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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book One

          The words of our loving Lord to His bride about how the many false Christians are being multiplied, and about how they are crucifying Him again, and about how He is still prepared to suffer death once more for the sake of sinful people, if this were possible. He offers the imagery of three simple things, a bed, a seat and a lamp.

Chapter Thirty

   "I Am the God Who created all things for the benefit of man in order that all things should serve and help him. But mankind misuses all the things I created for his benefit unto his own damnation, and he cares less about God and loves Him less than the created world. The Jews prepared three kinds of torture tools for My suffering: First, the wood on which I, scourged and crowned, was crucified. Second, the iron by which they pierced through My hands and feet. Third, the gall that they gave Me to drink. Thereafter, they insulted Me calling Me a fool because of the death I gladly endured, and they called Me a liar because of My teachings. Such men are now many in the world and there are very few who console Me.

   They crucify Me on the wood through their will to sin, they scourge me through their impatience (no one can namely endure a single word for My sake) and they crown Me with the thorns of their pride when they want to be raised higher and have more honor than I want them to have. They pierce My hands and feet with hardened iron when they praise their sin and harden themselves so that they should not have to fear Me. As the drink of gall, they offer Me sorrow. They call Me a liar and a fool for the suffering which I went to and gladly endured.

   I am powerful enough to kill and drown all My enemies and the entire world in one moment for the sake of their sins, if I wanted. But if I did drown them, the ones remaining would serve Me out of fear, and that would not be right, because mankind should serve Me out of love and not because of fear. If I Myself came to them in a visible shape, their eyes would not endure to see Me or their ears to hear Me. For how could a mortal human endure to look upon an immortal? Truly, in My love, I would gladly die again for the sake of mankind, if it were possible."

   Then the Holy Virgin Mary appeared and the Son of God said to her: "What do you wish, My chosen Mother?"

   And she said: "O my Son, have mercy on Your creation for the sake of my love."

   He answered: "I will show them My mercy once again, for your sake." Thereafter, our Lord spoke to His bride and said: "I Am your God and the Lord of the angels. I Am Lord over life and death. I Myself want to live in your heart. See what a great love I have for you! The heavens and the earth and all the things in them cannot contain Me, and yet I want to live in your heart, which is only a little piece of flesh. Whom could you then fear or what could you need when you have inside you God Almighty in Whom all good things are?

   There should be three things in the heart where I live: First, there should be a bed where we may rest.

   Second, there should be a seat where we may sit.

   Third, there should be a lamp that gives us light.

   In your heart there should be a bed to rest in so that you can rest from evil thoughts and worldly desires and always remember and contemplate the joy of eternity.

   The seat should be your will of staying close to Me, even if it sometimes happens that you have to go out. For it is against nature to be always standing or sitting. But the one who is always standing is the one who always has the will of being with the world and never to sit with Me.

   The light shall be the faith by which you believe that I am able to do all things and am almighty over all things."

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Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden - Book One: Chapter Thirty