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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book One

          Our Creator asks three questions of His bride. The first is about the servitude of the husband and the dominion of the wife; the second about the work of the husband and the spending of the wife; and the third about the contempt of the Lord and the honoring of the servant.

Chapter Forty

    "I am your Creator and Lord. Answer me on the three things I am going to ask you. How is the state of the house where the wife is dressed like a lady and her husband like a slave? Is this right?"

    She answered in her conscience: "No Lord, it is not right."

    Our Lord said: "I am the Lord of all things and the King of angels. I dressed My servant, namely, My Manhood, with only usefulness and necessity, for I desired nothing from this world except meager food and clothing. But you, who are My bride, want to live like a lady, and wish to have wealth and honor and be held in honor. What is the benefit of all these things? All things are indeed vanity and all things must be left. Mankind was not created for any superfluity but only to have what the necessity of nature requires. This superfluity was invented by pride and it is now held and loved as the law.

    Second, tell me if it is right for the man to work from morning to evening and then for the wife to spend everything that has been gathered in a single hour?"

    She answered: "No, this is not right; the wife is instead obliged to live and act after the will of her man."

    Our Lord said: "I acted like the man who works from morning to evening, for from My youth up to the time of My suffering, I worked in showing the way to Heaven by preaching and by fulfilling what I preached with deeds. But the wife, that is, the soul, who should be like My wife, wastes all My work when she lives frivolously so that nothing of what I have done and suffered for her sake can benefit her; nor do I find any virtue in her in which I can delight in.

    Third, tell Me, is it not wrong and abominable for the master of the house to be despised and for the slave to be honored?"

    She answered: "Yes, it indeed is."

    Our Lord said: "I am the Lord of all things. My house is the world, and mankind should, by right, be My servant. But I, the Lord, am now despised in the world and the man honored. Therefore shall you, whom I have chosen, take care to do My will, because everything in the world is nothing but sea foam and a false dream."

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Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden - Book One: Chapter Forty