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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book Two

Chapter Twenty-Four

          The Virgin's exhortation to her daughter, lamenting on how few her friends are and how it saddened her so. Then Christ arrives, speaking to the bride with parables again, this time as flowers budding forth on a magnficent tree and the need for St. Bridget to keep three houses in which she will find all that is necessary for her temporal well-being in order to enhance her spiritual well-being.

    Mary was speaking: "Imagine a large army somewhere and a person walking alongside it heavily weighed down, carrying a great load on his back and in his arms. With his eyes full of tears, he might look at the army to see if there should be someone to have compassion on him and relieve his burden. That is the way I felt. From the birth of my Son until His death, my life was full of tribulation. I carried a heavy load on my back and persevered steadfastly in God's work and patiently bore everything that happened to me. I endured carrying a most heavy load in my arms, in the sense that I suffered more sorrow of heart and tribulation than any creature.

    My eyes were full of tears when I contemplated the places in my Son's body destined for the nails as well as His future passion, and when I saw all the prophesies I had heard foretold by the prophets being fulfilled in Him.

    And now I look around at everyone who is in the world to see if there happens to be some who might have compassion on me and be mindful of my sorrow, but I find very few who think about my sorrow and tribulation. This is why, my daughter, although I am forgotten and neglected by many people, you must not forget me! Look at my struggles and imitate them as far as you can! Contemplate my sorrow and tears and be sorry that the friends of God are so few. Stand firm! Look, my Son is coming."

    He came at once and said: "I Who Am speaking with you Am your God and Lord. My words are like the flowers of a fine tree. Although all the flowers spring up from the tree's one root, not all of them come to fruition. My words are like flowers that spring up from the root of divine charity. Many people take them, but they do not bear fruit in all of them nor reach maturity in them all. Some people take them and keep them for a time but later reject them, for they are ungrateful to My Spirit. Some take and keep them, for they are full of love, and the fruit of devotion and holy conduct is produced in them.

    You, therefore, My bride, who are Mine by divine right, must have three houses. In the first, there should be the necessary nourishment to enter the body; in the second the clothes that clothe the body on the outside; in the third the tools necessary for use in the house.

    In the first there should be three things: first, bread; then drink; and third, meats.

    In the second house there should be three things: first, linen clothing; then woolen; then the kind made by silkworms.

    In the third house there should also be three things: first tools and vessels to be filled with liquids; second, living instruments, such as horses and asses and the like, by which bodies can be conveyed; and, third, instruments that are moved by living beings."

Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden - Book Two: Chapter Twenty-Four