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  • MONDAY         January 12, 2004
    updated: January 11, 2004   8:00 p.m. CST                    Volume 15, no. 12
    Know the Faith in order to Keep the Faith!
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    Semi-Double Feria Within the Octave of the Feast of the Epiphany

    WHITE Vestments
    Mass: Missa "Ecce advenit Dominator Dominus"
    for the Proper of the Mass in conjunction with the Ordinary of the Mass
    Tomorrow is the Double Major Feast of the Octave of the Epiphany and Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord
    White vestments.
    Mass is the Missa "Ecce advenit Dominator Dominus"
    REASON #12.
       Because the New Mass confuses the REAL Presence of Christ in the Eucharist with His MYSTICAL Presence among us (proximating Protestant doctrine).
      As we know from statistics released and the admissions of so many priests and laity belief in the Real Presence grows less and less with every new innovation employed. The Vatican was warned of this catastrophe. See The Ottaviani Intervention This is the twelfth of 62 reasons which were submitted by the Priests of Campos and endorsed by the late great Bishop Castro de Mayer. Each day we will publish one of the 62 until they're all complete
    Conversely in the True Holy Mass of All Ages:

    GRACE #12.
       For thee Christ offers Himself as a true burnt-offering, and renders to the Godhead the supreme honor which It is due.
      This is just the eleventh of at least 77 Graces derived from participation at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - the Mass of All Ages - the Latin Mass of the Roman Rite which was decreed to be said "in perpetuity" by Pope Saint Pius V in codifying the infallible decrees of the dogmatic Council of Trent. These graces are taken from Father Martin von Cochem's Explanation of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with an imprimatur by New York's Archbishop Michael Augustin on June 24, 1818 during the Pontificate of Pope Pius VII.

    Monday Morning News

    Last Updated:

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  • Gabriel Garnica warns us of the impending collision that looms ahead if we allow technology to run our life without paying attention to the runaway train that has so devalued morality and spirituality in society today as he explains in High Tech and Low Spirit! Where Are We Headed?.

  • John Vennari provides another excellent explanation of the syncretism going on at Fatima beginning with the Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon himself in an astounding 'dialogue' with Traditional Catholics where he exposes his true colors and the entire interfaith agenda at Fatima and beyond as John explains in today's Fatima File Fatima Update
      For those who truly want to delve deeper into what the Faith teaches and what past Sovereign Pontiffs have decreed, we recommend for your vital reading to better KNOW THE FAITH in order to KEEP THE FAITH, pertinent Papal decrees which put to the lie what is being promulgated today by the Vatican II church. We strongly encourage you to read these to understand how today the modern church is in Apostasy when compared to what had always been taught by Holy Mother Church and enforced and warned as most grievous by previous Pontiffs as you'll see in CREDO & CULTURE
    O my God, I offer Thee all my prayers, works, and sufferings in union with the Sacred Heart of Jesus for the intentions for which He pleads and offers Himself in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in thanksgiving for Thy favors, in reparation for my offenses, and in humble supplication for my temporal and eternal welfare for the needs of Holy Mother the Church, for the conversion of sinners, and for the relief of the poor souls in Purgatory.
    Pray for John Paul II that he will awake from the poisonous 40-year slumber and return Holy Mother Church to its rightful place as the true Mystical Body of Christ and consecrate Russia to Mary's Immaculate Heart.
    The entire thrill-packed suspense novel on the fight to preserve the True Faith and the world against the nefarious Legion of the Basilisk is now on-line at WHITE SMOKE, BLACK FIRE!
    For links to past articles, columns, series, etc. of contributing writers found in The Daily Catholic as well as the ARCHIVES for the past two years, see PORT 2004
  • Today:

    Gabriel's Clarion
    Gabriel Garnica illustrates the inevitable collision ahead between two runaway trains hurtling forward in the darkness of refusing to acknowledge God's will. He illustrates that the more technology grows, the less we remember and practice our spiritual and moral values. Convenience and instant gratification have replaced work ethics and sacrifice. The result: Danger ahead. Erosion and possible explosions threaten us at every unknown twist and turn ahead on the track society is on today. Why would we take such a dangerous journey of no return? Gabriel clears away the dust and grime of the mine shaft of fate in showing us how we will be shafted if we do not fortify the girders of our Faith and trust in God to get us off this path plunging toward perdition as he warns in his column High Tech and Low Spirit! Where Are We Headed? .

    We bring you a most revealing article by John Vennari, editor of Catholic Family News that appears in his most recent excellent monthly publication. You won't believe the syncretism exhibited by the Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon, Portugal Jose de Cruz Policarpo, but then if you've been following the ecumania of turning Fatima into an interfaith shrine, you will believe it. Despite the damage control ZENIT and other neo-Catholic pubs try to spin in being the voice of the deniars and liars in Rome and elsewhere, this follow-up piece by Vennari - who was personally present at this aberration of a conference at Fatima - provides undeniable facts and a follow-up exposé of the hypocrisy and cover-up going on as he explains in More News on the Interfaith Program at Fatima


      Qui legit, intelligat
      In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the Double Major Feast of the Holy Family, he lamented how the family of the Church, which is founded on the ideals of the Holy Family, is further being divided by the latest abomination that has been pronounced by modern Rome, one that contradicts all that eternal Rome has always preached. Father is referring specifically to John Paul II's totally humanistic indicators both on January 1st and 6th which falsely lead people to think that humanity has the answers to peace on this earth and that 'love conquers all.' Each day in his stubborn quest to forge his legacy as the great leader of ecumania, the pope veers further away from Catholic doctrine as Father explained in his sermon A Disturbing Gospel of Peace and Love.


        Dr. Frank Joseph weighed in Friday with comments about an article that appeared in Thursday's WorldNetDaily which, really is old news about Bishop Raymond Burke telling pro-abort Catholic politicians, most specifically Democratic Congressman David Obey, to cease from receiving communion if he persists in his pro-abort agenda. We've heard this before and always nothing comes of it. Why should we think it will this time? Public excommunication of the worst offenders is necessary. While Obey may not obey, neither have the bishops. Obey is small fish compared the real whales of the pro-abortion, pro-sodomy anti-Catholic agenda - CINOs Ted Kennedy and John Kerry and that ilk.Frank explains in his column Miters Without Muscle .


        Gabriel's Clarion
        Gabriel Garnica continued on his treatise pointing out the alarming aspects of The New Order. Today he focuses on time management and time itself. He showed that no matter how much we dialogue or talk about managing our time, no matter where in the world we might live, the only time standard that we can be sure of and not worry about being late for is by keeping Standard Salvation Time! Time is precious and so fleeting and we can't afford to waste it. All we can manage is the time God gives us and the only way is by doing what God asks of us each and every conscious moment as Gabriel explained in his column Efficiency and The New Order .

        On the BattleLine
        Friday we shared with you an interesting perspective from Atila Sinke Guimarães as he took a look back at all the 'hope and promise' for 'justice and peace' that was supposed to bud from the 'fruitful' efforts of John Paul II's visit to Cuba six years ago. But alas, in an Autumn letter from the Cuban bishops the euphoria is no more. Gloom seems to pervade all of Catholic Cuba. Just like the shifting sands of Cuba's shores, souls are being sucked under, hope waning as Cuban Communist rigidity grows even stronger while the Pope does nothing to follow-up. All show and no finish. Atila also hit on another sore point in Catholic doctrine today: another cardinal pandering to homosexuality by compromising on AIDS cures that only compound the sin explained in his Bird's Eye View of the News with The Cuban Fiasco


        Chronicle of Catholic Tradition
        Thursday we introduced a new series, one that will consist of beaucoup chapters on the history of Holy Mother Church and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. We began with the Introduction, and the sources used in this ambitious project of imparting to our readers as many nuances as possible to the early growth of the Church so that more Catholics will understand the Faith. The better they understand it, the more they'll be open to knowing the True Faith and the more they realize how this differs greatly from what is being passed off as 'Catholicism' today. Indeed it is not Catholic at all, but humanism, modernism, and was always opposed by Holy Mother Church. See the Institution of the Blessed Sacrament in Chapter One: It is as it was!

        OP/ED Page
        Gary Morella weighed in with the incredulous question "Tell me it isn't true" as he referred to an article in ZENIT Tuesday. Many who have been pontificating that 'John Paul the Great' can do no wrong had better pay strict attention to what Gary reveals in the Pope's own words in the pontiff's relentless campaign to dissolve Catholic truth in favor of humanism and ecumenism as he pushes ad nauseam the agenda of 'justice and peace' - while seemingly shunning the God-given responsibility of Holy Mother Church to be the Beacon for all - by calling upon the satanic United Nations as the answer. Gary asked some very pertinent questions on the meaning of salvation in We're in trouble when....


       We invite you to find out for yourself the truth as we present a compendium portal of documents on the Faith in all aspects, past, present and to come. We guarantee what you read is in full harmony with the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church, and we guarantee you that if you read it all with a discerning heart you will be able to decipher the wheat from the chaff. You will better understand what the absolutes of our Faith are and not be fooled by modernism and ambiguities, no matter how cleverly they are couched. Remember satan is the father of half-truths. Read the fullness of the Truths and Tradtions of the Roman Catholic Faith by clicking on any of the bars below to go to that particular section.


    Preserving the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church
      We invite you to find out for yourself the truth as we present a compendium portal of documents on the Faith in all aspects. For thumnail descriptions and links to the other sections of this issue see:

    Traditional Priest Needed for Latin Mass in beautiful, scenic SW Missouri Branson Lakes area.

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    JANUARY 12, 2004
    Volume 15, no. 12
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