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FRIDAY      April 30, 2004      Volume 15, no. 121
Holy Mass

Double Feast of
Saint Catharine of Siena

Virgin and Doctor of the Church

Day of Abstinence
White vestments
Missa "Dilexisti"

  • Editor Michael Cain reminds the reader of the fact we have arrived at a crossroads in our country morality-wise. It is obvious we've allowed ourselves to become confused. The signals are mixed. Stop or Go, or proceed with caution? We have too many signs and not enough conviction. If we love him, we would keep His commandments. Many Americans have not. The great majority of Americans have spurned His love and are deserving of the chastisements that have begun visiting our shores and our families. Whole-hearted prayer and fasting is the way back to God's good graces. That begins in earnest May 1st for 40 days leading up to the Eve of the Feast of Corpus Christi. How you respond will show how important this crisis is to you and your Faith. Cain explains in his editorial A Country at a Crossroads: Pardon or Perdition?
  • Gabriel Garnica comments on how many may not have been ravaged where they were last Sunday because satan was busy in Washington D.C. hovering in and around and through the crowd of his very own disciples in revving and riling them to even more hate, as if that were possible. It was, as Gabriel asserts, true gall on the mall for common decency was thrown to the winds of shame. Truth took a holiday and those taking part in this charade were blinded by the stars in their lies. Gabriel also points out the hypocrisy of Jewish interests who are the first to cry foul about the holocaust but have ignored the holocaust of the womb where ten-times more have been slaughtered. Is a Jewish person more valuable than an unborn? Not in the eyes of God for each is a treasure to Him. Gabriel gets to the bottom line in his column Marching into hell!
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  • Christopher Ferrara exposes the "Ecumenical Follies" in updating the pursuit of the mirage
  • George Neumayr shows how the real terrorists have exposed themselves because they protest too much
  • WorldNetDaily's Joseph Farah tells why Republicans disgust him after Tuesday PA election
  • Capitol's Cardinal Theodore McCarrick washes his hands of telling his flock right from wrong!
  • Santorum sells out his faith for political gain, dooming Pat Toomey and the Republican Party
  • Vatican steps into U.S. political fray
  • Vatican II progressivism in 1968 Canada linked to present ease of caving into widespread sodomy
  • Memo to Ashley Judd: Go back to Kentucky and repent!
  • NOTE:   For best alignment of pages on this site, set your font to Arial or Helvetica and the size to smallest in your browser. We assure you that you will be able to read all type at that setting. Please share whatever you see here with others. As these pages load, we invite you to say as many Hail Mary's as necessary.


    Tomorrow is the Double of the Second Class Feast of


    Red Vestments



    A Must Read!

    to order this book click here

    Few scholars have the thorough acumen to trace and document the why, what, when, where, how and who as Atila has done in his marvelous Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani? collection which, book by book, exposes the the massive, murky mess that has been created as a result of the Vatican II agenda. His latest book above Vatican II, Homosexuality and Pedophilia is key to understanding the purpose and rationale of those who would twist the Sacred Deposit of the Faith to accommodate sin and who must be exposed and eradicated for the welfare of Holy Mother Church. It is a must read in order to alert all to how deep the rot goes and why the scandal in America was really only the tip of the iceberg. We encourage you also to read Gary Morella's review of Vatican II, Homosexuality and Pedophilia.

    of the


    With the atrocities that are going on at Fatima, we want to keep you up-to-date with the subversions being planned against Our Lady's wishes. You can call 1-800-263-8160 to petition the Authorities to stop this madness or go to PETITION

    Pray for John Paul II that he will awake from the devastating 40-year slumber and return Holy Mother Church to its rightful place as the true Mystical Body of Christ and consecrate Russia to Mary's Immaculate Heart. Read our editorial The Judas Kiss.


      For those who truly want to delve deeper into what the Faith teaches and what past Sovereign Pontiffs have decreed, we recommend for your vital reading to better KNOW THE FAITH in order to KEEP THE FAITH, pertinent Papal decrees which put to the lie what is being promulgated today by the Vatican II church. We strongly encourage you to read these to understand how today the modern church is in Apostasy when compared to what had always been taught by Holy Mother Church and enforced and warned as most grievous by previous Pontiffs as you'll see in CREDO & CULTURE





    For past 2004 issues, see

    Thursday - April 29:
    A Chronicle of Catholic Tradition
    The Sixteenth Installment of our megaseries "A Chronicle of Catholic Tradition," we cover today the "Father of the Mother Tongue" - the holy Doctor of the Church Saint Jerome who brought the Bible together with the Latin Vulgate translation from the various books in Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic. It was the first time the Bible would be in one full edition and compiled over 350 years after the Ascension of Christ into Heaven. It had been passed down through sacred tradition as is pointed out in today's chapter From the vulgar to the Vulgate
    "By their fruits..."
    Just a few weeks after one Jesuit - Fr. Malachi Martin - was exonerated, another is implicated and much more gravely so as John Vennari details documented facts that the progressivist theologian Karl Rahner, S.J. had a long relationship with an amour who, besides being married three-times, had time to play Rahner against an unknown Abbot. Such are the fruits of Vatican II. Yet the present Pope and his chief right-hand man Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, groomed by Rahner himself, go to great lengths to praise this hypocrite and heretic. What is so sad is the terrible devastation and heresies Rahner left as his legacy. Vennari provides the facts in his revealing feature Karl Rahner's Girlfriend

    Wednesday - April 27:
    Shears and Tears of a Lamb
    Catharine Lamb's column reminded us of the craftsmanship of the old cobbler who took such care in making shoes. With such love for souls they inlaid soles. Quite a contrast to today's modern shoe-factories of the New Order Church which abhors the authentic in favor of synthetic shoddily-made imitations that they try to pass off as acceptable. The shoes just don't fit no matter how hard they try to force their feet into them by opening mouth and inserting their foot. The modern cobblers of cabal have no desire to uphold the tenets and Traditions of the True Faith. Rather than truly studying the craft and the Faith and realizing the importance of the big shoes they need to fill, those who continue to push the Vatican II agenda, try as they might, have not been able to fit into those shoes worn so well by Catholic Truth over the centuries. They may shine them, but they can't walk in the shoes of the saints because they're following in the footsteps of satan! No wonder so many of them slither! Catharine explained the real agenda in her column Shiny Shoes Without Souls.
    Gabriel's Clarion
    Gabriel Garnica pointed to the Holy Family as the ideal antidote to fend off the aberration of the village idiots who strive to do away with God and set themselves up in His place. Hillary Clinton and her hell-bent idiots of The New Order would have you believe they are the only ones with answers since the Church today remains so timid. In times like this it is wise to look to the exemplary ideals of the Holy Family and run from the carping 'carpe diem' deists and die-hards who shun the Commandments. Gabriel showed how it takes an idiot to raise a village, and indeed there have been plenty of idiots resigned to razing foundations and uprooting family traditions. These wreckovators are to be shunned at all costs. We must look to the beacon of hope: The Holy Family as our ideal as he explained in his column The Family and The New Order.

    Tuesday - April 27:
    Mass Confusion
    Jacob Michael set aside his "Quid dicit Scriptura?" role to tackle the prose without power - the latest Vatican II document released by Cardinal Francis Arinze - Redemptionis Sacramentum which, as Jacob pointed out, is more of the same ol' and not even repackaged but just rehashed while trying to justify what cannot be justified. It is like trying to fit the saddle to a dead horse and still trying to ride it, even trying to fit sure iron-clad shoes on the poor beast which, try as they might, will never fit with the new synthetic aberration known as the Novus Ordo. The horse has long been out of the barn and dead on arrival, but the barn keeps filling up with more manuals of manure that only serve to further inflict stench on the dumbed-down Catholics who seemed to have lost all sense of smell. Surely they have lost their sensus Catholicus. The horse is dead and therefore the horseshoes will do it no good. Modern Rome thinks they're coming close, but they're not even utilizing the horseshoes and, as we all know and, as Jacob proved, Close only counts in horseshoes!
    Hope on the Horizon
    George Neumayr reported on Sunday's "March for Murder" in which thousands of hard-hearted women in lock-step with the devil abdicated the gift given to them from God. Neumayr apologized to pagans everywhere for the obscene displays that were warmly embraced by Lesbians, Frances Kissling, and every Bush hater John Kerry's clan could ferret out of their holes, coming out into the daylight to march in maggot-like fashion in shock and arrghh! What surprises us is that he even called these amazons 'ladies' for they are anything but that. If they truly wanted to be "ladies" they would long ago have abandoned their abominable, satanic agenda. They would have been in church Sunday, not massing on the mall, and they would have, like so many pro-life women, emulated the greatest lady of them all - the Blessed Virgin Mary. But her greatest virtue - humility, is sadly lacking in these prideful females who have abdicated their own femininity in their quest to be in control. That's what happens when satan is running the show. Perhaps they want out of the kitchen, but where they're headed is much, much hotter. Neumayr shared some of the absurd in his American Spectator column yesterday Among the Pagan Ladies

    Monday - April 26:
    Gabriel's Clarion
    Gabriel Garnica served up a menu of nutrition - spiritual nutrition - to complement the four food groups necessary for a healthy physical lifestyle. But the latter means nothing unless it is rooted in the regular spiritual nutrition of the two basic food groups - the Bread of Life and the Fruit of The Vine, translated: the Body and Blood of Christ: the Most Holy Blessed Sacrament. He pointed out how too many rely on the sweet, junk food of the world and neglect their bodies and souls to quite possibly their eternal damnation. That's not healthy nutrition. He illustrated how the pyramid of nutrition has been inverted and perverted to accommodate the tastes of man, not God. Not good as he provided inspiring Food For Thought.
    Doctors of the Church
    In looking up some files the editor realized we had never completed our Doctors of the Church file with still two doctors not featured. In an effort to complete this series we provided the thirty-second Doctor in this chronological series on the Doctors of the Church. He was born near Naples and received a law doctorate in his teens. He had the world as his oyster and chose to cast his net into the sea in being a fisher of men. He founded an order dedicated to redeeming souls and he wrote volumes during a time when the enlightenment was already threatening the foundations of the Church. He vowed never to waste a moment and never did. He was the outstanding moral theologian who held the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as the greatest gift any Catholic could partake in. He foretold the very crisis the Church is suffering today. He was the "Keeper of the Moral Compass" Saint Alphonsus Liguori.

    SUNDAY - April 25:
    "Qui legit, intelligat"
    In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the Double of the Second Class Feast of St. Mark the Evangelist is represented by the Lion. This year this feast superseded the Second Sunday After Easter, also known as 'Good Shepherd' Sunday. Father showed the ravaging done by the new lions, those out to claw and gut the Word of God so that no substance of the Last Four Things remain for it might offend someone. He shared our colleague Jacob Michael's findings in his work Gutting the Gospels, part of his upcoming book (see preview at Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Mangling Matthew), whereby Jacob identifies numerous significant passages that are omitted or altered to accommodate political correctness of today for the New Order dare not offend anyone, never mind how much they offend God, which Father assures will not go well for those who have abandoned the fullness of the Sacred Scriptures, what Mark wrote of, and the infrangibility of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. As a programming note, Jacob has handed over the reins to Kevin Tierney in continuing the series Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi which will point out more of these omissions for each Sunday and which will resume next week. In the meantime that noise in the distance which is growing harsher - no matter how many are trying to hush it - is coming from the depths and the "Civilization of Love" is about to implode from the demonic decibels which will be certain in the end for Christ asserts this in Matthew 25: 41, yet for those who persist in their stubborn blindness and deafness it remains An Uncertain Sound
    Hope on the Horizon
    Ann Coulter pointed out that quite possibly the most pivotal election of the year is this Tuesday's Primary in Pennsylvania when pro-life Catholic Pat Toomey tries to unseat stubborn pro-abort Arlen Specter for the Senate race in the Republican Primary. While many thought originally the abominable Specter would be a shoo-in, now the sands are shifting and there is a good chance pro-lifers might vote Specter out and Toomey in which would be a boon for the pro-life movement not just in PA but nationally. Coulter illustrated that though Specter may hang the republican shingle on his door, he's really a mule's rear end as she indicated in exposing Specter's sorry record that mirrors a democrat's culture of death agenda in her Townhall column: Donkey trapped in elephant's body

    Saturday - April 24:
    In the aftermath of Friday's release of the 70-plus page document Redemptionis Sacramentum from Cardinal Francis Arinze of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacrament, editor Michael Cain urged caution. Too many are already waxing so optimistically over this document in the secular media but Arinze himself has hedged when asked directly if it pertained to John Kerry. Well if the author is hemming then you can better believe the other ducklings with pectoral crosses will as well. It would seem all these quacks are ducking the truth. Cain showed the sorry history of respectful response to reason and to true Catholic doctrine. That is something perhaps the bishops should study for this latest tome was not needed. All that was needed was a total cleansing by saying: "Enough! The Novus Ordo experiment is a bust! We are returning to the wisdom of St. Pius V for we do not want to incur the wrath of Almighty God and the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul." So simple, so humble and yet from these proud VaticantwoArians that is highly unlikely for they are resigned to seeing it to its bitter end and it has indeed become bitter, very bitter as Cain explained in his HOT ISSUES commentary Quacking up!
    Christ or chaos
    Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey was livid that there was so little outrage over this weekend's march organized by the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, NARAL and that ilk which, like a siren are calling countless feminists to Washington D.C. They were slithering in by the busloads as Tom commented and offered further in-your-face facts, such as it being held on Good Shepherd Sunday which this year is the feast of the Martyred Evangelist St. Mark who is represented by the lion. Where are those willing to be roaring lions against this aberration and for the Faith? Few and far between, cowering because it is not politically correct, because it goes against the grains of convenience. We can't have censorship. Tom pointed out that the errors of Russia Our Lady warned of began with abortion there and have indeed spread just as Our Lady said and specifically because Russia was NOT identified and consecrated to her Immaculate Heart. Now we are seeing the bitter fruits where the tables are turned on us. Tom pointed out that, "This country and the world will never be 'ready' to end abortion unless all Catholics, starting with the Vicar of Christ, speak as Catholics and exhort all people everywhere into the true Church, outside of which there is no salvation. Each of us must as individuals be subordinated to the Social Reign of Christ the King, accepting everything contained in the Deposit of Faith Our Lord has entrusted to His true Church without any bit of doubt or dissent whatsoever." He explained in his column on his site, which we strongly recommend: Marching For Murder

    Friday - April 23:
    Gabriel's Clarion
    Gabriel Garnica reminded all that though Good Friday may be over, everyday is basically Good Friday for in the Immemorial Holy Sacrifice of the Mass we are reminded of the ultimate Sacrifice Christ made for us in propitiation and atonement for our sins. He has left the common properties associated with those events including the Bread, the Wine, the Wood and the Cloth. Only in the Holy Sacrifice where the proper words of confection are said as decreed in perpetuity by Pope St. Pius V does Transubstantiation take place in the bread and wine actually becoming the Body and Blood of Christ, Soul and Divinity. There can be no doubt to the truth of this Mystery of Mysteries. It could only be accomplished through the Wood of the Cross, sandwiched, so to speak, between the Cloth of which He was comforted by Veronica and that from of the shroud from which He rose on Easter morn. These are all common properties which become vehicles of salvation for us when applied properly as the Divine Will seeks. Gabriel explained in his column The Bread, The Wine, The Wood and The Cloth.
    mindless miters
    Judie Brown, President of the American Life League, registered important words in reminding all of the truths of Christ's words in John 6 on the Body and Blood. She issued the challenge not only to Catholics but to Protestants to understand if Christ said it, it's a done deal! That's it, no discussion, period! She also wondered why there have to be so many discussions and so much procrastination in getting pro-abort so-called 'Catholic' politicians to cease and desist from receiving communion. She pointed out that if one truly believed in the Mysterium Fidei and the confection of the bread and wine into the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ, they would do everything in their power to see It was not abused by assuring that all who receive It do so without causing scandal. She focused on the Apostle Paul's words in 1 Corinthians 11: 29 as the gage for every Catholic politician, and Catholic for that matter, to weigh before approaching the communion rail. Her commentary sent to The Washington Dispatch on April 19, is placed within our "mindless miters" feature in order to get wider exposure outside the Beltway for it is the mindless miters who have allowed the faithful to doubt the True Presence and to enable the scandals of abortion, contraception and sexual abuse. Why Don't Catholic Politicians Practice What the Catholic Church Preaches?

    Thursday - April 22:
    Fingerprints of Anathema?
    Editor Michael Cain, acting as locum tenens examiner, administered the Galatians Anathermometer Theological Exam (GATE) to Chicago's Archbishop Cardinal Francis E. George, OMI in giving no quarter if, in the prelates' own words, they have convicted themselves of Anathema per the Apostle Paul's infallible statements in Galatians 1: 8-10. That confirmation is the gage for the GATE and His Eminence from the windy city was on the hot seat, not only for his waffling and razzle-dazzle in shirking the responsibilities of the shepherds, but in totally ignoring Canon Law while looking for other answers to please man, not God. His comments were made on a secular television show,and he was grilled for that which goes hand in hand with his totally lukewarm handling of the abusers in his see and his cavalier attitude toward not protecting the flock from the dangers of heresy, sodomy and pagan practices. By his failure to uphold Canon Law has he not abdicated his position of authority? You be the judge in Giving the GATE to Cardinal Francis E. George, OMI!
    A Chronicle of Catholic Tradition
    The fifteenth chapter of our series on the history of Holy Mother the Church and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass we focused on another of the distinguished Doctors of the Church Saint Ambrose. This giant of a saint was the Might of Milan in both his genuine love for his flock and protecting them by publicly standing up for the God-given Authority of the Church against the civil authority of Rome, as well as his grooming of one student - St. Augustine - who would be the cornerstone for rescuing sanity and sanctity in the midst of the insanity of declining morals and runaway heresy. Augustine was able to know the Faith thoroughly because of the love and dedication of St. Ambrose who, despite all the turmoil he faced, did not back down in loving and teaching the faithful the Truths and Traditions, which would bear much fruit for centuries to come through the influence and holiness of Saint Ambrose in The Ambrosian Influence

    Wednesday - April 21:
    Gabriel's Clarion
    Gabriel Garnica donned his producer's hat in satirizing one of the most popular, shallow shows on television today - "American Idol." But Gabriel had a method to his madness as he equated the futility of the fame of being chosen the American Idol to the fruitlessness of striving for things that are not of God, yet identifying them as such. Gabriel set up his show in the same format sans singing and talent. And to judge the dumbed-down contestants, Gabriel chose three of the icons of cafeteria catholicism today - John Kerry, Richard McBrien and Bridget Mary Meehan. He proposed just what kind of guidelines these three specially selected stooges would ask in aping their progressive bent. Though Gabriel had his tongue firmly planted in his cheek, the sad part is that there probably would be too many contestants answering exactly as the stooges expect to hear. Such is the zoo in American churches today. What ever happened to truth? Gabriel gave us a hint in American Catholic.
    Christ or chaos
    In a follow-up to our editorial Tuesday on the grand old game, Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey offered a much more thorough compendium of how the game parallels problems in the Church and the long Catholic connection to America's pastime. The difference was Catholics in the old days did not replace their faith with baseball, only as an aside - granted a fervent hobby - but nevertheless, not the primary be-all and end-all. Tom delved much further back in time to show how problems arose when baseball broke with traditions, just as did the Church soon after. He chronicled the events and parallels that is a masterpiece of comparison and a fact that the simplicity of the game and the simplicity and reverence of the Faith have been lost in today's ever-expanding quest for more innovations. Tom detailed his own experiences and how not only they priced him out of his seats, but the crass and immoral promotions and advertising sent him fleeing forever from the game as he documented in his column Out of the Old Ball Game two years ago. Few are as well versed in the game as Tom and few can express the true Catholic perspective as Tom as he wrote, "One of the fruits of a Catholicized America will be the restoration of stability and sanity and decency in every part of cultural life, including professional sports, which would be returned to its rightful place as a diversion offered for legitimate recreation and enjoyment, not as a reflection of all that is wrong in a world where Christ does not reign as King and where His Most Blessed Mother does not reign as our loving Queen." It is something we can all pray and work for as we presented his masterpiece appearing in the recent issue of the Seattle Catholic and titled simply:Baseball and Tradition

    Tuesday - April 20:
    Catholic PewPOINT
    Editor Michael Cain stepped up to the plate in asking why the Church can't take a lesson from baseball. He shows how the grand old game's experiment with novelty and the sterile sent fans away in droves. Sound familiar? Like the millions of Catholics who have fled the Church thanks to all the confusion and synthetic liturgy of Vatican II? Baseball learned from their mistake by tearing down the cavernous and meaningless stadia in erecting smaller, more traditional shrines to the national pasttime. Why can't the Church realize the grave and devastating error of their ways and return to the Truths and Traditions that sustained the faithful for nearly 2000 years? He gave examples from Sacred Scripture, most notably the Book of Machabees to expose their true agenda and called on the younger orthodox priests to realize it is mass suicide to follow the apostate bishops and what they have reaped. There are no fruits. Just bitter, barren vineyard where once there was a verdant valley of souls. Now it is parched. Learn from baseball. Get rid of the new sterile pagan temples erected and build churches that reflect what Catholicism is all about. Throw out the fake astroturf and plant the seeds of faith so the grass will grow again and thrive as it once did. If Catholics are outraged enough and insist they build these traditional cathedrals, then others will come for it is only there they will find the True Field of Dreams!.
    Deprogramming Diabolic Disorientation
    Those who were supporting Bishop Thomas O'Brien in his recent trial in which the judge caved need to read Michael Lacey's latest expose in which he blew the lid off the Mauve Mafia and their tactics in Phoenix in which O'Brien was one of the very thugs - even worse than those depicted on 'The Sopranos' - for souls have been lost due to his intimidation and scandal in covering up sodomite priests. O'Brien may have eluded jail here on earth, but his ultimate prison promises to be much more trying than chauffeured rides to and from his punishment - public service to the poor and sick. Lacey pointed out that his hypocrisy is what is the sickest as he documented the terrible cancer that has festered in the desert for so many years. Lacey's article from the Phoenix New Times is only a confirmation of what Stephen Brady has been exposing in his Roman Catholic Faithful ministry and Atila Sinke Guimar„es has documented in his latest book on 'Vatican II, Homosexuality and Pedophilia'. We provided Lacey's article with his permission. This needs to be known for O'Brien is a disgrace and should be defrocked. But then so should most of the bishops today. The only problem - and it's a big problem: if only we had a pope brave enough, holy enough to come forward and do what is necessary for the sake of millions of souls in the Catholic Church! Lacey, a returning sheep to the fold despite the scandal, identified the principals and their lack of principles in his article The Divine Sociopath.

    Monday - April 19:
    Shears and Tears of a Lamb
    Catharine Lamb asked if Catholics who value the Sacred Traditions of the Faith as practiced and preached from St. Peter through Pope Pius XII and the ultimate Treasure of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass truly realize the treasure they have. She asked because too many seem to take it for granted that these dedicated priests and ministries which labor so for souls don't need financial help or that someone else will foot the bill and that's not their problem. All they want is the sacraments, but it's not a free ride. Are we going to store up our treasure, hoarding it, or are we willing to share it and give it as abundantly as possible to those who are truly at work in the Lord's vineyard? You can be assured all monies given to Traditional Catholic causes will not go for covering up the sins of sodomy or for desecrating churches or promoting the agendas of abortion or any liberal causes. No, funds given to Traditional causes are always used for the greater honor and glory of God and to allow those laborers for God to continue. In her column Catharine asked Where is Your Treasure?.
    Gabriel's Clarion
    Gabriel Garnica asked all Catholics to carefully consider who John Kerry truly is. There has been much about his flipflopping and some might dismiss that as political banter from the opposition - the Republican Party, but the best measure of a man is to see what and how he believes and in this we can see the man falls far, far short of someone any one but satan should emulate. His disregard for Catholic Truth should be a red-flag to every bishop and Catholic, and yet all these useless shepherds can do is say, "it's not my problem!" Well they need to realize it will be when they stand before their Lord and Creator, the Just Judge. While we pray for Kerry's true conversion, we pray God will deliver Catholics from the likes of John Kerry as Gabriel exposed more of this demon of the Democrats in his column Lord, save John Kerry; and save us from John Kerry!.

    SUNDAY - April 18:
    "Qui legit, intelligat"
    In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for Low Sunday, he tied in the unbelieving attitude of Thomas with so many today who seemingly knowing the truth, knowing what Our Lord has taught, contradict Divine Revelation and Tradition. In Sunday's Gospel, Christ blessed those who have not seen, and yet believe for they have Faith. It is this Faith which has been undermined over the decades, largely in part by secular, Masonic, Zionist and Communist infiltration into the Church's hierarchy. Father also pointed out the main reason why there has been so much hatred aimed at Mel Gibson for his masterpiece film: Mel has exposed the Myth of the Holocaust by showing the True Holocaust in which the Immolated Lamb offered Himself to His Heavenly Father in atonement for our sins in propitiation for us that we might be granted eternal salvation through His merits. Truly He is, as Thomas acknowledged, "My Lord and my God." This is something the Jews refuse to accept, and John Paul II by his actions and silence to the anathema of the Pontifical Biblical Commission's statement that the Jews do not need to be converted for salvation, only fuels the fires of confusion. That, in effect, is another holocaust of immense proportions: the destruction of so many souls in the fires of perdition! There has never been nor will there ever be a greater Sacrifice, a greater Holocaust than the ultimate Sacrifice on Calvary and this is re-enacted in an unbloody manner daily on the holy altars where the Immemorial Mass of Atonement and Propitiation of Apostolic Tradition - the Traditional Latin Mass - is carried out as the Mystery of the Mass: A Perfect and Acceptable Sacrifice
    Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi
    Kevin Tierney presented a comparison of the Traditional Latin Mass Proper and that of the New Order synthetic liturgy which, as he illustrated, fails to acknowledge the very fact that Christ did not show signs to those who did not believe in Him. He did not beg the unbeliever, but praised the believer for whom alone He granted favors such as raising Lazarus from the tomb or the Good Thief on the cross. Kevin also pointed out how the Novus Ordo relegates such mysteries as the Resurrection to a "spiritual feeling" rather than historical fact. It is in this inclusiveness with the unbeliever that it excludes believers who must believe in the infallible truths of Christ's One True Church outside of which there is no salvation as Kevin concluded with the Offertory and Communion Prayers providing more ambiguous liturgical 'time bombs' as Kathleen Willet Skredle spoke of Saturday which seek to destroy Catholic truth in favor of Protestant practices in the NOM. He detailed some of these ambiguous and very dangerous 'time bombs' in Increasing Our Awareness of the Differences for Low Sunday

       We invite you to find out for yourself the truth as we present a compendium portal of documents on the Faith in all aspects, past, present and to come. We guarantee what you read is in full harmony with the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church, and we guarantee you that if you read it all with a discerning heart you will be able to decipher the wheat from the chaff. You will better understand what the absolutes of our Faith are and not be fooled by modernism and ambiguities, no matter how cleverly they are couched. Remember satan is the father of half-truths. Read the fullness of the Truths and Traditions of the Roman Catholic Faith in the sections below.


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