of prominent Colombian newspapers have jumped to the defense and admiration of Roa's efforts, calling her courageous and a pioneer. Duzan admires Roa's ability to frame the issue as a social one and not one about Christian morality. Meanwhile, Ponsfond spewed the profound trash that "I believe that the time has come to love the fetuses of the world less and the millions of suffering and poor women and children in this country more." Clueless scientists have also come forward spewing the lies that a fetus is a mere blob of cells. All of this merely shows that moral ignorance, arrogance, and despicable distortion of the truth crosses national borders very well!

Defending the Faith and Life

    Jose Galat, rector of the Roman Catholic Great Colombia University has linked abortion to the mass murders during Colombia's on-going bloody civil war. He asks how his nation could legitimately denounce the crimes of terrorists and guerillas while allowing a woman to murder her own child. Galat has amassed a petition containing 2 million signatures against legalized abortion and "shocks" abortion supporters with photos of dismembered fetuses. The media, of course, describes him as "elderly" - meaning outdated. Rafael Nieto Loaiza, a former high ranking official of The Justice Ministry has accused abortion activists of trying to force Colombia's court system to impose abortion on a country that doesn't want it (sound familiar?). Raimundo Rojas, director of Hispanic Outreach for National Right to Life has stated, "the plaintiffs in this case are sponsored by the most radical of pro-abortion interest groups trying to use the 'American Approach' to legalize abortion on demand in Colombia".

Colombian President Frustrates These Savage Ghouls

    Led by Roa and her cohorts, the pro-abortion forces have sought to tie past application of international human rights arguments in domestic issues and cases with growing depiction of women's rights as social and health issues over religious issues. One of the ways this is being done is through the use of Colombia's ratification of The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). Abortion advocates feverishly sought to use this ratification as justification for legalizing abortion, but Colombian President Alvaro Uribe headed them off by declaring that Colombia's ratification of this agreement in no way obligated the Colombian government to legalize what has been declared criminal by the legislature. Seeing their efforts frustrated in this way, these forces have now declared an all-out war against Colombian anti-abortion legislation. Nieto Loaiza has praised the President for doing the right thing to defend life regardless of his own personal faith issues. Jeanne Head, representative to the UN for National Right to Life and a long-time UN lobbyist, has stated that the agenda of these pro-abortion groups is simply "sexual imperialism" seeking to pressure nations to change their laws to make abortion legal. Once again, we see the connection to the kind of imperialistic attitude seen with regard to The Panama Canal!

The Timing of Defeat

    Obviously, this battle is far from over and will only get worse, but this temporary defeat of the forces of death just happened to come one day before The Feast of The Immaculate Conception, a few days before The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and in a nation whose Patron is Our Lady of The Rosary of Chiquinquira. In both Guadalupe and Chiquinquira, Our Lady miraculously appeared on surfaces where either there was no prior image (Guadalupe) or where Her image had disappeared due to exposure and time (Chiquinquira). I have no doubt that Our Lady had much to do with this defeat on five grounds.

  • First, the timing of the defeat so near two important feasts of Our Lady.
  • Second, the location of this defeat in a suffering nation which has nevertheless maintained much devotion to Our Lady.
  • Third, the demonic and false premise of this foe which claims to be defending and protecting women and children while actually harming both.
  • Fourth, the obvious attack of this foe on traditional family values just weeks before we honor the most traditional family of all, The Holy Family.
  • Fifth, notice that the last name of this demonic feminist, Roa, is similar to Roe, the last name of the plaintiff in America's tragic case!!
There are no coincidences with God, for He and He alone is The Master of Creation! Is it not also significant that when Our Lady appeared in 1531 to a poor peasant Juan Diego, She did so for the express purpose of STOPPING human sacrifice. Today She does the same. The great difference is that the primitive people of the 16th Century did, for the most part, not know better. The same "excuse" can definitely not be applied today for they know very well what they do: murder their own!

    Another indication of Our Lady's part in this temporary defeat of these forces seeking to destroy the unborn is the fact that the court's decision has come so near the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, The Patroness of The unborn! Many may not have realized this fact. The tilma in Mexico City is obviously one of the most famous representations of Our Blessed Mother. According to tradition, Our Lady appeared to the Indian Juan Diego and later miraculously appeared on his cloak when he opened it to show Bishop Juan de Zumarraga roses from the apparition site. What few realize, however, is that the eyes of the image, when enhanced and magnified by computer, show a perfect image of what appear to be Juan Diego, the bishop, a woman, and a bearded man. An image of a family has also been found. It is my belief that the meaning of these findings is far more significant than even the obvious, incredible physical aspects!

    Dr. Javier Torroella Bueno has stated that the images seen on the corneas of the miraculous Image conform precisely and perfectly to expected corneal reflections and curvature. In other words, the eyes of the Guadalupe Image present exact, perfect reflections as would be expected from a living person seeing Juan Diego unfurling his cloak in the bishop's office! It is as if the cloak had become a sacred photograph taken of the Virgin as She watched the proceedings in that office during this miraculous event!

    While the Image Itself presents clear and impressive traits akin to The Shroud of Turin, I want to focus (no pun intended) on the eyes as having their own more transcendental and profound meaning beyond their physical and immediate qualities as described above. First of all, the fact that such a Sacred Image would have a humble Indian and others in its eyes reminds us that Our Blessed Mother is always watching over us and that Her concern is for our welfare and salvation. So great is this love and Motherly concern that, even in such an image, Her focus is on us even as we focus on Her. Secondly, I believe that these images on the cornea of The Miraculous Image remind us that we are very much a part of the plan of salvation. This is not about some Heavenly celebrity coming down and doing a few miracles, leaving a few messages and warnings, and then floating away. It is about God touching us gently to remind us where we are from and where we are going. We are clearly God's foot soldiers with a mission to spread His Word, obey His Will, and do His bidding. Lastly, the image of the family in the eyes reminds us of Our Blessed Mother's tremendous relation to preserving the family and protecting the family against the myriad of threats that daily assault the family in our society such as abortion, divorce, etc.

A Call to Us

    The Eyes of The Guadalupe Image are really a call to us to stand up and see through God's Eyes and the Eyes of Our Blessed Mother. We are asked to see how Heaven is offended daily and how we can stand up for Heaven while likewise looking at this society and world through the Eyes of Heaven. In short, we are asked to look at our lives, others, and this society through "God-Colored Lenses."

    We always hear how much God and Our Lady love us and desire our salvation and return home. The Eyes of Guadalupe serve as a clear reminder of that fact plus a call for us to place ourselves in the family "photograph" of God. If Heaven looks to us to serve God Almighty's purpose despite our weakness and humanity, then how much more confidently can we believe that we must look to Heaven for guidance and understanding of what we must and can do for God on this earth? As we look to God and Our Blessed Mother, we can easily trust that They will be looking to us to serve and apply Their messages as well. Mary has heard the prayers of the devout in Colombia and helped crush the first demonic thrust on its moral fabric. But there will be more and not just Colombia, but all of South, Central and North America. Canada has already caved. Colombia has refused to blink, perhaps not only because of their prayers to Our Lady of The Rosary of Chiquinquera, but Our Lady of Guadalupe for the eyes definitely have it. She sees all and responds to those who sincerely believe and need Her intercession, especially for the precious innocent unborns.


    Many years ago brazen arrogance ignored political national integrity and sovereignty to impose materialistic and selfish agendas against the will of those most affected. This act of arrogance sought to build a canal while mocking and ignoring the wishes of those who rightfully owned the land the canal was to be built on. Today, we have seen that same kind of brazen arrogance ignoring the spiritual, religious, and ethical integrity and sovereignty of that same nation to impose materialistic, social and selfish agendas against the will of those most affected. This act of arrogance seeks to build a canal to perdition while mocking and ignoring the wishes of those who rightfully own the rights to determine their own legal, social, and spiritual society. Those many years ago it was a burley American President who used his big stick of political and military power to impose his will. Today it is a demonic movement led by a radical feminist using the big stick of secular and atheist manipulation to impose the agenda of hell.

    While the arrogance of the past succeeded in its agenda, the present arrogance has failed for now to lead a successful revolt against God and life. In defending her actions, Roa has stated that the debate is "about Constitutional Rights…I'm not asking the Church to change its position against abortion." It is either the height of deception or foolishness to pretend that making abortion legal does not undermine the Colombian Church's authority and sovereignty over its rightful domain….the salvation of Colombian souls and the protection of Colombia's most innocent lives! Finally, to raise the level of hypocrisy to its highest degree, when Roa's office was burglarized and computers stolen by enemies of her efforts, The Center for Reproductive Rights, for whom Roa formerly worked, called those acts "a threat to civil society and human rights". Yes, ripping an unborn child apart is acceptable to these moral imbeciles, but stealing a few computers might disrupt the fabric of society as we know it. If that does not prove how demonic and twisted these fools are, then nothing does!

    Just as the Turks threatened to overrun Europe in the late 1500's by demoralizing the Christian troops by crushing them in the Battle of Lepanto, the Mother of God would not allow the infidel to conquer. That is because Her children used the most powerful weapon known to man or the heavens to defeat the enemy. So also I pray and believe that the people of Colombia have helped offset this attack on them by trusting in God and invoking Our Lady of Guadalupe and Our Lady of The Rosary of Chiquinquira to protect them body and soul. My fellow Colombians not only have history on our side, but God and His unchangeable Natural Law: "Thou shalt not kill!" No wonder the devil and his devious cohorts are so frustrated in Colombia! That is because, if those who invoke her are faithful to their mission, Our Blessed Mother is good on Her promises.

Gabriel Garnica

Editor's Note: Heaven is once again under attack by those who would seek to ignore and overthrow God's majesty and authority. Gabriel Garnica, educator and attorney, submits regular insights and commentaries to remind and help guide readers toward a deeper and more assertive faith. Touching on topics and issues ranging from personal faith, doctrine, education, scripture, the media, family life, morality, and values, Gabriel's notes are music to traditional ears but unpleasant tones to those who have bought into the misguided notions so prevalent and spreading in today's Catholic world.

    Gabriel's Clarion
    December 12, 2005
    Volume 16, no. 316