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Be an Angel!

Please help us continue this apostolate. Your love offering will help keep the DAILY CATHOLIC on line with whatever you can send. Charitable donations are tax deductible and the only means of support for this publication.Click here


Do you know JAVA or Shockwave? Do you have web design talents you would like to contribute to a dynamic publication that averages 25,000 hits a day? If so we are in need of your God-given talents to help enhance the look of the DAILY CATHOLIC for 2001.

        Due to the health of the current webmaster and editor, he needs to cut back on activities, specifically design duties. We have had several who have responded but we need webdesigners who have JAVA, Shockwave and frames experience or any of the new techniques in this ever changing web world. Therefore we are in need of persons who can lend their expertise to making the DAILY CATHOLIC even more effective.

       We remind you it takes special people with a special calling since any contributions talent-wise that you can contribute are given pro-bono from the goodness of your heart and soul. It is a form of stewardship in helping spread the Gospel and Teachings of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. It is a donation of time and talent done out of love for God and His Church. The rewards will not be measured now, but in eternity.

        If you have ideas and the time to lend your expertise, please write the webmaster and put a priority on the message so we'll know your fiat is sincere and we can respond ASAP. The Holy Spirit has shown us the direction we need to go in 2001, but we need technological help. We thank you in advance for your fiat to help fulfill Our Lord's charge in Mark 16: 15 to "Go into the whole world and preach the gospel to every creature" and the Holy Father's call for evangelization by the laity on the worldwide web.

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