Below are the worthy fifteen Charter Recipients of our inaugural presentation of the TOWER OF TRENT TROPHY to each. We honored each individual on each day through most of May and the lay recipients June 6, 8 and 10. If you feel someone is deserving of recognition with a Tower of Trent Trophy for next year's induction, please send us the person's credentials and bio and we will consider it for our next presentation. Don't just send a name, but send us verified proof that the person belongs. Send it to TOWER OF TRENT Candidate

  And now, without further ado, we proudly present the inaugural charter group of fifteen honored in the TOWER OF TRENT HALL OF HONOR:

  The Voters and the Editorial Board of The Daily Catholic have settled on 15 charter worthy recipients to be honored in the inaugural presentation. It is most appropriate that we initiated these awards on the 87th anniversary of Our Lady's first apparition at Fatima and the Feast of the holy Cardinal and Doctor of the Church Saint Robert Bellarmine who entreated all to uphold the Faith no matter what, even to resisting the Pope if he "endangers the faith." As we know the post-conciliar popes have greatly harmed souls and the fifteen honored in this inaugural presentation have been loyal to St. Robert's call as well as all the saints and most importantly Christ Himself. Therefore we proudly present the TOWER OF TRENT TROPHIES in three categories.

   Seven of the Recipients are being awarded the Trophy posthumously with the Crimson Cross for though they did not die martyrs, they did not see the fulfillment of what they had sought - the freedom and exultation of Holy Mother Church for all of these brave heroes died on the battlefield of Tradition vs. Modernism. They will be long remembered as we honor our fallen stalwart pioneers who spurred the rest on to hold fast to Tradition.

Honored May 17

Honored May 18

Honored May 19

Honored May 20

Honored May 21

Honored May 22

Honored May 23
  You'll note the marble crosses beneath the Tower of Trent letters. The Trophy is of marble, representing the solid rock and marble is probably the one mineral most identified with eternal Rome. The Tower of Trent Tributes are in three categories. The first above, of the crimson marmoleum cross. The second is a lighter, bluish white cross to honor the clergy - the hierarchy - our consecrated ones whom without we would not have the Sacraments. The third is a darker bluish marble cross. Thus, we honor five ordained men who have passed through the fire, hewn like gold and have shined forth for their several decades of dedication to the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church.

Honored May 24

Honored May 25

Honored May 26

Honored May 27

Honored May 28

  We have decided for our inaugural presentation of the Laity Honors to single out three men who are deserving of the distinction. Two have published much on what has happened to Holy Mother Church as a result of Vatican II and have enriched us greatly with immeasurable knowledge of what each of us must do to preserve and pass on the True Faith. Through the literary work of these two, countless souls have found their way back to the Mass of All Ages. The other is a cradle Catholic - a household name known the world over who realized what he was to do was impossible but with God all things are possible and he has proven it with a masterpiece film that brought into true focus the Propitiatory Sacrifice of Calvary in atonement for our sins in the Traditional Catholic sense as taught from Saint Peter through Pius XII. Indeed, his single film has done more to reach souls than all the Novus Ordo priests and bishops in their entire lifetime over the past 40 years. As to other Tower of Trent Honors, there might very well be more surprises coming down the road, but for now we will keep it at the three below because longevity and commitment count greatly.

Honored June 6

Honored June 8

Honored June 10

    Charter Recipients enshrined in the Tower of Trent HALL OF HONOR
    Announced May 13, 2004