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  • SUNDAY         February 29, 2004
    updated: February 29, 2004   10:30 a.m. CST                    Volume 15, no. 60
    Know the Faith in order to Keep the Faith!
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    Tonight the Excellence of a Truly Roman Catholic Film should be rewarded!

    See 'The Passion of The Christ' in a theater near you!
    There are 3,006 Theaters showing the Film on 4, 643 screens!
    Through Friday: over $50 Million!!! Way to go, Mel!
      See it and then let us know what you thought of the film and how it affected you. Share with our readers by writing My take on 'The Passion'
      The Passion breaks all-time February Opening Record!

      Best Wednesday opening ever outside of peak seasons!

        Mel Gibson's masterpiece 'The Passion of The Christ' has his critics eating crow for his 'little film' has exceeded even the most optimistic early projections, grossing a stunning $26.6 million in North America through Wednesday. While it ranked as the fifth-biggest Wednesday debut in history, it ranked number one for any film ever released in February - ever! The four pictures that opened bigger were New Line Cinema's 'The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King' ($34.5 million), 20th Century Fox's 'Star Wars: Episode I -- The Phantom Menace' ($28.5 million) and New Line's second part of the Rings Trilogy 'The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers' ($26.2 million), and Warner Bros. Pictures' 'The Matrix Revolutions'. However each of those blockbuster Wednesday openings occurred during the summer or year-end holiday periods, which are the most lucrative times of the year at the boxoffice. Also, each of those pictures cost over $100 million to do, whereas Mel put his own money, which is guestimated at $30 million, into a project that should reward him ten-fold and more! It should set a record for the fastest film to make a profit!

    Today is the Semi-Double Observance of the
    Violet vestments

    Mass is the Missa
    "Invocabit Me"

    Tomorrow is a Ferial Day with the Mass from the FIRST SUNDAY OF LENT
    Violet vestments

    Mass is the Missa
    "Invocabit me"

    NOTE: Because the 55th Reason is so important, we have decided to leave it on the rest of this week so you can share this truth with your pastor an pique his conscience to realize every priest has a "perpetual celebret" to celebrate the Latin Mass and that they can do so without fear of their bishops or any other ecclesiastical thug! For them to do so is to incur "the wrath of Almighty God and the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul." (Quo Primum)


    REASON #55.
        Because Pope St. Pius V granted a perpetual indult, valid "for always," to celebrate the Traditional Mass freely, licitly, without scruple of conscience, punishment, sentence or censure (Papal Bull "Quo Primum")
    YES! St. Pius V set in stone the everlasting celebret - a perpetual indult. No Bishop, no priest and no Pope can override that. PERIOD! To do so is to go against the Holy Catholic Church! We all know the Pope and the Bishops have done just that by denying the Traditional Latin Mass except on their terms and only if one accepts the synthetic New Order liturgy which has so defiled the true meaning of the Holy Sacrifice. Yet the church of Vatican II, the ecumaniacal hierarchy, like all in the curia including the one who appoints them - the Pope himself - are afraid to 'go public' with this vital truth so the people will know. Instead Catholics are told that a Latin Mass can only be said with the permission of the Bishop (Fat chance!) or a celebret from the Ecclesia Dei Commission, which, in fact, is illegal and unnecessary because of the perpetual celebret issued by St. Pius V that every priest for all time must say the unchangeable Mass of All Ages in the Mother tongue of the Church. The truth is the Pope and Bishops fear that were this knowledge acknowledged, there would be rightfully so a mass exodus from the Novus Ordo, not only by the laity but many priests. We can only pray that this will become more manifest as discussion continues over Gibson's film and his own beliefs which embrace all that was taught before Vatican II. This very coverup of the True Mass was outlined quite clearly by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre (They Have Uncrowned Him and Open Letter to Confused Catholics), Atila Sinke Guimar„es, (The Murky Waters of Vatican II, Animus Delendi I and II) Romano Amerio (Iota Unum), Fr. Ralph Wiltgen (The Rhine Flows into the Tiber) and Father James Wathen in his irrefutable masterpiece The Great Sacrilege. They all document that the Traditional Latin Mass alone provides the divinely ordained formula for true vertical worship of the Triune Divinity. Every Catholic has a moral obligation to abandon the new false religion and return to the True tenets and practices of the Church as practiced from St. Peter through Pope Pius XII. Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani and Cardinal Antonio Bacci back on September 25, 1969 could see this all coming and warned of this in The Ottaviani Intervention As we know no Pope since Pius XII has listened to the wisdom of Holy Mother Church and for this stubborn, prideful promotion of the church of Vatican II have indeed "incurred the wrath of God and the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul." This is the fifty-fifth of 62 reasons submitted by the Priests of Campos on Easter Sunday 1982 and endorsed by the late great Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer.
    Conversely in the True Holy Mass of All Ages:

    GRACE #60.
        Furthermore, by worthily hearing Holy Mass thou wilt be preserved from many misfortunes that would otherwise have vanquished thee.
    This is the sixtieth of at least 77 Graces derived from participation at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - the Mass of All Ages - the Latin Mass of the Roman Rite which was decreed to be said "in perpetuity" by Pope Saint Pius V in codifying the infallible decrees of the dogmatic Council of Trent. These graces are taken from Father Martin von Cochem's Explanation of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with an imprimatur by New York's Archbishop Michael Augustin on June 24, 1818 during the Pontificate of Pope Pius VII

  • Father Louis Campbell urges us to follow Jesus' guidelines for fending off temptation just as He did in the desert. We can only do so through prayer, penance, a sincere heart and knowing our Faith that we can keep the Faith when so many foundations and truths of our Faith are being attacked and twisted by the Scribes and Pharisees both in the secular and ecclesial sectors for this is the time of The Church's Temptation in the Desert

  • Jacob Michael zeroes in on the whys and wherefores of Lent and this Holy Season has so sagely been earmarked as a kind of spiritual bootcamp for girding ourselves in the armor of God for the battle against the world, the flesh and the devil. We must shod ourselves with the sandals of righteousness and know the Gospel of peace in order to walk the narrow way in Sackcloth, Ashes and the Sandals of Readiness

    Pray for John Paul II that he will awake from the devastating 40-year slumber and return Holy Mother Church to its rightful place as the true Mystical Body of Christ and consecrate Russia to Mary's Immaculate Heart. Read our editorial The Judas Kiss.


      For those who truly want to delve deeper into what the Faith teaches and what past Sovereign Pontiffs have decreed, we recommend for your vital reading to better KNOW THE FAITH in order to KEEP THE FAITH, pertinent Papal decrees which put to the lie what is being promulgated today by the Vatican II church. We strongly encourage you to read these to understand how today the modern church is in Apostasy when compared to what had always been taught by Holy Mother Church and enforced and warned as most grievous by previous Pontiffs as you'll see in CREDO & CULTURE

    The entire thrill-packed suspense novel on the fight to preserve the True Faith and the world against the nefarious Legion of the Basilisk is now online at WHITE SMOKE, BLACK FIRE!

    For links to past articles, columns, series, etc. of contributing writers found in The Daily Catholic plus the ARCHIVES for the past two years, see PORT 2004

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    "Qui legit, intelligat"
    In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the First Sunday of Lent, he illustrates how Jesus set the example for all of us in fulfilling the Scriptures, and fending off the temptations of the world, the flesh and the devil, especially the devil. Today's gospel dwells on the temptation of Christ in the desert by the evil one. Just as Mel Gibson so masterfully depicted evil as the androgynous being that takes many forms, so also we must be aware of how we can detect this evil entity before it strikes, weakening us. Humble prayer and penance are a great potion, and truly knowing our Faith is vital for our very spiritual survival because there are Scribes and Pharisees in today's church of Vatican II who deny Christ and His Word, caving to the wiles of the devil, taking many with them. We must heed St. Paul's counsel that when all else fails, hold fast to Tradition. That is the wisdom of nearly 2000 years of Church teaching. We would be wise to follow it during this parched time of The Church's Temptation in the Desert
    "Quid dicit Scriptura?"
    Though many are eagerly anticipating the second installment by Jacob Michael on the Mother of God's specific mission as Mediatrix of all graces and the Wedding Feast at Cana, he has delayed that just momentarily so that he might address something most important, especially on this First Sunday of Lent. He answers many who have written him about the whole rationale for Lent. Is it really necessary they ask. Unequivocally he answers with an emphatic 'YES!' and proceeds to show how Christ Himself righted that which went unfulfilled in the Old Covenant in His purpose for establishing the New and Everlasting Covenant. As St. Paul counsels in "putting on the armor of God," to prepare by "having thy feet shod with the readiness of the Gospel of Peace." To better describe what Lent is all about, he calls his column today Sackcloth, Ashes and the Sandles of Readiness

      Gabriel's Clarion
      In his continuing marathon of articles on 'The Passion of The Christ', Gabriel Garnica cited a specific film defending a guilty Jewish family which is up for an Oscar that is - surprise, surprise - heartily endorsed by the very ones who are the most vicious attackers of Mel. The hypocrisy is so obvious that it oozes onto the ogres of Hollywood and the celluloid critics and critters of the filfth industry. Gabriel showed how their integrity has totally been compromised while Mel's integrity will stand for the test of time as he explained in Can You Say Double Standard?
      Shears and Tears of a Lamb
      Catharine Lamb resumed her feature on the Canon of the Mass and those who are honored. She began the saints invoked in the Nobis quoque peccatoribus after the Consecration. These saints have been abandoned by the New Order for the very words "To us also, Thy sinful servants," which are the only audible words spoken in the Canon of the Mass per the rubrics and celebret set in stone by Trent and Pope Saint Pius V, have been eliminated just as the idea of being a sinner has been downplayed so that all will feel better about themselves. Catharine has a shock for those who have bought into this 'all is love' hype: they're in for a shock when they stand before their Maker at their Particular Judgment. The first two forgotten saints who are so vital in emulating their holy actions are St. John the Baptist and St. Stephen, the Precursor and the First Martyr of the Church respectively. Catharine explained in Part One of Saints forever canonized in the Canon of the Mass - Abandoned Saints to sustain Thy Sinful Servants

        Catholic PewPOINT
        While editor Michael Cain is no Roger Ebert or Michael Medved, he does know truth when he sees it and Friday he weighed in with a heartfelt review of Mel Gibson's masterpiece 'The Passion of The Christ' as to how profound an experience this was. It was all he expected and more, so much more. Yes, it was violent, but could the Scourging at the pillar, the Crowning of thorns, the Way of the Cross and the Crucifixion be anything less? Any hints of anti-Semitism fade into oblivion unless one is a hardened anti-Semite or is looking to create a crisis where there isn't any. If anything, this film clearly is anti-Vatican Two and anti-Secularist! Hip, Hip, Hooray! Cain rails at the New York Times for seeking to damage Gibson and his film by slandering it as "an assault on the spirit." Cain picked up on that theme as the title for his editorial The Salt of The Spirit!
        Gabriel's Clarion
        In his continuing marathon of articles on 'The Passion of The Christ', Gabriel Garnica had to chuckle at how the elitist media and self-serving Zionists who tried to foist an anti-Semitic label on the movie to keep movie-goers away. Isn't it ironic that those rants have only fueled a box office bonanza that could make it a runaway hit. Despite the attempts to blacklist Mel Gibson, the talented genius director, in the true Christian sense of loving one's enemies, should send the same ol' idiots Abe Foxman, Marvin Hier, Frank Rich, Andy Rooney and company a thank you note as he laughs all the way to the bank while winning over souls. Gabriel appropriately titled his column Isn't it ironic?

        Gabriel's Clarion
        In his continuing marathon of articles on the opening of 'The Passion of The Christ', Gabriel Garnica had hoped to take a day off so he could see the film, get in some needed prayer for Ash Wednesday and basically get a breather, but that was pretty difficult to do when there are so many idiots out and about and Mel's movie has brought out the best, or should we say the worst in idiots of every stripe. Gabriel didn't think it could get much worse than Andy Rooney's anal mumblings, but then he picked up the latest issue of Newsweek and clicked on the local telly. Katie bar the door. Gabriel explained in his column The Morons Do Not Fall Far From The Idiots
        Mass Confusion
        Our latest copy of The Remnant came this week and I was delighted to discover that Michael Matt's excellent essay on Janet Jackson's Super Bowl Stunt was available to link to on The Remnant site because this is a piece every parent and grandparent needs to read, every teenager needs to understand and be forewarned, every priest needs to realize for the pop culture has so engulfed the morals of today's youth that it threatens even Traditional families who have been sheltered from most of the rot. Matt, author of the acclaimed book "Gods of Wasteland" - which this editor heartily encourages should be in every home to better understand how this danger penetrates every facet of life - pulled no punches in exposing the cesspool of 'entertainment' in today's society. Satan is so clever and he has woven so craftily the whole hip-hop culture into advertising and everyday life in an anti-authority in-your-face attitude that further erodes the family structure and any attempts toward sanctity. In three words: Hip-Hop Hell that never stops gyrating, blurring values and grating in the ears and souls of those who give in to the sirens of sin. Matt nailed it in Janet Jackson's Super Bowl Stunt: Do We Still Need to "Lighten Up"?
        A Chronicle of Catholic Tradition
        In the eighth chapter of our series on the history of Holy Mother Church and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, we entered into the second century and left the principals until next week to go into the 'parishes' so to speak and how the faithful began to live the Faith they had been taught, picking up the customs and establishing Traditions handed down from the Apostles and their disciples as bishops multiplied and, enriched with the Didache, began to understand the true essence of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as it took form with more rituals and meaning for the faithful. Even in the early years schism had already raised its ugly head, and through trial and error the truth emerged in the stationary rubrics of the Mass so there would be no abuse of the Holy Sacrifice, something sorely missing in the New Order today. Tradition Takes Shape

        Ash Wednesday:
        The Sanity of Sanctity
        Father Lawrence Smith shared with our readers his inspiring words for Ash Wednesday in which he provided a meditative symphony of Christ's life and how Lent provides the link between His birth and His Passion, Death and Resurrection. Father emphasized that Our Lord came for the sinner and that each and everyone of us needs to avail ourselves of the Sacrament of Penance in order to gain the graces available during this holiest of seasons which we should embrace with joy in better assimilating with Christ why He did what He did. This and seeing 'The Passion of The Christ' should afford ample opportunity for vivid meditation on improving our lives. The Power and Purpose of the Cross
        HOT ISSUES
        Gabriel Garnica was righteously indignant. So much so that he was given our HOT ISSUES forum to deliver a witty commentary on the blasphemous actions of Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes Sunday night. Gabriel illustrated so well how Rooney is a has-been elitist who must go. He did so by doing a parody of Rooney's own inimitable and grating style. 60 Minutes needs a new ending because, as every viewer of quality hopes and prays, this will be the end of Andy Rooney. He needs to be benched and Gabriel designated why in his clever way with his editorial piece Out of the Mouths of Idiots
        "Quid dicit Scriptura?"
        Jacob Michael took a respite from his series on the Mother of God's specific mission as Mediatrix of all graces to provide a special column in follow-up to our editorial Tuesday in defending the First Dogma of the Church. His is much more succinct and extends to Old Testament passages as well as expanding New Testament passages and including early Fathers, Doctors and Popes of the Church to verify the infallibility of the Dogma of 'Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus' in his column Outside the Church, there is No Salvation

        Catholic PewPOINT
        Editor Michael Cain usually does not get into apologetics, but this time he had no choice in charitably taking to task internationally-known Protestant evangelist Bill Keller for his claim that Mel Gibson's theology is in error about no salvation outside the Church. Every Traditional Catholic realizes that is the opening we are looking for to proudly proclaim the infallible, ineffable dogma Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus. Cain took that opportunity to refute fully the false Protestant beliefs. And speaking of openings, we couldn't have asked for a better one than handed to us by Rabbi Marvin Hier, a bitter opponent of Mel and his movie who said on national TV: "The film takes us away from Vatican II." That has to be music to every Traditional Catholic's ears for maybe now Protestants and Neo-Catholics will realize the infrangible truths of Catholicism which, in truth, have not changed in 2000 years. Wake up and smell the roses of Truth and Tradition! In syllogistic form, Cain disected the Protestant arguments in his editorial titled "The Film takes us away from Vatican II." Deo Gratias!
        Gabriel's Clarion
        In his continuing marathon of articles leading to the opening of 'The Passion of The Christ' tomorrow, Gabriel Garnica, showed that when the dust settles as it inevitably will, the mighty mastidon of truth will trumpet over all. So also will Mel Gibson's masterpiece stand as an achievement of amazing fruits while the fruit-flies that buzz about him now with the stings and peskiness of charges of 'too violent' and 'anti-Semitic' will be swatted into oblivion as so much waste just as the art exhibit of elephant dung has passed into obscurity but Our Lady lives on as a bright light which Mel has portrayed in his brilliant casting of Mary. Gabriel pointed out that Mel's work translates across time in his column Like Flies on An Elephant

        Gabriel's Clarion
        In his continuing marathon of articles leading to the opening of 'The Passion of The Christ', Gabriel Garnica, with tongue firmly in cheek, announced a hypothetical press conference he called to let the press know that he is going to do a movie and that he is prepared ahead of time for the criticisms that will come down, especially from the accusations that his film will be anti-Idiot, even though no idiot was singled out as being anything but how they depict themselves as morons, hypocrites, pathetic secular scholars, shrill political leaders and spineless ecclesial leaders. This witty twist should enlighten all readers as to the ridiculous, desperate and hollow claims of Mel's critics toward his masterpiece, already given a thumbs up by Ebert and Roeper. Gabriel's parody of the persecution exposed the absurdity of the enemies of the Gospel in his mock press conference wherein he revealed his latest project: The Poison of The Hypocrite
        Gary Morella provided an insightful Catholic perspective on reinforcing the very tenets Mel Gibson has not been afraid to express to a dumbed-down media and public what the Church has always taught. That is the redemptive sacrifice of the Cross. So many are raising concerns about the violence. Unnecessary they say. Really? We didn't hear them voicing concerns over 'Kill Bill' or 'Schindler's List'. Gary takes the Protestant-oriented article in The Dallas Morning News to task for their opinions coming across as authentic thoughts, whereas the Authentic Word is considered mere hypothical unenlightenment with a political agenda. Gary exposed the fallacy of such error while also providing an insightful piece on the Exsultat in his commentary: No Glory Without the Cross!

        "Qui legit, intelligat"
        In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for Quinquagesima Sunday, he equated how the events being expedited today - from the blatant anarchy against supernatural and natural law, against Divine and human laws, are making a mockery of all order - such as in San Francisco with the flaunting of the sin of sodomy in blasphemy to Holy Matrimony to the attacks against the Word of God carried out against 'The Passion of The Christ' and Mel Gibson's beliefs to the veering from the tenets of the Faith by the hierarchy today to the terrible scandals within the Church - making it only too evident that the Church is undergoing her own Passion right now. As the persecution and slanderous scourging and spitting intensify, the ones suffering the most are those who understand those things hidden from others. Those are the Traditional Catholics who unceasingly cling to the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church. Yet in this suffering, in this testing of our Faith like "silver and gold are tried in the fire," so also are tried "acceptable men in the furnace of humiliation." One must be willing to be sacrificed and offered up humiliatingly in that crucible, which Father cited from Ecclesiasticus, so that we have the mettle to go the distance with Christ and His Church and reap the rewards that await the other side of the Crucifixion. It is our passion as well as The Passion of the Church
        Gabriel's Clarion
        In his continuing marathon of articles leading to the opening of 'The Passion of The Christ' Gabriel Garnica manifested the demarcation point which everyone will have to cross. Either you are against God or for Him. If you are for Him, you will understand the truths of the Word transferred to film that will spark a flame in the heart and soul of the viewer. Each will be moved in his own particular way for God effects hearts as He sees fit. Mel is merely the tool to push the soul to the edge so each soul will be forced to see how God sees them. Once revealed in the inner depths of the soul, it is every loyal Catholic's prayer that they will be moved to cross over from a life of sin and faithlessness to embracing Jesus and take up His cross as their crosses and follow Him. Gabriel pointed out the three Ls in his column entitled A Line in the Sand

        HOT ISSUES
        Nothing seems to be a hotter issue right now then two subjects which are on the lips and minds of everyone: the fabricated controversy over Mel Gibson's film 'The Passion of The Christ' and the anarchy of the sodomites in San Francisco. We are alerted to the Bay area that Bishop Patrick McGrath of the San Jose Diocese has deemed it necessary to write a special article in the secular San Jose Mercury News to warn his flocks. Why one would logically deduct he would write against the sin of sodomy and what is going on just north of him where he was schooled in his own episcopal ways and inform his flock as to where the Church clearly stands. But nooooo! He took the space to spew anathema and heresy in disavowing any association with Mel or his movie. We know where McGrath and the vast majority of bishops stand and we take them on and challenge them to prove they are not in anathema. Why can't they see what is so obvious? The 'Apostles' are scattering into the Alleys of Anathema!
        Gabriel's Clarion
        Gabriel Garnica continued his marathon of articles defending Mel Gibson and 'The Passion of The Christ' by taking on the crafty scholar Paula Fredericksen who has a biased agenda to demean Mel and what he is endeavoring to convey on film. A lauder of the profane, Fredericksen twists the truth to fit her revisionist ways while passing herself off as an expert. It is a mask for her feminist agenda that applauds the theoretical 'The DaVinci Code' but tries to find fault when it isn't there against 'The Passion'. The problem is she is not just attacking Mel, she is attacking Sacred Scripture and the True Faith. Evil comes in many forms and Gabriel cannot sit still for that as he asserted in his column Paula Fredericksen: The Anti-Mel!

        Gabriel's Clarion
        Gabriel Garnica sounded the clarion on the silence that is growing more deafening by the day. He examined the paradoxes of society which, as he stated, has outSodomed the Sodom of old. The facts verify that. He tried to stir the consciences of Catholics everywhere to get off their duffs, to be the Lions of Right and Truth in roaring forth with a passion for Christ and His infrangible teachings. He asked what ever happened to the fervor, valor and zeal of the saints of yesteryear? They have compromised with the icons of idiocy that pervade civilization today, molding them into mute muppets of mammon. Unfortunately, the echo of ennui and disinterest reverberates through souls - an eerie siren of the lukewarm of which the Lord has promised in Apocalpyse 3: 16 He would vomit from His mouth for from the mouths of the lukewarm come the Sounds of Cowardice
        Father Lawrence Smith completed his three part treatise on "Vital Distinctions in Moral Theology" Friday. It is something very needed in these times for this week the sodomites in San Francisco have gone to town with "regularizing" their depravity by the supposedly 'Catholic' Mayor Gavin Newsom directing the City Clerk to issue marriage licenses to all comers. Anarchy rules. Father asked if they realize that in celebrating the lusts of the flesh they are imprisoning themselves, calling down God's wrath upon them. It is true charity to speak out against such perverse sin for any true Christian truly loves his neighbor and doesn't want him damned. If we truly love God then we too will speak out uncompromisingly against the aberration of sodomy which has been the bane of destroying civilizations in the past. Great empires have gone the way of the dinosaur because they defied the natural and supernatural law. So also today in the United States. We must do all in our power to uphold the sacredness of Holy Matrimony and all it represents as Father explained in part three Clarity, Charity and True Justice in calling out those who defy God's Laws.

        HOT ISSUES
        How many have had it with the whole 'anti-Semitism' smokescreen that has made a mountain of out a molehill? We sure have and it's time to expose the snakes, or in this case the 'fox' who is igniting this bonfire of the Vanities or should we say the Vaticanities, for Abraham Foxman, the Caiphas of modern times is desperate. He is in such a panic that despite his denial on national TV Monday night that Mel and his film 'The Passion of The Christ' are not anti-Semitic, he has traveled to Rome to see the Roman 'governor' - the Pilate of modern times in John Paul II. What is Foxman stirring up? That Mel Gibson is the enemy because he is challenging the faux doctrine of Vatican II. Ah, yes, misery loves company. We got to the heart of it in our editorial Caiphas Appeals To Pilate
        A Chronicle of Catholic Tradition
        In the seventh chapter of our series on the history of Holy Mother Church and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, we picked up after the death of Saint Peter with the three successors who finished out the first century. To the chagrin of the Romans, this gnat they thought they could squash instead grew like a centipede everywhere. The more they tried to quell the peaceful uprising of following a man who died on a cross, the more Christians there were. True to the words of Tertullian, "the blood of the martyrs is the seed of Christianity." Meanwhile, many Jews came to the stark realization that the Old Covenant had indeed ended with the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 A.D. Many converted and died for the Faith of the New Covenant in order to return to the bosom of Abraham and his Creator, the Triune God as we discussed in Nothing can destroy the Spirit

        "Quid dicit Scriptura?"
        Jacob Michael began a series on the Mother of God's specific mission as Mediatrix of all graces. He documented through the early Doctors of the Church, Saints, and Popes that Church teaching has always verified Mary's role scripturally as a channel ordained by God to convey grace to mankind for she is Co-Redemptrix, Advocate and Mediatrix. In citing the renowned holy scholars such as Sts. Iraneus, Ambrose, Jerome and Bernard, as well as Popes Leo XIII through Pius XI there is irrefutable proof of the legitimate claim of calling Mary Mediatrix of all graces. Because of her healing touch, Jacob has chosen to call this set: Mother's Medicine: Mary as Mediatrix. He shared these findings in Part One The Mediatrix in the Church's Teaching
        Father Lawrence Smith presented the second part of his three part treatise on "Vital Distinctions in Moral Theology" - something very needed in these times for this week the sodomites in San Francisco have gone to town with "regularizing" their depravity by the Mayor directing the City Clerk to issue marriage licenses to all comers. Massachusetts spent the last week trying to find a way to enshrine sodomy in their constitution and yet not offend the Godly while doing it; needless to say, they failed, which means that in the next couple of months, that state will throw out any pretense of righteousness and just cave in to the sodomites. Sodomy looks to loom large in the upcoming general election of the President. Father holds nothing back in exposing this ugliest of sin for what it is and that human rights have nothing to do with accommodating and promoting sin and perversion. The color of one's skin or culture are one thing, blazenly going against the natural and supernatural order are another which only calls down the vengeance of the Almighty. The selling of sodomy must stop! Father Smith focused on why the sodomy agenda cannot continue in urging every child of God to fight and abhor it vigorously and courageously. Father delineated in part two The Depravity and Devastation of Homosexuality

        Gabriel's Clarion
        In two articles that touched on the same theme Tuesday, Gabriel Garnica led off with the prologue on how the events two millenia ago are repeating themselves today as the release of 'The Passion of The Christ' is but a week away. Gabriel pointed out that "those who cry division divide, and those who cry inacurracy defraud. Those who cry sin are the greatest sinners, and those who criticize artistically have hailed trash in the past!" Gabriel exposed the hypocrisy of those who claim righteousness but beneath that veneer are bursting at the seams to cry out 'Crucify Him!' anew. 'Give us Barrabas', they demand, represented in the criminal 'The Da Vinci Code'. 'We will not have truth interrupt our agenda!' Gabriel laid out the scenario of how this is playing out in his column History Repeats Itself!
        Catholic PewPOINT
        While Gabriel above sounded the clarion on the stage that is The Passion, editor Michael Cain went further in identifying the players, exposing the Scribes and Pharisees for what they are: hypocrites. Documenting this hypocrisy he lambasted certain bishops and a priest who dared anger the Triune God by besmirching His house with pagan worship. It is uncanny how the events and players surrounding 'The Passion of The Christ' in 2004 so clearly replicate the very characters of that very real drama in 33 A.D. As Cain explained in naming names, the players, both good and bad, retain the same characteristics. Just as they did not get the message the first time, so too they do not seem to get it this time around. Cain lamented that if Mel Gibson's film doesn't move their hardened hearts, most likely nothing will. That is why prayer is so vital right now and why The Daily Catholic has called for a Novena of Rosaries for the conversion of hearts as he explained in his editorial The Passion and Conversion of Hearts!

        With the revolting events from Massachusetts to San Francisco, with the Church being such a namby-pamby as far as speaking out definitively and absolutely against sodomy in every sense, we focus on true Church teaching and what every priest was supposed to have learned during his seminary days studying moral theology. Unfortunately most have forgotten or compromised for fear of being called a 'homophobe' or being 'intolerant.' That has only helped the entire sodomite movement and gravely harmed countless souls, not to mention debasing civilization as we know it. The selling of sodomy must stop! Beginning today Father Lawrence Smith focuses on why the sodomy agenda cannot continue and everyone of us needs to fight it vigorously and courageously. You don't want to leave it to God alone for that could be devastating. Father begins a multi-part treatise on "Vital Distinctions in Moral Theology" with part one The antithesis of "Be fruitful and multiply"
        Christ or chaos
        You won't believe the travesty that took place on the campus of Notre Dame last week and how so many just looked the other way. The very ones who should have been on their guard to ban any kind of sodomite agenda from crossing the South Bend threshold are defending sin and turning away any graces or aids to curb concupiscence. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey related the sad results and rallies the faithful to pray all the more as he shared with readers of The Remnant his personal experience with those who should be defending the Faith and are instead betraying the Faith, greatly tarnishing the Golden Dome, not to mention countless souls. How dare they still call Notre Dame Catholic as Tom related in his piece filed for The Remnant Censorship for Defenders of Our Lady at Notre Dame; Free Press for Sodomites at Notre Dame?


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      We invite you to find out for yourself the truth as we present a compendium portal of documents on the Faith in all aspects.

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