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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book Four

Chapter Twenty-Six

          In Book Four, Chapter Twenty-Six of the Prophesies and Revelations of the holy mystic St. Bridget of Sweden, the Blessed Virgin Mary lovingly admonishes the daughter about which virtuous acts merit eternal life and which do not, and what great merit there is in obedience whether as a loving bride for the Bridegroom, or a mother for her child, or a tree that blooms with fresh-smelling flowers before bearing its many fruits, or a clean glass ready to receive the liquid that will be poured into it.

    The Blessed Mother continues, "A tree has many blossoms, but not all of them come to fruition. Likewise there are many virtuous acts, yet they do not all merit a reward in Heaven, if they are not done with wise discretion.

    "For example, fasting, prayer, visits to shrines of the saints are virtuous acts, but if they are not done with the spirit of a person who hopes to enter Heaven with humility, considering himself a useless servant in every way and showing wise discretion in everything, then they are of little value for eternity.

    "Consider the case of two men, one of whom is under obedience, while the other is free and unbound. If the one who is free fasts, he will get an ordinary reward. However, if the one who is under obedience eats meat on a day of fasting in accordance with the ordinance of his rule and for the sake of obedience, though he would rather fast if it had not been against obedience, then he will get a double reward: first, because of his obedience; second, because he put off his own desire and did not carry out his own wishes.

    "You should therefore be like a bride who prepares the bridal chamber before the bridegroom comes.

    "Be also like a mother who prepares the baby's clothes before it is born.

    "Again, be like a tree that bears flowers before the coming of the fruits.

    "Finally, be like a clean glass ready to receive the drink before it is poured."

Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden
Book Four: Chapter Twenty-four