Michael Cain, Editor, The DailyCatholic

    Michael Cain, editor,  DailyCatholic
        Not only does Michael Cain have the experience and talents to oversee such an undertaking as The DailyCatholic, but the total commitment and passion as well. This is illustrated in the fact he has channeled all this expertise to a purpose that earns no money, only graces and souls. He currently serves in the unpaid triple duties of the Executive Director of SANCTUS as well as webmaster and editor of The DailyCatholic.

        Though because of health concerns, he had wanted to cut back on webmastering duties in hopes of delegating more responsibility to others so he could do more research and write, there was not a qualified candidate to carry on and thus, because of the need to inform souls as to what Authentic Roman Catholicism teaches, he has continued to serve as both webmaster and editor.

        His background encompasses well over forty years of editing, publishing and promotion. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on April 20, 1943, it was 1956 when Mike first met his long-time spiritual director Fr. Al Svobodny, OMI. Fr. Al was the Vocations Director for the Central Province of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, the Order which was assigned to Mike's home parish of Assumption in Richfield, Minnesota. A year later, through Fr. Al's persistence, Mike entered the minor seminary in Carthage, Missouri. Seven years later, after completing his temporary vows at the Order's novitiate in Alton, Illinois, Mike, with help from his Novice Master, discerned that God had another mission in life for him. He took collegiate studies at OLO, St. Thomas College and then finished at the University of Minnesota with a major in journalism. In 1966 the Vietnam Conflict beckoned and he served in the Air Force as an Information Officer.

        After completing his necessary military duty, Mike returned to civilian life, settling down in San Diego, California, where he established his own creative agency - Can Do Concepts - after working for several others, including a leading national ad agency and several major league sports teams such as Press Liaison for the Minnesota Vikings and Twins, Assistant Editor of the San Diego Padres game programs, program editor and corporate logo concept for the old ABA San Diego Conquistadors, PCL San Diego Hawks Hockey, and San Diego Sharks soccer team, as well as promotional work with San Diego State University Aztecs Football and the San Diego Chargers of the NFL. As he discovered recently, his original artwork is in demand. Unfortunately, much of it was destroyed when a pipe burst several years ago, ruining and molding so many boxes full of original artwork from all these projects.

    Cyndi Cain, Wife, Mother & Inspiration for The DailyCatholic

        While Mike's business was very successful in both print and broadcast, including awards for his designs and corporate campaigns, two things were missing. One was filled on January 18,1981 when he met his future bride Cyndi Kreke at a Catholic social function in San Diego's Mission Valley. She became Cyndi Cain on May 10, 1981 when they were married on Mother's Day. Today they have two sons who are now adults.

        Cyndi was born the second of three children to Leonard Joseph and Dolores Kreke on September 3, 1948 in Cincinnati, Ohio where she, like Mike, was weaned on the Latin Mass and the Baltimore Catechism, and, until college, attended orthodox Catholic schools that had not caved to Vatican II pressure. Because she could see the changes and laxity coming while studying for religious life after high school, she decided, like her husband, that she could better fulfill her vocation in life not as a religious after two years preparation to be a nun but through another calling. Prior to meeting her future husband she published three novels and excelled as a much-in-demand executive secretary who could type 120 wpm and take dictation. She worked for several high powered CEO's in business, finance, professional sports, and the film industry, but felt it was not fulfilling what her calling truly was.

        Despite two miscarriages, God still chose to bless them with two sons who, in effect, are truly miracles Kevin and Kellin. In the aftermath of their youngest son's birth in 1985, it didn't look like Cyndi would pull through and, medically actually hemorrhaged to death on the operating table, but miraculously was brought back for her work for God was not yet finished. Unfortunately, from that time on she would not be able to have any more children because of the damaging effects to her reproductive organs. Yet both Mike and Cyndi accepted it as whatever God willed, not realizing at the time that they would eventually seek to comfort and instruct so many more children - the children of God - His lambs who have been so misfed and misled by the shepherds of today who are really wolves in shepherds' clothing who have, in effect, abdicated their Apostolic authority by their apostasy to the True Church.

        Why has the journey taken so long to unfold in taking the blinders off the Cains? Only God knows those reasons. But Mike's forty plus years as journalist and editor for varied publications, as well as high-profile promotional work for numerous professional sports franchises - including his design and production in record time of the promotional package in 1984 that landed San Diego its first Super Bowl in 1988 plus he received outstanding awards and kudos for putting San Diego on the map with the cruise ship industry through his HomePort San Diego campaign. All these successes paved the way for the transition from secular to working in God's vineyard for souls. He had tasted the top and found it unfulfilling. But with his "yes" to the Blessed Mother Mary for her Divine Son Jesus, the last few pieces of the puzzle in a longing to help people in the way God willed, not the world, was nearly completed.

        On the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel in 1990 they formed MIR-A-CALL Center and released the first issue of A Call to Peace. That inaugural issue, an eight-page Xeroxed sheet was handed out at the Cain's local Novus Ordo parish. By the time the costs of printing and mailing had made it unfeasible to continue in 1997, Mike had written, laid-out, designed, edited, published and printed over one million issues sent by snail-mail around the world and placed in parishes everywhere.

        Cyndi, more of a contemplative than a public person, had always been blessed with a simplicity of conversing with God and with our Lord and His Blessed Mother. Guided by the Holy Ghost, their return to tradition actually began in the bowels of the Novus Ordo in trying to make changes from within through messages, books and the publication A Call To Peace. Neither had ever truly realized how all the changes after Vatican II had come about and out of obedience they had gone along, but her messages kept hinting through parables of a parallel church that was not of God and with each passing year it became more evident.

        It wasn't until that technological marvel that many consider a tool of the devil came along: the Internet. Realizing the advantages of the net for reaching more souls to make it a tool for Christ, Mike masterminded the transition from print to the web, learning a whole new medium on his own in order to keep up with the times for God's sake. Learning html well before Microsoft's First Page came out with its first WYSIWYG program, was like learning Greek or Mandarin Chinese.

        The launch of The DailyCatholic on All Saints Day in 1997 made it the first Roman Catholic daily publication anywhere in existence publishing each day on the web. Interesting that there had never been even a daily print publication for Catholics either. Since that time The DailyCatholic has reached tens and tens of millions in milliseconds daily without ever spending a dime on advertising or promotion. Call it the power of word of mouth for today The DailyCatholic is registering an average of over one and a half million hits a month in over 120 countries worldwide. Through trial and error, Mike has persevered and recognizes why and how it has continued: by the Power of the Holy Ghost .

        Having been weaned on the Traditional Latin Mass, and seeing the devastating direction the New Order Mass had taken, Mike and Cyndi remained obedient to attending the Novus Ordo for ten years. Yet that bugaboo of being obedient to the bishops kept them from realizing the apostasy already within the Church, though the messages pointed to just that. In fact Cyndi, under the moniker bestowed by the Blessed Mother as the "Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart", had been guided to encourage a congregation of traditional nuns and establish a traditional community with the Traditional Latin Mass as it had been at the time of the pontificate of His Holiness Pope Pius XII. When the Novus Ordo 'bishops' vigorously opposed such action, the Cains realized something was definitely rotten in Denmark...and Rome as well.

        Throughout the decade of the 90's Mike and Cyndi traveled the country speaking. The irony here was that the speaker was not the loquacious Mike, but his quiet, contemplative wife Cyndi, who was in great demand and that bothered her greatly; not only because she is a private person, but that most were focusing their attention on the messenger and not the message. It was a message that slowly but surely Catholics must wake up. They must realize something is terribly wrong. For the Cains that epiphany would not come until a pilgrimage to Lourdes in May 2000.

        It was not until a tremendous spiritual awakening during a pilgrimage to Lourdes in 2000 and in light of the heretical actions coming from Modernist Rome itself, and after realizing that what His Holiness Pope Saint Pius V decreed in codifying the infallible, dogmatic decrees of the Council of Trent was still very much in effect and that no priest or parishioner needed permission, they realized that to continue on the path they had been pursuing by denying that "the problems were not from Vatican II and that John Paul II was a good pope who was conservative" - was hypocrisy for they realized just the opposite confirmed by Christ in St. Matthew 7: 15-20, for truly a bad tree cannot bear good fruit and a good tree cannot yield bad fruit. Since there have been nothing but bad fruits despite surface claims that there are fruits during his pontificate the truth is there have been no lasting good fruits. Truly, "By their fruits you shall know them.".

        Realizing that the canard pushed on Catholics that it was wrong to attend the Latin Mass was illegal for it goes against an infallible decree, the Cains came to their senses, turning to Eternal Rome as opposed to Modern Rome. Therefore, realizing it was the bishops and even the head men themselves who were being disobedient, the Cains realized finally that obedience to Christ and His Church necessitated that they forever abandon the synthetic rite of the Novus Ordo, sadly cut ties with Fr. Al, and return to the Latin Rite of the Immemorial Mass of Tradition - the most perfect and beautiful thing this side of Heaven. It took over ten years to come around and so the Cains are patient when others are taking as long as well. It takes God's graces to truly see and understand.

       That is what they both finally realized as the scales began falling from their eyes and hearts. Finally realizing they themselves had been so fooled just as Christ warned in St. Matthew 24: 24 and Saint Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2, they found it mandatory to close down the site for a considerable time in order to study all the Church had taught through the 21 Major Councils and significant, landmark Papal Decrees that, to their amazement, in effect had condemned the very actions being taken today by Modernist Rome. In further studying Vatican II they also realized how it had been infiltrated by those out to destroy - animus delendi - the Church Christ founded. Aware of their duty to express the uncompromising truths of Holy Mother Church to their readers, the Cains realized it couldn't be both ways. It was either one or the other: Either stay with a sinking ship that had just begun sailing in the 60's or return to the True Barque of Peter and cast our anchor with the Tried and True Traditions of Holy Mother Church and all that was taught, upheld and preserved from Saint Peter through Pope Pius XII. The decision was a no-brainer.

        You always stick with the tried and true over novelty and innovation. They also realized that the private revelation they had been publishing, while inspirational and in total accord with Church teaching, were not allowed to be published without true Church approval for they discovered that Paul VI who abrogated that restriction had no authority to do so since he was not a true pope. Therefore, they had no choice but to destroy all the books printed (which was a loss of several tens of thousands of dollars) and to cease publishing any private messages not approved by the Church prior to 1958. Though this was a tremendous sacrifice, they understood cooperation with what the Church taught was vital for their own salvation. When they resumed publishing The DailyCatholic they endeavored to share all they had learned placing it all on-line on their various pages, specifically in each daily issue and at Credo & Culture Section. Their logic: "Don't take our word for it, see for yourself" for there are many doubting Thomases out there!

        The motto of The DailyCatholic and SANCTUS became: "KNOW the Faith in order to KEEP the Faith!" Once one truly knows the Faith, they will make the same move the Cains did. It is the only path to take for the church of Modern Rome has been devoid of the sacraments since 1968 for those ordained after that year or elevated to the bishopric cannot be true priests and bishops because they were merely installed as Anglican ministers were and which His Holiness Pope Leo XIII declared in Apostolicae Curae such are "completely null and utterly void" meaning their masses said and confessions heard are invalid and illicit. If that is not a wake up call to Catholics, the Cains don't know what will move them to action. But for Mike and Cyndi it was a move they could ill afford not to make.

        Since making that decision, the Cains, who have never been without spiritual direction, realize more everyday it is the only decision any true Catholic can make and thus they have dedicated the rest of their lives through The DailyCatholic to convey these truths in order to save souls. The final action was cleared several years ago when the IRS approved the complete dissolution of Mir-a-Call Center - the last tie to the false conciliar church. Thus they were able to reorganize under the parent organization of SANCTUS, the Latin word for "Holy" and an acronym for Save All Necessary Catholic Traditions in the United States. Realizing the conciliar "popes" could not possibly be Catholic for holy Mother Church has already passed sentence through her infallible decrees by reliable true Pontiffs as to their apostasy. The Cains now realize fighting the robber barons, the VulgArians, is a battle to the bitter end, and, no matter what satan throws at them, Mike and Cyndi are in it for the long haul and accept whatever crosses God chooses to send for they trust in the Holy Ghost to guide them via the trusted compass of the Truths and Traditions of the infrangible Sacred Deposit of the Faith provided over a span of nearly 2000 years by the infallible perennial Magisterium of the Church.

    Biography of Michael and Cyndi Cain, SANCTUS/DailyCatholic