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    For this season of Lent, Griff Ruby shares his own experiences in assembling all the pieces of a puzzle. He illustrates how one can get frazzled, confused and ready to chuck the whole thing out of frustration when one can't figure out how it all comes together as one smooth piece. He points this out in the situation in the Church today. How could such a sublime, sacred, and dogmatic panorama turn so ugly and blasphemous in so short a time? Who sliced and diced it to pieces where it is no longer recognizable? While many have tried to force pieces together, it can be like trying to force a square peg into a round hole. They must fit seamlessly. Griff Ruby shares how, through the grace of God, he was able to see the whole picture by starting in the corners and edges and working in until finally, by deduction, he realized the ostentious ocean liner he had booked was really a sinking ship and that the true Barque of Peter could only be seen by putting all the pieces together, including the final piece of the puzzle that so few seem to see even though it's as obvious as the nose on one's face. Griff explains in How I came to KNOW - An Autobiographical Interlude

    First written some eight years ago, editor Michael Cain felt this Lent would be a good time to re-examine the facts as handed down by the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church which gives total credibility to the Church's official position on why the Chair of Peter is empty and has been for 54 years during this interminable interregnum. No man can serve two masters. Either you have to admit that the conciliar 'popes' have served God uncompromisingly and preserved the constituted evangelic Tradition and the purity of the orthodox Faith and Christian religion without altering anything their predecessors have defined and declared, or they have undertaken such a blasphemous venture as to incur their own excommunication and therefore have forfeited all authority per Christ's words and Pope Paul IV's Papal Bull Cum ex apostolatus officio which is still in force. It can't be both. Either they are Catholic or not. There can be no middle road. After seeing the breakneck speed apostate Modernist Rome has been moving away from Catholic truth in seeking to enforce the rights of man over the rights of God, we would hope and pray many of the faithful will stop and read this and realize we are right. See Syllogism of Sedevacantism

    The following is Bishop Richard Williamson's Eleison Comment from Saturday, February 9 in which he informs us that yet again he will be brought before the courts in Germany because he refuses to kowtow to secular revisionists and hypocrisy. He has been offered a bribe of a reduced penalty to just go away and drop this case for in the end it can be much more embarassing and costly for the politically correct accusers than the accused. Yet, as a true successor of the Apostles, His Excellency will not compromise,will respectfully decline monetary assistance to silence the critics for he will not offer one iota of incense to the secular gods and thus he embarks once again on going to trial for principal and truth must win out no matter the cost as he points out in following Our Lord's charge to undergo Fourth Trial

    Following up on Paul Kokoski's excellent primers on the dangers of the Seven Deadly Sins or Capital Sins, he turns his attention to one of the most nauseous, perverted of sins - sodomy. In a sense, one should be proud to be a what the pc police call a "homophobe" because God abhors such sin and He did destroy, totally destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Yet, man does not learn from history or the Word of God, so hardened has his heart become and so lukewarm to the dangers that lurk through the occasions of sin so prevalent in today's society where the world, the flesh and the devil have taken an unparalleled pedestal in a politically correct culture that has gone stark-raving mad. One would have to say man is in great danger today of losing his immortal soul and witnessing the destruction of numerous cities and civilization since they believe God no longer matters. Oh, will they be surprised when they discover the truth. Sadly, for most, it will be too late. Lent is a good time to pray and do all you can to convert those who have gone over to the dark side as Paul explains in The Phenomenon of Homosexuality in Today's Society

       As we posted in our Time of Septuagesima edition, this editor's bride of nearly 32 years asked me to post a letter and not to do anything but format it. No editing, nothing. Cyndi wanted it to be just as she wrote it from her heart. I did so out of obedience to my loving, suffering spouse whose health is definitely slipping. On behalf of our sons, we ask for your prayers that she will persevere in whatever God has deigned for her, our family, and the DailyCatholic. While her husband may be head of this apostolate, she is in every way the heart and soul of it! Because the response was practically nil, we keep it on here because the times are very, very dire. All we ask is for you take a few minutes to absorb all she has to say. It would mean so much for her peace of mind. See From the shadow of the Cross

    The venerated Benedictine Abbot Dom Prosper Gueranger presents a reflection for the sixth day of Septuagesima as he provides the rational for holy Mother Church cherishing the number seven as a number favored by Heaven. We see this in the Scriptures and in the Sacraments as well as the Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Septuagesima refers to seventy as in seventy days before Easter and how in the early Church Lent lasted 70 days. Though reduced to 40 days beginning with Ash Wednesday midway through Quinquagesima Week earlier in the second millennium, we still consider the time of Septuagesima as penitential time. See the Sensibility of Septuagesima

    On this last day before the end of Christmastide we begin a new month that appropriately falls on First Friday with devotion to the Sacred Heart as St. Margaret Mary Alacoque received from Our Lord in passing on the Promises of the Sacred Heart for He chose a devout nun to provide us with a divine promise if we follow devotions to His Most Sacred Heart. He explained to her the parameters of the Twelve Promises of the Sacred Heart and instructed her on how to pray during Holy Hour and observe nine consecutive First Fridays in receiving Holy Communion. First Friday Devotions are a good habit to acquire and the more you pray them, the more you'll be comforted in His Most Sacred Heart and gladden His holy Mother's Most Immaculate Heart. See First Friday Devotions to the Sacred Heart

    We have arrived at the end of the joyous time of Christmastide, the demarcation point being the feast of the Purification of Mary coupled with the feast of Candlemas in which beeswax candles are blessed to be used throughout the year. It is one of three public blessings that take place throughout the liturgical year with the other happening later this year with Ashes on Ash Wednesday and Palms on Palm Sunday. We present not only the Proper for the Mass, but also the motive for the blessing of the candles and inspiration on the wisdom of holy Mother Church in establishing this feast, brought to you by the renowned Abbot Dom Prosper Gueranger for this feast in which he admits it is our Savior Who is this day offered in the Temple; but this offering is the consequence of our Lady's Purification. The honor thus paid by the Church to the Mother tends in reality to the greater glory of her Divine Son, for He is the Author and the End of all those prerogatives which we revere and honor in Mary. In harmony with this feast we have Candlemas in which the beeswax candles are blessed, representing the purity of the virginal flesh of the Divine Infant made possible by Mary's fiat to God. The wick of the candle represents what is within Christ's soul in order to light the flame of His Divinity. Taken from The Liturgical Year we present excerpts for this feast titled Pure Obedience

    John Gregory provides a comprehensive reflection/meditation and study on the Presentation of the Child Jesus and the Purification of His Blessed Mother in the Temple and a renewed perspective of Mary's role in salvation in how her life parallels her holy obedience to all God has asked. Though her divine Child would be submissive to her as an obedient, loving Son for the next 30 years, it was here, Forty days after His birth that Mary followed the letter of the Jewish Law not only to present Him to the Jews as the Messiah, so recognized by Simeon, but also for Mary to obediently go through the rite of purification in the eyes of man - though she already was the purest vessel ever created by the Almighty, free of original sin. In a sense, for the rest of us born with Original Sin, her submission was the precursor for the Sacrament of Penance. The Fourth Joyful Mystery

    Father Benedict Hughes, CMRI, Rector of St. Joseph's Minor Seminary in Rathdrum, Idaho at the City of Mary presents a 14 minute sermon for the feast of Candlemas and the Purification where he explains how Christ symbolizes the blessed candle and the wick is the Light of the world as Our Lord so said and how Mary's obedience bore great fruit by being subject to the law and to hide herself in great humility, but Simeon was given the grace of prophesy and knew that her heart would be pierced seven times. Father completes his sermon by emphasizing Mary's purity and we should remember her virtues for she is Mother Most Pure. We should reflect on this when praying the Fourth Joyful Mystery on this last feast of Christ's childhood. Father explains in his sermon The Purification

    How perfect is it that we celebrate three occasions of the Blessed Virgin Mary on this day. Besides this being the feast of the Purification, today is also the traditional observance of Our Lady of Good Success as we complete the nine day novena to her as you'll see to the left. This year we celebrate the 402nd Anniversary of the Blessed Mother's messages and visits to a humble Conceptionist nun in Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres. True to the prophesies imparted to her, these messages would be forgotten and little known until the time they pertained to which are now our times. We encourage you to purchase the fascinating books Dr. Marian Therese Horvat has compiled on Our Lady of Good Success, the messages and messenger of Quito, Ecuador and see that Our Lady foretold all that is unfolding today. And finally, it is the First Saturday of February and you are encouraged to honor Our Lady with the Devotions to her Immaculate Heart as you'll find at First Saturday Devotions

    The venerable Benedictine Abbot Dom Prosper Gueranger presents a reflection for the seventh day of Septuagesima week as he illustrates how God has provided the Ark of Salvation in the Church Christ founded, the only one He established on earth, which will, if we are faithful, carry us safely across the sea of life. Dom Prosper shows how through the ages the Ark was always there to provide a Refuge from the Deluge

    Through the gracious effort of John Gregory, we can provide you the Haydock Commentaries for the Epistle and Gospel for Sexagesima Sunday to complement the Propers of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. In Father George Leo Haydock's commentaries on the Douay-Rheims version of the New Testament for Sexagesima Sunday he addresses the importance of our having our roots firmly implanted in the fertile soil of the Faith. Our Lord illustrates that those not firmly nurtured will fall away when temptation and the sirens of the world, the flesh and the devil lure them from the straight and... More

    The venerable Benedictine Abbot Dom Prosper Gueranger presents a reflection for Sexagesima Sunday in which he reminds us that the seed of Faith which God has planted in us can only grow if we nourish it for a hardened heart will not be able to sustain the thorns that will choke out God's love and His graces. God does not stifle this, man does. Man must not forget that the Divine Sower expects good fruit for he plants in all the Seeds of Faith

    Father Benedict Hughes, CMRI, Rector of St. Joseph's Minor Seminary in Rathdrum, Idaho at the City of Mary presents his 16 minute sermon for Sexagesima Sunday in which he reminds us of the importance of today's gospel about the sower and planting seed on solid soil or on rock or sand. On the latter two, the good seed is blown to the winds whereas the solid, fertile soil will take hold. Yet we must be careful of the weeds that represent things of the world. We must weed out the weeds and thorns and nurture our spiritual life through prayer and penance in order to bear good fruit. Every seed planted is good seed but if it is not nourished, it will wither and die or be choked out by the cockle. The sower is Jesus Christ and is spread by those assigned by the true Church to preach the word of God. Father emphasizes the value of missionaries in the past who went out into the fields of the world to plant in souls the true seed of eternal life. Father explains in his sermon Practice Virtues

       O Glorious Saint Blaise, who by thy martyrdom didst leave to the Church a precious witness to the faith, obtain for us the grace to preserve within ourselves this divine gift, and to defend, without human respect, both by word and example, the truth of that same faith, which is so wickedly attacked and slandered in these our times. Thou who didst miraculously restore a little child when it was at the point of death by reason on an affliction of the throat, grant us thy mighty protection in like misfortunes; and, above all, obtain for us the grace of Christian mortification together with a faithful observance of the precepts of the Church, which may keep us from offending Almighty God. Amen.
    An indulgence of 300 days

    The venerable Benedictine Abbot Dom Prosper Gueranger presents a reflection for Sexagesima Monday on death and why man can't seem to understand that no matter how much he might accomplish on this earth, it will always end in death. That is why holy Mother Church emphasizes during this penitential time that we must always be mindful and keep it foremost in our minds for if we do always focus on the Final Four Things beginning with Death, then Judgment, then Heaven or hell. We are reminded that Death is never to be forgotten!

    In Book Four, we have combined Chapters Thirty-Five, Thirty-Six, and Thirty-Seven because of the continuation of God speaking to the holy mystic St. Bridget of Sweden and recorded in her Prophesies and Revelations that the Holy Trinity visits her after she expresses her desire for the salvation of souls, and we hear the answer given her through both the Holy Ghost and Our Lord Himself, namely that people's excesses and superfluity in food and drink are an obstacle to the visitations of the Sanctifier given to them; also how the religious used to enter monasteries out of holy fear and divine charity, but now God's enemies, that is, false religious, go off into the world out of wicked pride and cupidity; similarly, Jesus speaks about knights and their knightly service. Then Christ asks the bride how it stands with the world, and she answers that it is like an open sack to which everyone senselessly runs, and then hears Christ's severe and just condemnation of such people. Man blocks the graces God wants to give

    Following up on the train of thought the venerable Abbe Dom Prosper Gueranger first reflected on last week, he wonders how ever any of us survived over the ages after the great flood of Noah's time. He attributes it to God's grace and wonders again at how many just men there are that God would hold back His hand and stay the same kind of punishment He unleashed back in that time when all mocked God and laughed at His chosen messenger for building a massive ark. Today that Ark is Christ's Church which well after the death of the holy Benedictine Abbot, thanks to Vatican II, has been compromised by His adversary. We wonder with Gueranger on how long we can prevent The Floodgates of Heaven

    We continue with Paul Kokoski's primer on the dangers of the Seven Deadly Sins or Capital Sins as we focus today on Envy. The Angelic Doctor of the Church St. Thomas Aquinas said it best for the opposite of charity is envy. He worte in his Summa Theologica "Charity rejoices in our neighbor's goods, while envy grieves over it." We see today in the progressive administrations of Europe and now America how the leaders play on envy to push through their socialistic collective agendas. What poor man, not rooted in the faith, is going to object to receiving rewards his richer neighbor has honestly earned? It's called redistribution and it's based on the deadly sin of envy. Besides charity, which a great majority of those who have made honest livings are for the most part quite charitable with their wealth, what we as Catholics should do to offset the inclination to envy is to seek to emulate others. If someone is more successful, bless them and strive to be like them as long as they walk in God's ways. If not, seek first to convert them and if not, then move on to better examples for those who live by envy will die as desperate and miserable dogs. Why dogs? Because they have been dogged by envy that prevents them from being the pure breds God created where they could have been man's best friend. But because of envy they seek to devour their neighbor like a demonic pit-bull for The Envious Man is a Miserable Cur

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        For those who truly want to delve deeper into what the Faith teaches and what past Sovereign Pontiffs have decreed, we recommend for your vital reading to better KNOW THE FAITH in order to KEEP THE FAITH, pertinent Papal decrees which put to the lie what is being promulgated today by the Vatican II church. We strongly encourage you to read these to understand how today the modern church is in Apostasy when compared to what had always been taught by Holy Mother Church and enforced and warned as most grievous by previous Pontiffs as you'll see in CREDO & CULTURE

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