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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book Three

Chapter Twenty

    In this short chapter the Blessed Mother of God speaks to the daughter Saint Bridget of Sweden on how the talent represents the gifts of the Holy Ghost, and commends the holy founder of the Benedictines Saint Benedict who added to the gifts of the Holy Ghost given to him and was able to shut out the fire of the devil in his soul. Holy Mary also explains the difference between the spirits that enter the human soul: the Holy Spirit or the demonic spirit and how the latter can be so devastating and burn souls unless the soul has the asbestos grace of the Holy Ghost.

    The Mother speaks: "Daughter, it is written that the man who received five talents earned another five. What does a talent signify if not a gift of the Holy Ghost?

    Some receive knowledge, others wealth, others wealthy contacts. However, everyone should yield double profits to the Lord, for example, as regards knowledge, by living usefully for themselves and instructing others, as regards wealth and other gifts, by using them rationally and charitably helping others.

    In this way the good Abbot Benedict added to the gift of grace he had received by scorning the goods that are fleeting, by forcing his body to serve his soul, by putting nothing ahead of charity. Anxious not to let his ears be corrupted by empty talk or his eyes by seeing pleasurable sights, he fled to the desert in imitation of that man who, when he had not yet been born, recognized the coming of his dear Savior and leaped for joy in the womb of his mother.

    Benedict would have gained Heaven without the desert, inasmuch as the world was dead to him and his heart was completely full of God. However, it pleased God to call Benedict to the mountain so that many would come to know him and many would be inspired by his example to seek a life of perfection. This blessed man's body was like a sack of earth that enclosed the fire of the Holy Ghost and shut out the fire of the devil from his heart. Physical fire is enkindled by both air and a man's breath. Similarly, the Holy Spirit enters the human soul, either through personal inspiration or by lifting the mind up to God through some human action or divine locution.

    The spirit of the devil likewise visits its own people. However, the two spirits differ immeasurably, for the Holy Spirit makes the soul hot in her search for God but does not make her burn in her body. He shines His light in purity and modesty but does not darken the mind with evil. The evil Spirit, on the other hand, causes the mind to burn with carnal desires and makes it terribly embittered. He darkens the soul by making her unreflective and pushes her remorselessly toward the things of the earth.

    In order that the good fire that was in Benedict might ignite many people, God called him to the mountain and, after many other flames had been called together along with him, Benedict made a great bonfire of them by the Spirit of God. He composed a rule of life for them through the Spirit of God. Through this rule many people have attained the same perfection as he. Now, however, there are many firebrands cast off from the bonfire of St. Benedict and they lie spread out everywhere, having coldness instead of heat, darkness instead of light. If they were gathered together in the fire, they would surely give off fire and heat."

Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden - Book Three: Chapter Eighteen