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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book Two

          Chapter Four deals with the words of the Mother of God to her Son on behalf of His bride, and how Christ is compared to Solomon, as Our Lord lays out the severe sentence against false Christians.

Chapter Four

   The Mother of God spoke to her Son, saying: "My Son, look how Your bride is crying because You have few friends and many enemies."

   The Son answered: "It is written that the sons of the kingdom will be cast out and will not inherit the kingdom. It is likewise written that a certain queen came from far away to see the riches of Salomon and to hear his wisdom. When she saw it all, she was breathless from sheer amazement. The people of his kingdom, however, paid no attention to his wisdom nor admired his riches.

   I am prefigured by Solomon, although I am far richer and wiser than Solomon was, inasmuch as all wisdom comes from Me and anyone who is wise gets his wisdom from Me. My riches are eternal life and indescribable glory. I promised and offered these goods to Christians as to My Own children, in order that they might possess them forever, if they imitated Me and believed in My words. But they pay no attention to My wisdom.

   They hold My deeds and My promises in scorn and regard My riches as worthless. What shall I do with them then? Surely, if the sons do not want their inheritance, then strangers, that is, pagans will receive it. Like that foreign queen, whom I take to represent faithful souls, they will come and admire the wealth of My glory and charity, so much so that they will fall away from their spirit of infidelity and be filled with My Spirit.

   What, then, shall I do with the sons of the kingdom? I will deal with them in the manner of a skillful potter who, when he observes that the first object he has made out of clay is neither beautiful nor useable, throws it to the earth and crushes it. I will deal with Christians in the same way. Although they ought to be Mine, since I formed them in My image and redeemed them with My blood, they have turned out to be pitiably deformed. Therefore, they will be trampled down like earth and thrown into hell."

Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden - Book Two: Chapter Two