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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book One

          The words of praise of the Mother and the Son to each other in the presence of the bride, and how Christ is now regarded as shameful, dishonest, and despicable by people, and about the horrifying and eternal damnation of these people.

Chapter Forty-six

    The Queen of Heaven spoke to her Son and said: "Blessed be You my God, Who are without beginning and without end. You had the most noble and beautiful body. You were the most brave and virtuous man. You are the most worthy creature."

    The Son answered: "The words proceeding from your mouth are sweet to Me and delight My inmost heart like the sweetest drink. You are more sweet to Me than any other creature in existence. For just as different faces can be seen in a mirror by a person but none pleases him more than his own, so too, even though I love My saints, I love you with a special love, because I was born from your blessed flesh. You are like myrrh whose fragrance ascended up to the Divinity and led the Divinity to your body. This same fragrance drew your body and soul up to God, where you now are with soul and body. Blessed be you, for the angels rejoice in your beauty and all are saved by your virtue and power when they call on you with a sincere heart. All the demons tremble in your light and do not dare to stay in your splendor, for they always want to be in darkness.

    You gave praise to Me for a threefold reason, for you said that I had the most noble body; second, that I was the most brave man; and third, you said that I was the most worthy creature. These three things are only contradicted by those who have a body and soul, that is, human beings. They say that I have a shameful body and that I am the most despicable man and the lowliest of creatures. For what is more shameful than to tempt others to sin? For they claim that My body tempts to sin when they say that sin is not as abominable or displeasing to God as much as is said.

    They say that nothing exists unless God wants it to be so and that nothing is created but by Him. 'Why should we not use the created things to our benefit? Our natural frailty demands it and this is how everyone has lived before us and still do live.' This is how people now speak about Me and My Manhood, in which I, the true God, appeared among men. For I advised them to abstain from sinning and showed what a serious and grave matter it is, and this they say was shameful, as if I had advised them to do something useless and shameful. They say that nothing is honorable but sin and that which pleases their will.

    They also say that I am the most shameful man. For what is more shameful than someone who, when He speaks the truth, gets His mouth beaten with stones and gets hit in the face and, on top of that, hears people insulting Him, saying: 'If He were a man, He would revenge Himself over such an injustice.' This is what they do to Me.

    I speak to them through the learned fathers and Holy Scripture, but they say that I lie. They beat My mouth with stones and their fists when they commit adultery, murder, and lying, saying: 'If He were manly, if He were the almighty God, He would revenge Himself for such sins and transgressions.' But I endure this with patience, and everyday I hear them saying that the torment is neither eternal nor as severe and bitter as it is said, and My words are judged and said to be lies.

    Third, they judge Me to be the most ugly and worthless creature. For what is more worthless in the house than a dog or a cat that someone would be glad to exchange for a horse, if he could? But mankind holds Me to be of less worth than a dog, for he would not wish to take Me if it meant that he would lose the dog, and he would reject and deny Me before losing the dog's hide. What is the thing that pleases the mind so little that one does not think of it and desires it more fervently than Me? For if they regarded Me more worthy than any other created creature, they would love Me more than other things. But now they have nothing so small that they do not love it more than Me.

    They grieve over everything but me. They grieve for their own and their friends' losses. They grieve for an injurious word. They grieve over offending or hurting people more highly placed and powerful than they, but they do not grieve about offending or hurting Me, Who AM the Creator of all things. What man is so despicable that he is not listened to if he begs about something and is not given a gift in return if he has given something? But I am utterly vile and despicable in their eyes, for they do not consider Me worthy of any good, even though I have given them all good things.

    But you, My most dear Mother, have tasted more of My wisdom than others, and never has anything but the truth ever left your mouth, just as nothing but the truth has ever left My Own mouth. I will now justify Myself in the sight of all the saints.

    First, against him, who said that I had a shameful body. I shall prove that I indeed have the most noble body without deformity or sin, and he shall fall into eternal shame and reproach which all will see.

    To the one who said that My words were a lie and that he did not know if I was God or not, I shall prove that I truly AM God, and he will flow down like mud to hell.

    But the third, who regarded Me as useless, I shall judge to eternal damnation so that he will never see My glory and My joy."

    Thereafter He said to His bride: "Stand firm in My service. You have come to a wall, as it were, in which you are enclosed, so that you cannot flee nor dig through its foundations. Endure this small tribulation willingly, and you will experience eternal rest in My arms. You know the will of the Father, you hear the words of the Son, you feel My Spirit, and you have delight and consolation in the conversation with My Mother and My saints. Therefore, stand firm, or else you will come to feel My justice by which you will be forced to do what I am now kindly urging you to do."

Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden - Book One: Chapter Forty-six