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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book Two

Chapter Eleven

          Christ's delightful words to the bride are contained in this chapter about the glory and honor of the good and true knight, as He describes how the angels come out to meet him, and about how the glorious Trinity welcomes him affectionately and takes him to a place of indescribable rest as a reward for but a little struggle.

    "I told you before about the end and punishment of that knight who was the first to desert from the knightly service he had promised Me. I will now describe for you by way of metaphors (for otherwise you are unable to understand spiritual things) the glory and honor of him who first manfully took up the true knightly service and manfully kept at it to the end. When this friend of Mine came to the end of his life and his soul left his body, five legions of angels were sent to greet him. Along with them there also came a multitude of demons in order to find out if they could lay any claim to him, for they are full of malice and never rest from malice.

    A bright clear voice was then heard in Heaven, saying: 'My Lord and Father, is not this the man who bound himself to Your will and carried it out to perfection?'

    The man himself then answered in his own conscience: 'Indeed I am.'

    Three voices were then heard. The first was that of the divine nature, which said: 'Did I not create you and give you a body and soul? You are My son and you have done your Father's will. Come to Me, your almighty Creator and dear Father! An eternal inheritance is owed to you, for you are a son. Your Father's inheritance is owed to you, for you have been obedient to him. So, dear son, come to Me then! I will welcome you with joy and honor.'

    The second voice was that of the human nature, which said: 'Brother, come to your brother! I offered Myself for you in battle and shed My blood for you. You, who obeyed My will, come to Me! You, who paid blood for blood and were prepared to offer death for death and life for life, come to Me! You, who imitated Me in your life, enter now into My life and into My neverending joy! I recognize you as My true brother.'

    The third voice was that of the Spirit (but the three are one God, not three gods) that said: 'Come, My knight, you whose interior life was so attractive that I longed to dwell with you! In your exterior conduct you were so manly that you deserved My protection. Enter, then, into rest in return for all your physical troubles! In return for your mental suffering, enter into a consolation beyond description! In return for your charity and your manly struggles, come into Me and I will dwell in you and you in Me! Come to Me, then, My excellent knight, who never yearned for anything but Me! Come and you will be filled with holy pleasure!'

    Afterward five voices were heard from each of the five legions of angels.

    The first one spoke, saying: 'Let us march ahead of this excellent knight and carry his weapons ahead of him, that is, let us present to our God the faith he preserved unshaken and defended from the enemies of justice.'

    The second voice said: 'Let us carry his shield ahead of him, that is, let us show our God that patience of his which, although it is already known to God, will be even more glorious because of our testimony. By his patience he not only bore adversities patiently but also thanked God for those same adversities.'

    The third voice said: 'Let us march ahead of him and present his sword to God, that is, let us show him the obedience by which he remained obedient in both difficult and easy times in accordance with his pledge.'

    The fourth voice said: 'Come and let us show our God his horse, that is, let us offer the testimony of his humility. As a horse carries the body of a man, so his humility both preceded and followed him, carrying him forth to the performance of every good work. Pride found nothing of its own in him, which is why he rode in safety.'

    The fifth voice said: 'Come and let us present his helmet to our God, that is, let us bear witness to the divine yearning he felt for God! He meditated on him in his heart at all times. He had him on his lips, in his works, and yearned for him above all things. Out of his love and veneration he caused himself to die to the world. So, let us present these things to our God, for, in return for a little struggle, this man has deserved eternal rest and joy with his God for whom he yearned so much and so often!'

    Accompanied by the sounds of these voices and a wonderful choir of angels, My friend was carried to eternal rest.

    His soul saw it all and said to itself in exultation: 'Happy am I to have been created! Happy am I to have served my God Whom I now behold! Happy am I, for I have joy and glory that will never end!'

    In such a way did My friend come to Me and receive such a reward. Although not everyone sheds his blood for the sake of My name, nevertheless, everyone will receive the same reward, provided they have the intention of giving their lives for Me if the occasion presents itself and the needs of the faith demand it. See how important a good intention is!"

Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden - Book Two: Chapter Eleven