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  • SATURDAY         February 21, 2004
    updated: February 20, 2004   9:00 p.m. CST                    Volume 15, no. 52
    Know the Faith in order to Keep the Faith!
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    The Madness of Mammon Continues Unabated into the Weekend:
    San Francisco's Mayor is a a supposed 'Catholic' Where is Archbishop Levada? If he does not act immediately and Excommunicate Gavin Newsom then all will hear the Sounds of Cowardice! Is that what the flock is looking for in a shepherd?
        Where, oh where, is the voice of reason? Where, oh where, is the Shepherd of San Francisco Archbishop William Levada? He is conspicuous by his silence in unequivocally issuing a warning of excommunication if the the radical flamboyent mammon-pleasing Mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsom, supposedly 'Catholic,' doesn't cease and desist immediately from the grave sin he has been committing and the responsibility of the sins of so many others by openly promoting a sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance! The liberal judges have said let the perversity and destruction of civilization continue as they refuse to halt the anarchy. Anything goes in Babylon by the Bay and the only person who fears arrest would be one who dared light a cigarette inside City Hall. Smoking is the only sin left in California. How twisted and defiant man has become against not only the law of the land, but the natural and supernatural Law of God. We all know what happened in Assisi after the aberration of the Ecumenical Summit in 1986. Do you really think the Supreme Judge will hold off much longer from turning the Golden Gate City either into a pillar of salt or wiping it out entirely with a massive quake. Be forewarned and pray. There may not be ten just men left in Frisco. There sure aren't within the government or hierarchy!
    ...And what is it with 'Catholic' Mayors having 'no problem with gay marriages'? Cardinal Francis George has a duty to crack down on Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago for his remarks which go against everything that is Catholic. These bishops have a responsibility to their flocks and to God to speak out and enforce Canon Law before the anarchy spreads further.
    See Father Lawrence Smith's masterful arguments against the allowance of such pro-sodomite aberrations in his first part from Monday's issue Part One and Part Two from Wednesday and Part Three in yesterday's issue on Vital Distinctions in Moral Theology.

    RCF and Stephen Brady taking on Bishop Hubbard and the 'Mauve Mafia' in Albany Tonight!
    Intrigue intensifies in the Diocese of Albany over suspicions Fr. John Winkler was murdered because of what he knew!
       An international group of faithful Roman Catholics has scheduled a press conference in Albany tonight to discuss its ongoing investigation of the Albany Catholic Diocese... See Uncovering secrets


    Today is the Simple Feast of
    Our Lady's Saturday
    Votive and/or Requiem Masses permitted

    White vestments
    Mass is the Missa
    "Salve, sancta parens"

    Tomorrow is the Semi-Double Observance of

    Commemoration of Chair of Saint Peter at Antioch as well as Saint Paul, Apostle.

    Violet vestments

    Mass is the Missa
    "Esto mihi in Deum"

    REASON #52.
        Because the New Mass no longer constitutes a vertical worship between God and man, but rather it has become a horizontal worship between man and man.
    No wonder they want the crucifixes taken down. They don't want to be reminded that the Mass is the propitiatory Sacrifice of Calvary in an unbloody manner. They don't want to be reminded that it is only through the alter Christus the priest that the sacrifice can take place via the consecrated hands and office of the ordained Sacerdos. They're too busy celebrating themselves, holding hands and making sure there are as many women in slacks as possible in the sanctuary. Even the Protestants are more reverent. At least they still recognize the cross, even if they don't want to put the Corpus upon it - for that is 'too Catholic.' There is no problem there with the New Order because they have denuded any Catholicity from the New Mass, or should we say 'Mess' for that is exactly what it has become. Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre (They Have Uncrowned Him and Open Letter to Confused Catholics), Atila Sinke Guimar„es, (The Murky Waters of Vatican II, Animus Delendi I and II) Romano Amerio (Iota Unum), Fr. Ralph Wiltgen (The Rhine Flows into the Tiber) and Father James Wathen in his irrefutable masterpiece The Great Sacrilege, all document that the Traditional Latin Mass alone provides the divinely ordained formula for true vertical worship of the Triune Divinity. Every Catholic has a moral obligation to abandon the new false religion and return to the True tenets and practices of the Church as practiced from St. Peter through Pope Pius XII. Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani and Cardinal Antonio Bacci back on September 25, 1969 could see this all coming and warned of this inThe Ottaviani Intervention As we know no Pope since Pius XII has listened to the wisdom of Holy Mother Church and for this stubborn, prideful promotion of the church of Vatican II have indeed "incurred the wrath of God and the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul." This is the fifty-second of 62 reasons submitted by the Priests of Campos on Easter Sunday 1982 and endorsed by the late great Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer. Each day we will publish one of the 62 until they're all complete
    Conversely in the True Holy Mass of All Ages:

    GRACE #52.
        For each time thou dost gaze reverently upon the Sacred Host thou wilt receive a recompense in Heaven.
    This is the fifty-second of at least 77 Graces derived from participation at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - the Mass of All Ages - the Latin Mass of the Roman Rite which was decreed to be said "in perpetuity" by Pope Saint Pius V in codifying the infallible decrees of the dogmatic Council of Trent. These graces are taken from Father Martin von Cochem's Explanation of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with an imprimatur by New York's Archbishop Michael Augustin on June 24, 1818 during the Pontificate of Pope Pius VII

  • In our HOT ISSUES today we take on the anathemas being spewed by yet another shepherd on the Left Coast. Working his way up the episcopal ladder in San Francisco, wouldn't you think Bishop Patrick McGrath, now the ordinary of San Jose, would speak out strongly against the blatant sin of sodomy that is running amok just up the road from him? But Noooo! He has to assure his flock that Mel Gibson's film is not to be taken seriously because the Scriptures are not to be taken seriously. We detail in The 'Apostles' are scattering into the Alleys of Anathema!
  • Gabriel Garnica ramps up defense of Mel Gibson and his film 'The Passion of The Christ' by taking on those who would want us to believe revisionist anathemas. One such is the vitrolic 'scholar' Paula Fredericksen who really has it in for Mel as Gabriel exposes the evil in his column Paula Fredericksen: The Anti-Mel!

  • We urge all to join us in the continuing Nine Day Novena of Rosaries begun Monday for the conversion of hardened, cold and lukewarm hearts through Mel's film.

  • Down to four days and the vitrolity is heating up all the more from the Scribes and Pharisees who are digging for every dirty secret they can to discredit not only Mel Gibson, but his film and the truths of the Gospel, trying to pass off The Passion of The Christ' as merely 'Mel's version.' Sorry, folks, it is the Gospel! That is truth - the Gospel Truth! It truly is a desperate Zionist, liberal and ecumaniacal New Order ploy to do all they can to sabotage the unbelievable swell of support for the film. In today's issue we fight back with two hard hitting pieces by Gabriel Garnica and editor Michael Cain. The latter takes on the anathema of Bishop Patrick McGrath of San Jose, whose entire anal and heretical statement can be read in our countdown section. See 4 Days to Go!
    Pray for John Paul II that he will awake from the devastating 40-year slumber and return Holy Mother Church to its rightful place as the true Mystical Body of Christ and consecrate Russia to Mary's Immaculate Heart. Read our editorial The Judas Kiss in last Wednesday's issue.

      For those who truly want to delve deeper into what the Faith teaches and what past Sovereign Pontiffs have decreed, we recommend for your vital reading to better KNOW THE FAITH in order to KEEP THE FAITH, pertinent Papal decrees which put to the lie what is being promulgated today by the Vatican II church. We strongly encourage you to read these to understand how today the modern church is in Apostasy when compared to what had always been taught by Holy Mother Church and enforced and warned as most grievous by previous Pontiffs as you'll see in CREDO & CULTURE

    The entire thrill-packed suspense novel on the fight to preserve the True Faith and the world against the nefarious Legion of the Basilisk is now online at WHITE SMOKE, BLACK FIRE!
    For links to past articles, columns, series, etc. of contributing writers found in The Daily Catholic plus the ARCHIVES for the past two years, see PORT 2004

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    Nothing seems to be a hotter issue right now then two subjects which are on the lips and minds of everyone: the fabricated controversy over Mel Gibson's film 'The Passion of The Christ' and the anarchy of the sodomites in San Francisco. We are alerted to the Bay area that Bishop Patrick McGrath of the San Jose Diocese has deemed it necessary to write a special article in the secular San Jose Mercury News to warn his flocks. Why one would logically deduct he would write against the sin of sodomy and what is going on just north of him where he was schooled in his own episcopal ways and inform his flock as to where the Church clearly stands. But nooooo! He took the space to spew anathema and heresy in disavowing any association with Mel or his movie. We know where McGrath and the vast majority of bishops stand and we take them on and challenge them to prove they are not in anathema. We detail in today's editorial The 'Apostles' are scattering into the Alleys of Anathema!
    Gabriel's Clarion
    Gabriel Garnica continues his marathon of articles defending Mel Gibson and 'The Passion of The Christ' by taking on the crafty scholar Paula Fredericksen who has a biased agenda to demean Mel and what he is endeavoring to convey on film. A lauder of the profane, Fredericksen twists the truth to fit her revisionist ways while passing herself off as an expert. It is a mask for her feminist agenda that applauds the theoretical 'The DaVinci Code' but tries to find fault when it isn't there against 'The Passion'. The problem is she is not just attacking Mel, she is attacking Sacred Scripture and the True Faith. Evil comes in many forms and Gabriel cannot sit still for that as he asserts in his column Paula Fredericksen: The Anti-Mel!

      Gabriel's Clarion
      Gabriel Garnica sounded the clarion on the silence that is growing more deafening by the day. He examined the paradoxes of society which, as he stated, has outSodomed the Sodom of old. The facts verify that. He tried to stir the consciences of Catholics everywhere to get off their duffs, to be the Lions of Right and Truth in roaring forth with a passion for Christ and His infrangible teachings. He asked what ever happened to the fervor, valor and zeal of the saints of yesteryear? They have compromised with the icons of idiocy that pervade civilization today, molding them into mute muppets of mammon. Unfortunately, the echo of ennui and disinterest reverberates through souls - an eerie siren of the lukewarm of which the Lord has promised in Apocalpyse 3: 16 He would vomit from His mouth for from the mouths of the lukewarm come the Sounds of Cowardice
      Father Lawrence Smith completed his three part treatise on "Vital Distinctions in Moral Theology" Friday. It is something very needed in these times for this week the sodomites in San Francisco have gone to town with "regularizing" their depravity by the supposedly 'Catholic' Mayor Gavin Newsom directing the City Clerk to issue marriage licenses to all comers. Anarchy rules. Father asked if they realize that in celebrating the lusts of the flesh they are imprisoning themselves, calling down God's wrath upon them. It is true charity to speak out against such perverse sin for any true Christian truly loves his neighbor and doesn't want him damned. If we truly love God then we too will speak out uncompromisingly against the aberration of sodomy which has been the bane of destroying civilizations in the past. Great empires have gone the way of the dinosaur because they defied the natural and supernatural law. So also today in the United States. We must do all in our power to uphold the sacredness of Holy Matrimony and all it represents as Father explained in part three Clarity, Charity and True Justice in calling out those who defy God's Laws.

        HOT ISSUES
        How many have had it with the whole 'anti-Semitism' smokescreen that has made a mountain of out a molehill? We sure have and it's time to expose the snakes, or in this case the 'fox' who is igniting this bonfire of the Vanities or should we say the Vaticanities, for Abraham Foxman, the Caiphas of modern times is desperate. He is in such a panic that despite his denial on national TV Monday night that Mel and his film 'The Passion of The Christ' are not anti-Semitic, he has traveled to Rome to see the Roman 'governor' - the Pilate of modern times in John Paul II. What is Foxman stirring up? That Mel Gibson is the enemy because he is challenging the faux doctrine of Vatican II. Ah, yes, misery loves company. We got to the heart of it in our editorial Caiphas Appeals To Pilate
        A Chronicle of Catholic Tradition
        In the seventh chapter of our series on the history of Holy Mother Church and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, we picked up after the death of Saint Peter with the three successors who finished out the first century. To the chagrin of the Romans, this gnat they thought they could squash instead grew like a centipede everywhere. The more they tried to quell the peaceful uprising of following a man who died on a cross, the more Christians there were. True to the words of Tertullian, "the blood of the martyrs is the seed of Christianity." Meanwhile, many Jews came to the stark realization that the Old Covenant had indeed ended with the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 A.D. Many converted and died for the Faith of the New Covenant in order to return to the bosom of Abraham and his Creator, the Triune God as we discussed in Nothing can destroy the Spirit

        "Quid dicit Scriptura?"
        Jacob Michael began a series on the Mother of God's specific mission as Mediatrix of all graces. He documented through the early Doctors of the Church, Saints, and Popes that Church teaching has always verified Mary's role scripturally as a channel ordained by God to convey grace to mankind for she is Co-Redemptrix, Advocate and Mediatrix. In citing the renowned holy scholars such as Sts. Iraneus, Ambrose, Jerome and Bernard, as well as Popes Leo XIII through Pius XI there is irrefutable proof of the legitimate claim of calling Mary Mediatrix of all graces. Because of her healing touch, Jacob has chosen to call this set: Mother's Medicine: Mary as Mediatrix. He shared these findings in Part One The Mediatrix in the Church's Teaching
        Father Lawrence Smith presented the second part of his three part treatise on "Vital Distinctions in Moral Theology" - something very needed in these times for this week the sodomites in San Francisco have gone to town with "regularizing" their depravity by the Mayor directing the City Clerk to issue marriage licenses to all comers. Massachusetts spent the last week trying to find a way to enshrine sodomy in their constitution and yet not offend the Godly while doing it; needless to say, they failed, which means that in the next couple of months, that state will throw out any pretense of righteousness and just cave in to the sodomites. Sodomy looks to loom large in the upcoming general election of the President. Father holds nothing back in exposing this ugliest of sin for what it is and that human rights have nothing to do with accommodating and promoting sin and perversion. The color of one's skin or culture are one thing, blazenly going against the natural and supernatural order are another which only calls down the vengeance of the Almighty. The selling of sodomy must stop! Father Smith focused on why the sodomy agenda cannot continue in urging every child of God to fight and abhor it vigorously and courageously. Father delineated in part two The Depravity and Devastation of Homosexuality

        Gabriel's Clarion
        In two articles that touched on the same theme Tuesday, Gabriel Garnica led off with the prologue on how the events two millenia ago are repeating themselves today as the release of 'The Passion of The Christ' is but a week away. Gabriel pointed out that "those who cry division divide, and those who cry inacurracy defraud. Those who cry sin are the greatest sinners, and those who criticize artistically have hailed trash in the past!" Gabriel exposed the hypocrisy of those who claim righteousness but beneath that veneer are bursting at the seams to cry out 'Crucify Him!' anew. 'Give us Barrabas', they demand, represented in the criminal 'The Da Vinci Code'. 'We will not have truth interrupt our agenda!' Gabriel laid out the scenario of how this is playing out in his column History Repeats Itself!
        Catholic PewPOINT
        While Gabriel above sounded the clarion on the stage that is The Passion, editor Michael Cain went further in identifying the players, exposing the Scribes and Pharisees for what they are: hypocrites. Documenting this hypocrisy he lambasted certain bishops and a priest who dared anger the Triune God by besmirching His house with pagan worship. It is uncanny how the events and players surrounding 'The Passion of The Christ' in 2004 so clearly replicate the very characters of that very real drama in 33 A.D. As Cain explained in naming names, the players, both good and bad, retain the same characteristics. Just as they did not get the message the first time, so too they do not seem to get it this time around. Cain lamented that if Mel Gibson's film doesn't move their hardened hearts, most likely nothing will. That is why prayer is so vital right now and why The Daily Catholic has called for a Novena of Rosaries for the conversion of hearts as he explained in his editorial The Passion and Conversion of Hearts!

        With the revolting events from Massachusetts to San Francisco, with the Church being such a namby-pamby as far as speaking out definitively and absolutely against sodomy in every sense, we focus on true Church teaching and what every priest was supposed to have learned during his seminary days studying moral theology. Unfortunately most have forgotten or compromised for fear of being called a 'homophobe' or being 'intolerant.' That has only helped the entire sodomite movement and gravely harmed countless souls, not to mention debasing civilization as we know it. The selling of sodomy must stop! Beginning today Father Lawrence Smith focuses on why the sodomy agenda cannot continue and everyone of us needs to fight it vigorously and courageously. You don't want to leave it to God alone for that could be devastating. Father begins a multi-part treatise on "Vital Distinctions in Moral Theology" with part one The antithesis of "Be fruitful and multiply"
        Christ or chaos
        You won't believe the travesty that took place on the campus of Notre Dame last week and how so many just looked the other way. The very ones who should have been on their guard to ban any kind of sodomite agenda from crossing the South Bend threshold are defending sin and turning away any graces or aids to curb concupiscence. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey related the sad results and rallies the faithful to pray all the more as he shared with readers of The Remnant his personal experience with those who should be defending the Faith and are instead betraying the Faith, greatly tarnishing the Golden Dome, not to mention countless souls. How dare they still call Notre Dame Catholic as Tom related in his piece filed for The Remnant Censorship for Defenders of Our Lady at Notre Dame; Free Press for Sodomites at Notre Dame?

        "Qui legit, intelligat"
        In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for Sexagesima Sunday, he lamented how the church of modern times has basically sold out the Faith to please man, especially in the heresies that other churches are to be recognized as 'equal' to the Catholic Church and that the Jews' wait for the Messiah was not in vain. This now is being magnified as the Vatican is faced with a decision, one they are manifestly afraid of: Stand up for what the Gospel says or stand by their compromise with the Jews and other agents of Mammon which contradicts the Scriptures. The U.S. Bishops have seemingly opted for the latter by distributing a warning about Mel Gibson's masterpiece 'The Passion of The Christ' while letting every other heresy and abuse go unnoticed. It is no coincidence that Mel chose Mary of Agreda's writings to amplify the Gospel for it was this venerable woman, so ignored by the modern saint-maker, who has foretold that Our Lady will conquer and end all heresy. It is the last hurrah, thank God! Thus, while all looks hopeless, there is great hope on the horizon, just as God has promised and the famous Hilaire Belloc encouraged. Such are The The Glories of the Bold

        HOT ISSUES
        The fruits of victory are sweet and Jacob Michael issued a challenge to all Traditional Catholics to join him in a nine-day novena of Daily Rosaries for the freedom and exaltation of Holy Mother the Church beginning in Grand Rapids as a grand experiment that can blossom into many, many fruits for the secular media, amazed over what Fr. Michael McMahon and the SSPX parishioners did in prayerfully evicting the Buddhist monks from the Basilica of St. Adalbert on Tuesday night, now want to know more about the Society and Jacob has been invited to write an editorial laying out the truth: The Latin Mass has never been abrogated, Catholics can fulfill their Sunday obligation by attending a Traditional Latin Mass whether in a SSPX parish or an independent parish. Jacob is going to prove in a secular newspaper that the Diocesan bishop and the pastor are totally wrong and hopefully, prayerfully this will wake up countless Catholics that they are free to attend the Latin Mass once again. If this can be accomplished in Grand Rapids, it can mushroom around the country. The Counter-Revolution has begun! Jacob laid out the strategy in his brief plea:Finish the Race!
        Gabriel's Clarion
        Gabriel Garnica sounded the clarion about how the essence of Valentine's Day has been so twisted and paganized. Probably never before has this been more ironic than these times when the intent of the day - to promote the God-given gift of love between a man and a woman for the purpose of Holy Matrimony for the express objective of procreation - has become so perverted that the meaning today represents adultery, sodomy and, yes, murder. Gabriel pointed out that God is Love and His True Love is embodied in His Mystical Body - the spotless Bride of Christ encompassing the True Faith. Accept no substitutes. Sorry, Forrest Gump, but life is not a box of chocolates. No, it is living in harmony with God's laws and striving to know, love and serve God in this world so that we can be happy with Him in the next. That's basic Baltimore Catechism which maybe we should send others in lieu of flowers, cards and candy. Gabriel provided the points of The Irony of Valentine's Day

        Traditional Thoughts
        The Rector of St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary Father Yves le Roux offered a sobering essay for all Catholics, especially parents who are struggling with balancing their values with the overpowering mores being dictated by the world. Too often, Fr. pointed out, we as Catholics succumb to the Protestant morality that it is all inevitable and we can do nothing about it. Nothing could be further from the truth and we need to shake the cobwebs of such nonsense, such heresy, and reclaim our children and civilization for Catholic morality which has been turned topsy-turvy especially over the past half a century in which so much as been Protestantized and so many souls lost in the unbloody revolution that has taken place right under our noses. He rebuked the Protestant notion that grace suppresses nature. Indeed it does not, rather it elevates it. He encouraged parents to nourish affection, true parental affection and love on their children so they will have a solid foundation when all else is crumbling around them. Father got to the core in Problems of Disaffection

        "Quid dicit Scriptura?" Jacob Michael followed up his inital report filed in Wednesday's issue, with a more thorough background and description on how, where, when, who, why and what happened Tuesday night in the Basilica of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Moved by the Holy Ghost, a righteous indignation against violaters of the First Commandment, and utilizing the powerful weapon known as the Holy Rosary of Mary, loyal Roman Catholics - almost 200 strong led by courageous Society of Saint Pius X priest Fr. Michael McMahon - literally blasted the Buddhist monks out of the Basilica. In fact, according to secular media reports, their protest was so violent in reciting the Ave Marias and Hail Mary's that the pastor had no recourse but to call in the local gendarmes. Egads, how do we stop such "violence" as peaceful, reverent prayer? Jacob exposed the true absurdity, the true scandal personified in the pastor Fr. Thomas DeYoung himself as he explained in his column Booting the Buddhists from the Basilica!


       We invite you to find out for yourself the truth as we present a compendium portal of documents on the Faith in all aspects, past, present and to come. We guarantee what you read is in full harmony with the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church, and we guarantee you that if you read it all with a discerning heart you will be able to decipher the wheat from the chaff. You will better understand what the absolutes of our Faith are and not be fooled by modernism and ambiguities, no matter how cleverly they are couched. Remember satan is the father of half-truths. Read the fullness of the Truths and Traditions of the Roman Catholic Faith by clicking on any of the bars below.


    Preserving the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church
      We invite you to find out for yourself the truth as we present a compendium portal of documents on the Faith in all aspects.

    Traditional Priest Needed for Latin Mass in beautiful, scenic SW Missouri Branson Lakes area.

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    FEBRUARY 21, 2004
    Volume 15, no. 52

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