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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book Four

Chapter One

          As we begin Book Four, St. Bridget is visited by a man arrayed in the unashamed nude garment as God intended before the fall of Adam. This man is the holy St. John the Evangelist, the beloved son and protector of the Blessed Mother whom was given to him to take care of by Christ on the cross as John himself recorded Jesus saying "Woman, behold thy son" and to John "Behold thy mother." St. John now relates to the bride of how the Scriptures are priceless and then tells her of a certain king whose scrupulous ways make him a traitor and robber. The description can be applied to those who would be king today and we ask you to take that in any way you wish as you read the Apostle's words to the bride that to gain Salvation and love said king should scorn riches and honors for the sake of God.

    A male person appeared to the bride. His hair seemed as if shorn with reproach; his body was drenched in oil and completely naked, though he was in no way ashamed.

    He said to the bride: "The scripture, which you call holy, says that no good deed will go unrewarded. This is the scripture that is known for you as the Bible but which, for us, is as bright as the sun, incomparably more splendid than gold, bearing fruit like the seed that produces fruit a hundredfold. Just as gold excels other metals, so the scripture, which you say is Holy though we call it Golden, excels all other books, because in it the true God is glorified and announced, the deeds of the patriarchs are unfolded, the inspirations of the prophets are explained.

    Since, therefore, no good deed goes unrewarded, hear what I say:

    This king is a robber in God's sight and a traitor of souls and a prodigal squanderer of riches. As no traitor is worse than the one that betrays someone who loves him, so this king has in a spiritual sense betrayed many people by, in a bodily sense, approving the unjust, unjustly exalting the impious, oppressing the just, ignoring transgressions that should be corrected.

    Again, no thief is worse than he who betrays someone who lays his head upon his bosom. Likewise, the people of this land were, so to speak, in his bosom, but this king has wretchedly plundered them by allowing the property of some to be taken away, by imposing unbearable burdens on others, by ignoring the abuses of still others, by always exercising justice in a remiss way.

    In the third place, no thief is worse than one who steals from his unwilling master who has entrusted everything to him and given him his keys. Thus this king was given the keys of power and glory, which he has used in an unjust and wasteful manner, not for the glory of God. However, seeing that he has given up some of the things he likes out of love for me, I have three counsels for him.

    The first is that he should be like the man in the gospel who left the pods of the swine and returned to his father. Let this king likewise scorn riches and honors, which are nothing but swine pods compared to eternal goods, and let him return to his Father God with humility and devotion.

    Second, let him leave the dead to bury the dead, and let him follow the narrow path of the crucified God.

    Third, let him leave behind the heavy weight of his sins and enter on the path that is narrow at the start but joyful in the end.

    And you who see me, know that I am he who fully understood the golden scripture and in my understanding added to it. I was ignominiously stripped bare, but, because I bore it patiently, God has clothed my soul in immortal dress. I was also doused in oil, which is why I now enjoy the oil of everlasting happiness. Because I was made the guardian of the Mother of God, I left the world in the easiest of deaths after her own, and my body is now in a place of the greatest rest and security."

Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden
Book Four: Chapter One