CMRI Sisters Perform the Concert in the Courtyard at Mount St. Michael's on July 7, 2007

L-R, Back Row: Sr. Mary Loretta, Sr. Mary Agnes, Sr. Mary Paula, Sr. Therese Marie, Sr. Giovanna Marie, Sr. Mary Jacinta, Sr. Regina Marie, Sr. Mary Julianna, Sr. Mary Imelda, and Sr. Maria Providencia. L-R, Front Row: Sr. Marie Emmanuel, Sr. Vianney Marie, Sr. Maria Kazimiera, Reverend Mother Mary Dominica, Sr. Bernardine Marie, Sr. Mary Agatha, Sr. Alice Marie, Sr. Mary Francisca, Sr. Mary Petra, and Sr. Mary Genevieve. In very front foreground: Sr. Mary Bernadette. Sisters not pictured are Sr. Renee Marie, Sr. Mary Josephine, Sr. Mary Gemma, Sr. Mary Isabella, Sr. Corinne Marie, Sr. Maria Ines, Sr. Marie Janae, Sr. Louise Marie, Sr. Marie Mechtilde, Sr. Mary Bridgit, and the two Novices Sr. Mary Veronica and Sr. Michael Marie. There is a total of 33 Sisters as members of the Religious Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen. Photo courtesy of Tom Gilbrough.