November 25-27, 2004
volume 15, no. 189

The AntiCrusade Pope

Pope St. Pius XAn Open Letter to John Paul II that cites his sad legacy. Time has just about run out for him to salvage anything. This is a last-chance missive to follow the reliable popes of the past and, like St. Pius X, restore all things in Christ.

      "How could you, head of the Christian Church, weaken Her laws, and let your priests ignore the rules of God, both in their own doings and in sermons to parishioners? How often does a priest speak against abortion to his parishioners? It is very seldom. Why did you not throw out the liberal priests and bishops who are closet or even open pro-abortionists and hedonists? Why did you not install people who love the faith? Why do you work with pro-abortion people, the Devil's people? Why do you work with the United Nations, the World Court, and other funny European institutions that promote abortion? Why have you presided over the greatest slaughter of innocents in the history of the world?"

Saint Felix of Valois, AD2004
The Holy Father, Rome

Open letter to John Paul II:

    You have been given a long tenure by God - many years, not only in your life but in your pontificate, and you could have many more. We have spoken about this; as we wrote to you three years ago, in 2001:

    "O Pope live forever! We have prayed for you to be granted the same long and distinguished tenure of your predecessor Leo XIII, who lived and reigned to about the age of 93. The mind of Leo XIII was clear to the end of his earthly life, and some of his most fruitful work for the Church was done toward the end of his days."

    And what does this mean? That you be given long years to reign rightly, even as long as that of Leo XIII, as long as his tenure as pope (which actually last year you surpassed) or as long as his age, that is, 93 (which for His Holiness would be in 2013). Supposingly, that you will be able to restore things in Christ. However at the present time, three years after we wrote this to you, historically speaking, we think that the Church sorely needs to be revitalized still. You are the leader of the Christian world - the leader of whole world in fact. But let us face the facts: during your tenure there has been an anti-Crusade, and a prevalence to abortion, child trafficking, sodomy, bestiality, fornication, adultery, and divorce as never before. Yet there is still time to transform the Church, but something must be done soon.

    The reality is that the 'great mission' of the Vatican II Council, the 'new springtime' that was hoped for, has indeed come to fruition, that is, an emphasis on the profane - the commonplace and everyday, the human rights and social justice issues, and the de-emphasis, indeed the demise, of the holy - the focus on God, and the salvation of His peoples. This is what the Vatican II Council set out to do and indeed has accomplished in our lifetimes, with the result that many, many, have fallen away from the faith, many will be thrown into Hell, as Sister Lucia saw in the vision at Fatima, and the whole world does not know its right foot from its left. Let us, therefore, address these things, so that we know where we stand on each of them at this point in time, and how far we have come since the implementation of the Vatican II protocols for breaking with tradition and becoming one with the World, with Modernity, and with the Humanist Spirit.

The AntiCrusade Pope

    Do you want to be known historically as the AntiCrusade Pope? But this is a distinct possibility. By kissing the Koran and praying in mosques it suggests a predilection and felial love and involvement for all things Muslim. By your encouragement and endorsement of massive and unbridled immigration and migration of peoples, the whole of Europe is becoming repopulated with North Africans and Asians, mostly Muslims, in just a few short decades. Even now, in many of the large cities in Europe, peoples live under traditional Islamic law and customs. They have the Shari'a law, in which peoples' heads are chopped off or they are impaled when Islam is offended in the slightest way. The Islamiscists plot terrorism and the further destruction of Europe even as you read this. You have encouraged, pleaded for, and interceded with the authorities around the world so that these peoples can invade Christian lands. Therefore I do not understand why you would want a Christian component in the EU Constitution. Should it not be a Muslim component, logically, that you would ask for, since you have presided over the greatest re-Islamitization of Europe that has ever occurred? Without a shot fired, there are now millions of Muslims in every European country. It is an Anti-Crusade - led by the Pope - an exact reversal of what was done by the holy Popes of long ago - who restored all of Europe to Christendom, to Christ the King. And the silly European leaders of today want to bring in more Muslims to take over their lands. Their only requirement, even the most hard-line of them, is for the migrants to promise not to do terrorism. Wow! What would Saint Bernard, Doctor of the Universal Church, and the great Popes of the Crusades say? I can tell you what they would say, but you do not want to hear it.

    In some of the European countries, like France and the Netherlands, the numbers of Mohammedans, through the further immigration that you encourage, and their predilection for fecundity, will approach 50% of the population shortly. At that time, which will be within a few short decades, if the world goes on that long, the Muslims will insist upon the Islamitization of the government and the imposition of the Shari'a law everywhere. All the male European natives still living will be neutered, as they deserve for allowing their countries to be invaded without a shot fired. All of the females will be given over as Muslim wives starting from the age of 5 years, and they will be required to wear a full burqa with only a mouth patch exposed. Even now, Christian girls are being raped by Muslims wherever they invade our lands. It just happened in Beslan, Russia. While the school was under siege, the terrorists took many of the beautiful young schoolgirls and raped them, to the tune of their terrible screams and cries for help. Think about it, dear Pope. These Muslims whom you have welcomed, taking many beautiful young girls, all happy at their first day back at school, one of the few high points in their poor miserable lives in that poor country, all innocence and joy, and instead they are raped and shot. It is truly wicked, as worse as Satan could ever hope for - it is a triumph for the human spirit. And the same has happened in Netherlands and Australia - the Muslims roam in gangs in the cities looking for young Christian virgins to rape - and thousands have been raped already. This, dear Pope, is your legacy! What will you do? It does not have continue, but if you want to stand for Christ, a restoration must occur soon, because we are fast approaching the point of no return. And I have written about these issues before; it should be nothing new to the Hierarchy.

The Abortion Pope

    Do you want to be known as the Abortion Pope, the pope of child sacrifice to Molech? You may protest that you have done all you could to stop abortion. Have you? Does it help when you promote people like the liberal Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, who seems to have little or no interest in preventing abortion - he does not speak out against it? Unborn children are truly the least of our brothers, and yet hundreds of millions of them have been slaughtered throughout the world during your tenure. They cry out to you from Limbo, because they can never see God, and their voices can never be heard on Earth. But I will tell you what they say, the hundreds of millions of them; it is my duty to inform you. They are saying:

    "How could you, head of the Christian Church, weaken Her laws, and let your priests ignore the rules of God, both in their own doings and in sermons to parishioners? How often does a priest speak against abortion to his parishioners? It is very seldom. Why did you not throw out the liberal priests and bishops who are closet or even open pro-abortionists and hedonists? Why did you not install people who love the faith? Why do you work with pro-abortion people, the Devil's people? Why do you work with the United Nations, the World Court, and other funny European institutions that promote abortion? Why have you presided over the greatest slaughter of innocents in the history of the world?"

    This is what the small children cry out to you about from Limbo, where they will remain forever. And I would say that if these innocents are asking such questions, will not God do the same at the Judgement Throne?

The Pope of Sodomy and Bestiality

    Do you want to be known as the pope of sodomy and bestiality? You may protest that you have done all that you could to stop sodomy and bestiality. Have you? It is not much different today than it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, at which time those males were so evil that they even tried to force themselves upon angels. And God in His righteous anger, gave them what they deserved. Where is your righteous anger on these issues? I have rarely if ever heard you speak about the problem. To the contrary, the seminaries contain many sodomites and those who practice bestiality or some other sexual perversion. In most every diocese the bishops protect, promote, and transfer the sodomites and paedophiles, even giving them excellent recommendations to other dioceses. It first destroyed the Church in Ireland, two decades ago, that once very holy and Christian country. That should have been a warning sign, but it was ignored. And this type of wickedness continues to this very day. Is it any wonder that there are sodomite marriages?

    One New York priest told me recently that when he was in diocesan seminary, there was a seminarian who had a different girl in his room every night. What kind of priestly power arises from these things? And there is no punishment - the only punishments are handed out to priests and seminarians who love the True Faith - they are disbarred or sent to mental institutions for Kinsey sexology training. Dear Holiness, you have presided over this! Fifty percent of so-called Catholics vote for pro-life and pro-family politicians in the US, but fifty percent vote for pro-death, pro-sodomy and pro-beastiality candidates, and in Europe the numbers are much worse! Never before in time except under your tenure has it become acceptable to marry someone of the same sex, and even to marry an animal! It is an abomination, and those are the words of God, not mine. All over the Internet, if one is not careful and filtered properly, the grizzly scenes of perversion readily appear: sodomy, lesbianism, bestiality, snuff films and data. It is your world to change, if you dare, dear pope. You have been given the keys to do so!

The Pope of Promiscuity

    Do you want to be known as the pope of promiscuity, of adultery and fornication? But these grave sins are commonplace - they are the norm in present-day Christian life. The young people who attend the college churches, the Neuman Centers, even think that such sexual activity under every spreading tree is good and healthy - they don't know their right foot from their left, because your priests are not telling them. It is especially true in Europe, in your heartland, which is why that land is degenerating so rapidly, but it is also true in the US and elsewhere. These people are worshiping Baal, and you are presiding over it, however unwittingly. Why are there not priests and bishops that speak out against these things in their sermons and messages? Almost none do! Their only message is to bring more immigrants into our countries to destroy them. That is the only message that you ever get out of a sermon or a bishops' meeting these days.

    A diabolic disorientation has been placed over many of the leaders, as was foretold at La Salette and Fatima. These leaders think that by endorsing what is in reality sinister, they are doing right. It is your job to stop them, to teach and command them, and you must do so now. There must be a wholesale shakeup in religious meaning and message, to restore all things in Christ. But you may think: "They will not listen to me, and they may leave the Church". Good! We do not need them. It was the same way in the time of Luther and Cranmer. We need a few strong Christians, not many lukewarm fellows, each neighing after his neighbor's wife. What do you think is in the mind of God when He sees these things? Is He not very angry? And as a result, there can be no graces and merits in these times, Jesus does no miracles, because there is so much unbelief and vile sin. It is the vilest age in the history of Man, and you must speak out against it and act to remove the perpetrators. Might the liberals try to kill you like that priest in Wisconsin or perhaps like John Paul I? Maybe, but which is worse, to act now or to face the Lord empty-handed, without a talent?

The Pope of the Destruction of Families

    Do you want to be known as the pope of the destruction of families? You may protest that you have done all you can to promote families. Why then is child trafficking for sodomy and paedophilia at a level never before seen in the history of man? Why did you promote Cardinal Francis George of Chicago, a bishop who sees nothing very wrong with underage sex, as he has said in his speeches and sermons? Why do you allow the Church to fret so much about Caribbean peoples, who mostly have the same life expectancy as the US and who don't need our help much, while never mentioning the plight of the Eastern European, Russian, and other Christian peoples of CIS (former Soviet Union) countries? Thousands or even millions of families from Eastern Europe, Russia, and all of the former Soviet Union are being destroyed because of the sudden onslaught of poverty.

    The young women are being sold by the millions for use as prostitutes by Israelis and evil peoples of other places - this recently has made the headlines and is doing so more and more. It is happening, dear Pope, because these families are poor and they cannot support their children. The parents are driven to despair and to drink. The families break up, and the innocent children are sold into sexual slavery and to death. Was there ever a more heinous crime that one can think of? And yet the Church continues to ignore these millions of people. It is not enough, not even a drop in the bucket, to give lip service against child trafficking, as you do through your news service Zenit. The root of the problem is not the traffickers - it is the poverty in Eastern Europe and the countries of the former Soviet Union. It is the disfunctionality of the Church in present times, under the dark and evil shadow of Vatican II. And yet you do not ask the richer Christian brethren around the world to help these poor people; nary a word is ever spoken by you or the Hierarchy. Rather, we must endure solicitations by "Food for the Poor" and similar organizations at the Catholic sermons in the new mass churches. Of course this is illegal, it is not allowed at holy mass to bring in such groups to solicit donations. And who does "Food for the Poor" help? It is a dole for Jamaicans, a people with a life expectancy similar to the US. And there are many organizations like this which you promote.

    But then we must also speak of divorce, the other great destroyers of families. You say that you don't promote it? But why then are there millions of annulments (Catholic divorce) granted each year? What is the difference between an annulment and a divorce? There is no difference! And you have presided over it. Yes, those that sit on the annulment tribunals will protest that they treat each case very carefully. But what does that mean? In probably 90% of the cases they grant a divorce anyway. This is why no one marries in the Catholic Church anymore, because it doesn't mean anything. Why should one get married in a church that takes no stock in its institution of marriage? Yet Christ said: "What God hath joined, let man not separate." He only allowed divorce when the spouse was unfaithful. And there are many good reasons to heed the Lord's admonition. Annulment is the destroyer of families - it is as effective as any thing the Devil could ever do. When families are destroyed, there is no more church. There is no more belief in God, there is no more love - that is, there is no more true love for Christ and his Church; we are not talking about the false love for human rights, social justice, and similar false utopia issues that was initiated at Vatican II. And when the family is destroyed, the Church is destroyed, the faith is destroyed, migrants take over the lands, and it is time for Antichrist to be revealed. Woe to the pope, bishops and priests who are presiding at that time! It will not go well with them. They will be held accountable no matter how hard they protest. Christ will say to them: "Truly I never knew you." They will be the foolish virgins caught without oil when the Bridegroom returns, and they will be thrown out into the night, to weeping and gnashing of teeth.


    Therefore, dear Pope, I would suggest that now is the time for a change back to faith and family, to tradition and Christian action. We need the Holy Traditional Mass - the Immemorial Latin Mass, we need fire and brimstone. Not silly little new mass songs and emasculated sermons on human rights and social justice. And if this change is made, if you dare to do it, you will most certainly attract heroic people, great leaders in the church, great saints, among both clergy and laity. Emasculated sermons produce emasculated parishioners, lukewarm people who are ready to be spit out of Christ's mouth, and the destruction of Christianity. That is why our countries are being overrun by Muslims and migrants - it is what we deserve at the moment - it is in fact a Biblical principle.

    There is scarce little time left, and you have only one more chance. For starters, Your Holiness must release the Third Secret of Fatima in its entirety. But the essence of its message is the same as at La Salette: It is that almost the whole of the Hierarchy will go astray and cause apostasy throughout the Church. And it would seem, this prophecy has now been fulfilled. Dear friend, I have enjoyed writing to you over these years about these subjects, because you could do something, but soon will come a time when no one can do anything, when it is night and the power of the holy people will be finally broken. The Pope in Red will appear, and after that will be Peter II, the Pope who will usher in the age of eternity, through Christ and for Christ, and it will be here before you know it. Please act now, for the salvation of those still living and those yet to be born. If, and that is a strong, strong "if" considering your own heretical actions, if you are crowned with the kingship of Christ's representative on earth, that is, the tiara, which you have not yet done even after so long a tenure, you have very little time left to prove you are worthy to be called a Vicar of Christ, very little time left to account for your stewardship before Christ. Think of the billions of souls you are responsible for. Then take some action that proves you are truly a Catholic pope. The clock is ticking.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

    Instaurare Omnia in Christo
    "To Restore All Things in Christ"
November 25-27, 2004
volume 15, no. 189