ARCHIVES of Past Installments



   This series is a historical chronicle, albeit not as in-depth as we would like yet thorough enough to give the reader a good scope on the History of Holy Mother Church, her Sovereign Pontiffs, Saints, Fathers and Doctors of the Church through the ages. We sugarcoat nothing in researching the Popes and if history shows a Pope was not as holy or as effective as many might have thought, we chronicle that as well. We show how the Church has always been a leading light in the world as Christ intended from the very beginning and how she shaped history.

  • It is as it was! The institution of the Blessed Sacrament

  • The Meaning of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - the indefectible nature of the True Mass

  • Out with the Old, in with the New - the early growing pains of the Church

  • The Spotless Lamb of God - the best of both the Old and the New

  • Shocked and Saved! - Conversion was the turning point

  • The Rock! - Peter shall lead them

  • Nothing can destroy the Spirit - The three successors after Peter

  • Tradition Takes Shape - The Didache and the test of truth through trial and error

  • Holiness filters down from the Holy Successors of Peter - The Catholic Apologists come to the fore in the Second Century

  • The Seeds of the Blood - The Catacombs become the seat for the seeds of Christianity.

  • The Price to Pay for the Priceless Gift - Latin is established as the universal language, followed by schism and the first antipope.

  • Fruits of the Blood - The truths of Tertullian's words are borne out.

  • In Hoc Signo Vinces - The end of the Roman persecutions, the beginning of persecution within.

  • The Arian Threat vs. The Apostle of Tradition - St. Athanasius stands up to the cancerous heresy that so infects the Church in the second half of the Fourth Century.

  • The Ambrosian Influence - St. Ambrose establishes the precedence for the Authority of the Church over the Emperor of Rome.

  • From the vulgar to the Vulgate - St. Jerome leaves his mark with the translation of the Latin Vulgate.

  • The Augustinian Era - St. Augustine leaves a lasting impression on the direction of Holy Mother Church in combatting heresy.

  • Holiness rises out of the ashes of Depravity and Heresy - St. Patrick and Pope St. Leo the Great leave their impact in the 5th century.


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