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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book Four

Chapter Five

          In Chapter Five of Book Four St. Bridget receives heavenly visits from two saints who helped fashion the structure of the Church, St. Peter and St. Paul. In this chapter it is Peter who speaks first and the first Vicar of Christ tells her how he desired the salvation of peoples and what he did when he denied Our Lord thrice. He could have given up like Judas, but through the grace of God he repented and ran to the Divine, realizing his nothingness. In doing so, he also realized nothing compares to love of God. This is something he addresses to soothe St. Bridget on the situation in Rome during her time, and foretells of great miracles yet to be fulfilled in the city of Rome. This could very well give us encouragement in our time as well that Modernist Rome's snakes will turn into lambs and a true Pope will again reign in Rome sometime in the future. When? Only in God's time will we know.

    St. Peter speaks to the bride of Christ: "My daughter, you compared me to a plow, which makes wide furrows and clears away roots. This was indeed true. I was so zealous against sin and so aflame for virtue that I was ready to spare neither life itself nor any effort in order to convert the whole world to God. God was so sweet for me in thought, so sweet in conversation, so sweet in action that all things became bitter for me to think about apart from God. Yet God, too, was bitter to me, not because of Him, but because of me. How bitterly I wept as often as I thought about how I had offended and denied Him, for I had learned by then what it meant to love perfectly, and my tears became as sweet to me as sweet-tasting food.

    "As to your request for a spirit of remembrance, I answer you: Have you not heard how forgetful I was? I may have been fully taught as to the way of God and had sworn an oath to stand and die with God, but I denied the truth when I was questioned by a woman. And why? Because God had left me to myself, and because I did not know myself. But then what did I do? Then I really did consider what I was - nothing in myself. Then I got up and ran toward the truth, toward God, and He impressed such a remembrance of His name on my heart that I could never forget Him again either in the face of tyrants or of torture or of death.

    "So do the same thing yourself: Turn in humility to the teacher of remembrance and ask remembrance of Him. He is the only one who can do all things. Yet I will help you so that you may be made a participant of the seed that I planted on earth.

    "Moreover, I will tell you: Rome was once a city of fighters, and her streets were paved in gold and silver. Now, however, her gemstones have turned into mud, her inhabitants are but few; their right eye has been plucked out, and their right hand cut off; toads and vipers dwell with them, and for fear of their venom tame animals dare not appear, nor do my fish lift their heads. Yet fish shall gather in her, though not as many as before; still they will be as sweet and as daring - so much so that, through their cooperation, the toads and frogs will climb down, the snakes will be changed into lambs, and lions will be like doves at their windows."

    Again he added: "I tell you further that you will live to hear the words: 'Long live the vicar of Peter!' And you will see him with your own eyes, for I will cause the mountain of delights to fall and those sitting on it will come down from it. Those who refuse to come down willingly will be forced down against everyone's expectations, for God wants to be exalted with mercy and truth."

Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden
Book Four: Chapter Five