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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book Two

Chapter Ten

          As God spoke to Moses from the burning bush, Christ speaks to the bride about how the devil is symbolized by Pharaoh, present-day knights by the people of Israel, and the Virgin's body by the bush, and how present-day knights and bishops are, at present, preparing a home for the devil.

    "It is written in the law of Moses that Moses was watching over the flocks in the desert when he saw a bush that was on fire without being burned up, and he became afraid and covered his face. A Voice spoke to him from the bush: 'I have heard of My people's suffering and feel pity for them, for they are oppressed in harsh slavery.'

    I Who am now speaking with you am that Voice heard from the bush. I have heard the misery of My people. Who were My people if not Israel? Using this same name I now designate the knights in the world who have taken the vows of My knighthood and who should be Mine but are being attacked by the devil.

    What did Pharaoh do to My people Israel in Egypt? Three things. First, when they were building his walls, they were not to be helped by those gatherers of straw who earlier had helped them in making bricks. Instead, they had to go themselves and gather the straw wherever they could throughout the entire country.

    Second, the builders did not get any thanks for their labor, despite their producing the number of bricks set them as a goal.

    Third, the foremen beat them harshly whenever they fell short of their normal production. In the midst of their great affliction, this people of mine built two cities for pharaoh.

    This pharaoh is none another than the devil who attacks My people, that is, the knights, who ought be my people. Truly I tell you that if the knights had kept the arrangement and rule established by My first friend, they would have been among My dearest friends. Just as Abraham, who was the first to be given the commandment of circumcision and was obedient to Me, became My dearest friend, and anyone who imitated Abraham's faith and works shared in his love and glory, so too the knights were especially pleasing to me among all the orders, since they promised to shed for Me that which they held most dear, their own blood. By this vow they made themselves most pleasing to Me, just as Abraham did in the matter of circumcision, and they purified themselves daily by living up to their profession and by taking up the practice of holy charity.

    These knights are now so oppressed by their wretched slavery under the devil that the devil is wounding them with a lethal wound and throwing them into pain and suffering. The bishops of the church are building two cities for him just like the children of Israel. The first city stands for physical toil and meaningless anxiety over the acquisition of worldly goods. The second city stands for spiritual unrest and distress, inasmuch as they are never allowed to rest from worldly desire. There is toil on the outside and restlessness and anxiety on the inside, rendering spiritual things a burden.

    Just as Pharaoh did not supply My people with the things necessary for making bricks or give them fields full of grain, or wine and other useful things, but the people had to go and find them for themselves in sorrow and tribulation of heart, so the devil deals likewise with them now. Although they toil for and covet the world with their inmost heart, they are still unable to fulfill their desire and sate the thirst of their greed. They are consumed on the inside with sorrow and on the outside with toil. For that reason, I pity them their sufferings, because My knights, My people, are building homes for the devil and toiling ceaselessly, because they cannot get what they desire, and because they worry themselves over meaningless goods, although the fruit of their anxiety is not a blessing but rather the reward of shame.

    When Moses was sent to the people, God gave him a miraculous sign for three reasons. First, it was because each person in Egypt worshipped his own individual god, and because there were innumerable beings who were said to be gods. Therefore it was fitting that there should be a miraculous sign so that, through it and by the power of God, people would believe that there was one God and one Creator of all things because of the signs, and so that all the idols would be proved worthless.

    Second, a sign was also given to Moses as a symbol prefiguring My future body. What did the burning bush that was not consumed symbolize if not the Virgin who conceived by the Holy Spirit and gave birth without corruption? From this bush I came forth, assuming a human nature from the virginal body of Mary. Similarly, the serpent given as a sign to Moses symbolized My body.

    In the third place, a sign was given to Moses in order to confirm the truth of coming events and to prefigure the miraculous signs to be done in the future, proving the truth of God to be so much the truer and more certain the more clearly those things signified by the signs were in time fulfilled.

    I am now sending My words to the children of Israel, that is, to the knights. They need no miraculous signs for three reasons. This is, first of all, because the one God and Creator of all things is already worshipped and known through Holy Scripture as well as through many signs.

    Second, they are not now waiting for Me to be born, because they know that I was truly born and became incarnate without corruption, inasmuch as scripture has been completely fulfilled. And there is no better or more certain faith to be held and believed than the one that has already been preached by Me and by My holy preachers. Nevertheless, I have done three things through you by which it may be believed.

    First, these are My true words and do not differ from the true faith.

    Second, a demon went out of a possessed man at My word.

    Third, I gave a certain man the power to unite mistrustful hearts in mutual charity. Therefore, do not have any doubts about those who will believe in Me. Those who believe in Me believe also in My words. Those who savor Me savor also My words. It is written that Moses covered his face after speaking with God.

    You, however, do not need to cover your face. I opened your spiritual eyes so that you might see spiritual things. I opened your ears so that you might hear the things that are of the Spirit. I will show you a likeness of My body as it was during and before My passion, and such as it was after the resurrection, as Magdalene and Peter and others saw it. You will also hear My voice as it spoke to Moses from within the bush. This same voice is now speaking within your soul."

Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden - Book Two: Chapter Ten