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  We've narrowed down through your votes to the top candidates who received at least 50 votes each. Below are the six categories. Vote for one each and submit. In each those listed were the top five vote getters in the general voting. Now you can vote here for who you think is most deserving of the igNOMinious gNOMe for most ecumaniacal in destroying the foundations of Holy Mother Church. The Awards will be presented igNOMiniously on line in our May 5th issue along with the "Roamin' gNOMe" Award.

1. The "Who's guarding the hen house" Award to the modern church's most ecumaniacal wolf in shepherd's clothing:
1. The "Who's guarding the hen house?" Award to the modern church's most ecumaniacal wolf in shepherd's clothing:

Cardinal Walter Kasper
Cardinal Roger Mahony
Cardinal Francis Arinze
Cardinal Edward Egan
Cardinal Cormac-Murphy O'Connor

2. The "We're doing all we can" - translated to who has covered up the Sodomite Sex Scandal the most Award:
Cardinal Roger Mahony
Cardinal Edward Egan
Cardinal Francis George
Bishop Howard Hubbard
Archbishop Sean O'Malley

3. The "Why can't we all be 'gay and happy'?" Award:
Archbishop Harry Flynn
Bishop Robert Brom
Bishop Howard Hubbard
Bishop Joseph Adamec
Bishop Thomas Kelly

4. The "Disgraced Retired Retreads, still treading on the flocks" Award:
Cardinal Bernard Law
Archbishop Rembert Weakland
Bishop Thomas O'Brien
Bishop Thomas Gumbleton
Archbishop John Quinn

5. The "Get-Father Gruner-in-any-way-we can-demean-him" Award to the most ecumaniacal Fatimist:
Msgr. Luciano Guerra
Bishop Serafim de Souza
Cardinal Jose de Cruz Policarpo
Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald
Father Jacques Depuis

...and finally:

6. The "Dead-End" Award for those who have passed on but left the rot behind:
Cardinal Joseph Bernardin
Archbishop Annibale Bugnini
Hans von Balthazar
Fr. Karl Rahner, S.J.
Cardinal Humberto Medeiros

  In the secular sector we have plenty of offenders that need to be acknowledged and shamed in order that they might realize the error of their ways and return to sanity and hopefully find the True Faith. UGLIES, of course, is an acronym for Unprincipled Garrulous Liberal Idiots Embracing Sin! And there are plenty of these. We were tempted to give some of the prelates an UGLIES, but we'll leave them to their ecclesiastical igNOMination to the left. For now here are the following 6 categories and the top 5 in each who received at least 30 votes each. These will be awarded on Sunday May 2nd. Voting will extend to midnight April 28th.

1. "I don't need the Church to tell me I'm going to hell" Award:

Senator John Kerry
Sentator Ted Kennedy
Mayor Gavin Newsome
Frances Kissling
Governor Jennifer Granholm

2. The "Crucify Mel!" or "Open Mouth, Insert Foot!" Award to:
Frank Rich
Abe Foxman
Andy Rooney
Rabbi Marvin Hier
Rabbi Schmuley Boteach

3. The "Catholic-bashing 'Comedians' who once were Catholic" Award to:
George Carlin
Bill Maher
Jay Leno
Conan O'Brien
Dennis Miller

4. "The filthy-rich through filth" Award:
Howard Stern
Ted Turner
Warren Buffet
Bill Gates

5. The "One-World New Order's 'Irked Over Iraq' Obvious Terrorist Award to:
Osama bin Laden
Kofi Annan
Yassir Arafat
Ariel Sharon
Jacques Chirac

...and finally:

6. The Real Terrorist Organization Award to: (Note: All five will receive an invisible UGLIES!)
Planned Parenthood
The UN
NOW and the Feminists
Hollywood and the Liberal Media